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Electrolysis and Associates strives to give back, boost confidence

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Electrolysis and Associates helps a client get rid of leg hair.
Electrolysis and Associates helps a client get rid of leg hair.

Sprucing up your outward appearance typically has positive internal effects too; it boosts your self-confidence. The mother and daughter team at Electrolysis and Associates has seen it firsthand.

“I got into this field because I had the procedure done and it helped me to feel more confident about my appearance,” said electrologist Dee Jeffreys. “I had the opportunity to go to school and be trained in the technology and I jumped on it.”

Jeffreys and her daughter Annie Massey, started working in Pensacola, Fla., before moving back to the Chattanooga area and opening the office in January of this year. The two are native to Chattanooga and North Georgia and said they are glad to be back and are eager to share this technology — and its benefits — with the community as a whole.

For those unfamiliar with the procedure, electrolysis is simply the removal of unwanted hair using a probe, explained Jeffreys. Each follicle is treated one at a time, so the amount of treatments needed for a client depends on the amount of hair to be removed.

Jeffreys explained that unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is able to permanently remove all types and colors of hair. Areas the local practice treats include any part of the face, upper body, ears, bikini lines, legs and underarms.

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    Annie Massey and Dee Jeffreys, from left, moved back to the area and opened Electrolysis and Associates in January.

"All of our rates are based on [treatment] time,” Jeffreys said. “We charge $70 an hour, and if your session only takes half an hour, you are charged half that price.” She added that typical treatment times range from 15 minutes to two hours.

From now through the end of July, Electrolysis and Associates is offering all sessions at half price to help celebrate the business’s grand opening.

Massey said the pain level involved with electrolysis is very minimal and described it as more of a tingling sensation. “We do have numbing cream that can be applied, and we offer it to everyone, but no one ever wants it,” she said. “Most clients ask to try the electrolysis without it first to see how it feels and then have no problem with it.”

The treatment is popular among men and women alike, Jeffreys added. “We can help men with in-grown hairs, unibrows and hair under the neck that they no longer want to shave,” she said. Regardless of whom they are treating, Jeffreys and Massey said they value all their clients and want to do all they can to help each one feel better about him or herself and excel in life.

“We’re very focused on our clients,” said Jeffreys. “This is just another part of sprucing up, like getting your hair or nails done. It makes you look great and feel better about your appearance.”

Her ultimate goal is to open a school locally that teaches the technology of electrolysis. Currently the closest school to learn such skills is in Pensacola, Fla., so to start one here would be a dream come true, she said.

“It would be huge for us to be able to give that."

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