published Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Hispanics say they are being targeted at police checkpoints

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Dalton Checkpoints
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    Dalton Police Department roadblocks screen drivers and passengers earlier this year.

DALTON, Ga. — Of 32 traffic checkpoints conducted by Dalton police this year, most took place in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods or at entrances to the city’s carpet factories where many Hispanics are employed, records show.

The most frequent ticket issued at the checkpoints — representing 22 percent of all tickets — was for driving without a license, which can lead to deportation if the person is in the country illegally.

Some Hispanics in Dalton say police use the checkpoints as a way to target illegal immigrants. But police say preventing accidents and improving neighborhood safety are their goals, and neighborhood ethnicity has nothing to do with the checkpoints’ locations. Nearly half of Dalton’s population of 33,128 is Hispanic, figures show.

“We don’t use ethnicity as any criteria,” Police Chief Jason Parker said Wednesday. “Our goal is to provide the community of Dalton with a safer environment. We view the community in its entirety to implement our strategy to reduce the number of accidents. The numbers are simply a byproduct of that strategy.”

Mayor David Pennington said the police department has not changed its strategy in recent years, and he noted the department is not responsible for Georgia immigration laws.

“I understand there is some anxiety,” he said. “From the city of Dalton’s standpoint, the Latino population is almost half of Dalton and very important to us. If they have any concrete evidence [of targeting Hispanics], we would like to see that.”


Under a 2008 Georgia law, anyone cited for driving without a license must be arrested and taken to jail. Because Whitfield County participates in the federal 287 (g) program that trains local police to enforce U.S. immigration laws, officers automatically check the immigration status of everyone booked into the jail.

Bruce Frazier, the police spokesman who provided the information about the checkpoints, said he did not have information on how many people cited in the checks were Hispanics or illegal immigrants.

Rosario Rendon, a legal immigrant who has lived in Dalton eight years, said many in the immigrant community are living in fear.

Rendon, who was stopped at a checkpoint this year near her house on Grimes Street, said friends often text her to let her know where the police are set up.

“Apparently there was a big one [May 21] where they took a lot of people down on Third Avenue,” she said. “People are really afraid. A lot of people are leaving; they are taking their children out of school.”

Her neighbors believe ethnicity is a criterion for the checks, she said.

“People feel they have the roadblocks in predominantly Hispanic areas. You never see them on Dug Gap Road,” she added, referring to a middle class, mostly non-Hispanic neighborhood.

She said she doesn’t have any problems at the checkpoints because she has a driver’s license but worries that others who don’t might end up being deported.

And under a new law signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, people who transport illegal immigrants can be criminally charged. A first-time offense of transporting seven or fewer illegal immigrants is a misdemeanor, but someone convicted of a second offense or who moves more than eight illegal immigrants could be charged with a felony.

“I have family members who are undocumented, so if I give them a ride, that means I can be charged for transporting people without documents,” she said.

But according to the law, which goes into effect in July, someone can be charged for transporting an illegal immigrant only if they are caught doing so while committing another crime.


Georgia and Tennessee require people to produce a Social Security number and proof of citizenship or legal status to obtain a driver’s license, so people in the country illegally can’t get one.

Dalton police records for total traffic citations issued throughout the city in the first four months of this year show speeding as the most common citation, with seat belt and child restraint violations coming in second and third.

But the numbers shift for the 278 citations issued at checkpoints. Along with the 63 citations issued for driving without a license, the most common citation, records show there were 19 citations for driving on a suspended license. People cited for both offenses usually are arrested. Frazier said he could not provide information on how many of those arrested were Hispanic.

Out of the citywide citations, 3,011 of the people ticketed were white, 426 were Hispanic and 296 were black, records show.

In the same period, police issued 152 citations citywide for no license and 100 citations for suspended licenses, so more than one-third of the citations for driving without a license took place at checkpoints.

Echoing the overall city numbers, tickets issued for seat belt and child restraint violations were the second and third highest at checkpoints.

Traffic Unit Officer Steve Zahn said police conduct checkpoints in conjunction with state seat belt or drunken-driving enforcement operations, but also at its own discretion.

Recently, the department began targeting high-crime areas with checkpoints, hoping to net more serious offenses such as burglary suspects, he said. The department also makes sure the checkpoints are spread throughout the city, he said.

Records show that, in checkpoints so far this year, police arrested one person on drug charges and served four outstanding warrants.

Parker said police also target areas that have had a lot of accidents recently, if possible.

Checkpoints frequently are set up in the same area, records show. Three have been held at the intersection of Grimes and Nelson streets this year between Jan. 29 and April 23.

And some days see multiple checkpoints. On Jan. 29, six were set up in different places around the city. On Feb. 26, it was five, records show.

Many Hispanics live in the neighborhoods around Grimes and Nelson streets and also in the areas around some of the Jan. 29 and Feb. 26 checkpoints.

In Tennessee, law enforcement officers must provide public notice about the time and place where checkpoints will be held, but Georgia law does not require prior notification.

Policies regarding checkpoints seem to vary from department to department.

Both Cleveland and Chattanooga police said they do not conduct checkpoints within their cities. That is handled by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and local sheriff’s departments with assistance from the police, Chattanooga police spokeswoman Sgt. Jerri Weary said.

Calhoun, Ga., police conduct four or five checkpoints a month, according to Sharon Jolley with the department. The department also participates in larger checkpoints with other agencies, she said.

A spokeswoman with the Rome, Ga., police department was not able to provide checkpoint information Wednesday.


Many in Dalton’s Hispanic community are afraid to leave their homes because they never know when they will have to go through a checkpoint, Nicolasa Nava said.

There used to be frequent checkpoints off Cleveland Highway on Cattleman Drive and Frontier Trail, near where she lives, but they have stopped since most Hispanics have left, she said.

A naturalized citizen originally from Mexico, Nava said she and her husband rent apartments in the neighborhood where they live, but most of the Hispanic tenants either have left or have been detained by the police and deported, she said.

Nava moved to Dalton from Chicago seven years ago but is considering leaving because she feels Hispanics are being discriminated against.

“We’ve [her family] never been treated badly, but you feel bad, you wonder where we are heading,” she said.

Louis Fordham, vice president of resources and facilities for J&J Industries in Dalton, near where at least two checkpoints have been held this year, said they haven’t had an impact on the company’s work force that he knows about.

Parker said the police department has not received any complaints from the community about the road checks or accusations that police are targeting Hispanics. Anyone is welcome to talk to him or other officers about their concerns, he said.

“We want to address those concerns directly — face-to-face communication is the best way to solve problems,” Parker said. “We have worked as hard as we can to remove barriers and provide access to the police department. I try to run this department as closely as I can to the expectations of the citizens, but I don’t know what those expectations are if we can’t have a discussion about it.”

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svb said...

Same thing in Florida!

June 2, 2011 at 12:27 a.m.
Echo said...

Here's a tip to avoid the racist checkpoints in Dalton, GA. Get in your car for which you have no operator's licence or insurance and go south on I-75. Follow I-75 to I-10 west. Keep going west on Interstate 10 through Mobile AL, New Orleans LA, and Houston TX until you get to I-35 in San Antonio. Head south on I-35 through Laredo and over the bridge into Nuevo Laredo. Try not to get killed by the corrupt government/drug cartel down there. If you see a police checkpoint down there, it is to shake you down for a bribe so best to drive through it and try not to get shot. Adios Amigos!

June 2, 2011 at 12:45 a.m.
TSCinSFO said...

Well illegal aliens are living in fear and afraid to leave their homes. BooHoo. Go back to Mexico or where ever your from because your not wanted here. Since DPD is checking EVERYONE that goes through checkpoints, they can't sue or claim racial profiling no matter how obvious it is. Dalton used to be a nice town until illegals took over half the city and turned it into a 3rd world ghetto. DPD, keep it up, your doing a GREAT job. If every Police and Sheriffs Dept did this, we'd solve our illegal alien invasion in no time. Oh, and I forgot, since I don't believe in breaking up families, when you illegal aliens leave, take your anchor babies with you.

June 2, 2011 at 2:28 a.m.
mrredskin said...

i like the beginning of the story where it mentions that most of the checkpoints took place in Hispanic areas. looking at the map provided by TFP, i see a rather equal representation throughout the entire dalton area of checkpoint locations. so, that leads me to believe that all of dalton is a Hispanic area. i didn't even have to read the last 90% of the article since the first paragraph and map didn't compliment themselves.

June 2, 2011 at 7:52 a.m.
enufisenuf said...

Truth be told, the check points are about revenue and nothing else. Cheif Parker is full of beans about it being a safety thing. Gee, hispanics being targeted in a city that is nearly half hispanic, untold numbers of which are illegals to begin with, BOOHOO, go back south if you don't like it and Parker, quit lying to the public, your just government back revenue collectors and redneck thugs.

June 2, 2011 at 7:53 a.m.
dave said...

"give me your poor, your... (but I guess none of you ever read the statue of liberty) We are a nation of immigrants unless you are a native American. Hypocritical?

June 2, 2011 at 8:47 a.m.
rolando said...

Oh, poor babies. That's what happens when you enter this country illegally.

So the police should be concentrating their efforts and resources on illegal Scandinavians? Or Namibians? Or maybe, just maybe, on the estimated 50 million illegal Mexicans here? [And those who entered illegally via Mexico]

Seems a no-brainer to me. Go for the Mexicans...

[I imagine the most-welcome legal immigrants are happy to see them go.]

June 2, 2011 at 8:48 a.m.
rolando said...

Make that a nation of LEGAL immigrants and I totally agree with you, dave. No hypocrisy in requiring our immigrants to obey our laws...obeying them is one of those laws, BTW.

The phrase you cite comes from Emma Lazarus' sonnet, New Colossus, which she wrote for a fundraiser for Lady Liberty's pedestal. It is inscribed on a plaque inside the pedestal itself and not on the statue.

And even the Indians immigrated here...

June 2, 2011 at 8:56 a.m.
sage1 said...

Some Hispanics in Dalton say police use the checkpoints as a way to target illegal immigrants.

WOW.....what stupid A---- statement. DUH-HUH! The key words here are "ILLEGAL immigrants." Being here illegally is a CRIME making you a CRIMINAL! It is the job of every police force to TRY and CATCH CRIMINALS!!!! I strongly suggest you take ECHO'S advice and get the H--- outta Dodge...'er Dalton.

I get so SICK AND TIRED of crybaby attitudes from ILLEGAL immigrants. You want to LIVE here, then do it in a LEGAL fashion like all other COUNTRIES demand.

-I'm an American - American and damn prould of it-

June 2, 2011 at 9:02 a.m.

I don't agree with the immigration law. However, this claim against the police department is a an obvious grasp at straws to try to drum up sympathy for law breakers. The road block dispersion clearly illustrates that they are set up all across the city of Dalton. To make the case that they are still set up in Hispanic areas and furthermore near Hispanic places of employment is completely asinine! If anything, given proper context, you can see that they are generally conducted in areas with a high traffic rate. If you go to the trouble to send officers to a road check, you probably don't want to have it somewhere where there will be no cars travelling the roads. Also, exactly what types of citations do you expect to be issued at a road check? Following too closely? Improper left hand turn? Failure to yield? The very nature of a road check in and of itself limits the types of citations that will be produced, and to insinuate that somehow DPD unfairly issues citations for no license to Hispanics during these times is folly. This is like a real life Scoobie Doo episode where the villian exclaims "I would have got away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!" You have accused DPD of discrimination, and in the same breath implied that they should somehow overlook a violation just because it can lead to deportation. Surely, entering into the United States for a better life is an admirable desire--one of which cannot always be easily done legally. But to dismiss a legitimate unlawful offense and then cry discrimination is short sighted and childish. DPD also frequently checks speed near Christian Heritage School on MLK. Could that be because there are two schools in that area with a glut of drivers who tend to speed in the school zones? Or should I assume that they are out to ticket Christians? Or maybe they are there to get the Hispanics that live in the area. I'm sure the first time a speeder runs over a child in a crosswalk, we can all get together and discuss how DPD hates children. Or better yet, we can talk about how they only hate Hispanic children. Surely, there are legitimate discriminations toward minorities that could be discussed. This particular issue is a case of drawing a convenient conclusion to a far more complicated issue. The "journalists" involved in this piece should be ashamed of their blatantly lazy journalism.

June 2, 2011 at 9:03 a.m.
Legend said...

In Deutschland kam sie zum ersten Mal für die Kommunisten, und ich nicht sprechen, weil ich kein Kommunist war. Dann kamen sie für die Juden, und ich nicht sprechen, weil ich kein Jude war. Dann kamen sie die Gewerkschafter, und ich nicht sprechen, weil ich kein Gewerkschafter. Dann kamen sie für die Katholiken, und ich nicht sprechen, weil ich ein Protestant war. Dann kamen sie für mich - und bis dahin niemand links zu sprechen. Pastor Martin Niemoller

Who will be left to speak up when they come for you?

June 2, 2011 at 10:21 a.m.

The illegal Democrats need to go to California or other state that protects their crime.

June 2, 2011 at 11:10 a.m.
JB said...

Here is a thought! Your a criminal and we don't care what you think! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM and enter the US the correct way and you won't have to worry about getting sent back. WE DON"T WANT YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 2, 2011 at 12:21 p.m.
junepop55 said...

Woah - I fully expected the self-professed libertarian among us to have a HUGE problem with the police stopping civilians and checking their "papers" with no probable cause. Do traffic stops with no probable cause not bother anyone else?

We should certainly enforce our immigration laws and ship illegals back to where they came, but I have a problem with traffic stops. Police are just on fishing expeditions with these stops and shouldn't be detaining and questioning civilians without cause.

June 2, 2011 at 12:46 p.m.
BajaRat said...

So-called "Hispanics" have nothing to fear as long as they are in compliance with the law just like everyone else. If they are here illegally they need to be arrested and deported ASAP.... after they serve time for stealing or falsifying IDs in order to steal jobs, etc., and whatever other chicanery they get charged with. The sense of entitlement possessed by these border-hopping parasites is beyond the pale!

June 2, 2011 at 1:19 p.m.
msacrapal said...

hope none of you racist freaks go through what these people are going through...yes you can compare this to the holocaust because you don't know the treatment that these people go through, what they sacrifice and what they are running this point i hate beaing american because no one has a right to treat other people the way you rednecks do just because your "american"

June 2, 2011 at 1:24 p.m.
ARCHER78 said...

She said she doesn’t have any problems at the checkpoints because she has a driver’s license but worries that others who don’t might end up being deported.

 This is a quote from the article. Now why would this woman give a RATS BUTT about people breaking the law getting deported out of our good country. Some people just don't have any decent common sence at all. How do they get to work and back without hurting themselves I will never know.
June 2, 2011 at 1:25 p.m.
junepop55 said...

Libertarian - reread my post. I'm not questioning your commitment to maintaining our immigration laws. As a libertarian, do you not have a problem with police stopping citizens, asking to see their ID, looking around in their cars, etc. without probable cause? Yes or no?

I'm not a libertarian and I have a problem with it. I was surprised to not read you weighing in against unwarranted police stops.

June 2, 2011 at 1:25 p.m.
inquiringmind said...

It is pretty dangerous out on the streets of Dalton not being able to pick on African-Ameican slaves anymore, I guess hispanics are an easier game...maybe folks in wheelchairs will be next.

On a serous note, let's see, the Constitution and Bill of Rights says we are free to move about and not be bothered by the government but they can set up road blocks and stop you, demand to see your identification papers, jail you if you don't have them with you...sounds like the good old USSR to me.

Why not demand every US citizen get a tattoo on their forearm with their social security number on it to make it easier for the police to maintain order? We can't be too careful protecting safety, you know.

June 2, 2011 at 2:06 p.m.
Haiku said...

@Libertarians4Freedom said...

"Who will be left to speak up when they come for you?"

---So you're comparing the holocaust with asking people for IDs and enforcing immigration laws? Gee, and I thought I was the insensitive one.

Innocently "checking papers" is the way it all started out in Nazi Germany too. Then they were sent to the ghetto. Then they were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Then they were sent to the gas chambers. A total breakdown in human nature and humanity.

June 2, 2011 at 2:31 p.m.
SeaMonkey said...

hey, dave..dumb ass....they're not immigrants.. they're illegal aliens/illegal entrants/criminals....they broke libs love using the word immigrant to give them some legitimacy..that's an insult to all of those south of the border who came in the correct way...lawfully.....they're not supposed to be here? what don't you understand abvout that....this is a nation of immigrants, not illegal entrants/ libs sicken me..

June 2, 2011 at 5:52 p.m.
adolphochs said...

Just guessing here but I imagine the fear of being deported is more than compensated by relative high wages, safety, not having to live in Mexico, being able to drink the water, free healthcare, education for their children, not living in a country run by Mexicans, etc., etc., etc.

June 2, 2011 at 5:54 p.m.
SeaMonkey said...

your'right, adolphochs..i can see why they're here and risk it.. mexico is an armpit...who knows what passes for justice down there...i have empathy for them..but still.

but,they're not immigrants...they're illegal aliens..

June 2, 2011 at 6:05 p.m.
angel706 said...

Truth is… Legal or Not, you racist people don’t want Hispanics here. Stop hating!!! “Illegal” people only want a better life, not YOUR life. Don’t be scared, we’re only picking up your trash (the jobs you people are too good to do). Plus, legal or NOT, we pay our taxes like every American. We are not stealing anything; or please tell me, WHAT ARE YOU MISSING??? Perhaps, your approval for disability???

June 2, 2011 at 6:09 p.m.
Haiku said...

@---Guess what? EVERY COUNTRY in the world checks papers! In fact, in most nations people need a NATIONAL ID just to do anything.

Lib4, if you actually believe all this will end at just checking papers, then you are a d*&^! fool! It wont stop at just checking papers, nor will it stop at just the Hispanics! Who's next? Dreadlocks and saggy pants? Oops! They're already a target.

June 2, 2011 at 7:50 p.m.
rolando said...

When those illegal aliens take our medical care, our schoolroom space, our jobs, angel, they DO take from my life and those of my children/grandchildren.

Get it through your head, if you can, none of us on this forum speak out against legal immigrants. Except YOU, of course, YOU speak against LEGAL immigrants every time YOU lump THEM in with the illegals like yourself, evidently. Which makes YOU the hating racist...YOU hate US because we have something the illegals are too lazy or too cowardly to do -- we fought for our freedom against tyranny. Illegals merely want it all for nothing without investing anything of themselves into the process.

ILLEGALS pay taxes? Now that's a laugh. But they certainly draw from our public till.

Take only those jobs we don't want? Another laugh. It is the illegals who stand around Lowe's et al waiting for some scumbag to pick them up and pay them less than legal wages. It is the illegals who are hired and paid under the table for illegal wages in the housing industry...what there is of it. Illegals work illegally for illegal wages and live six families per house.

As for any disability due us, that is our business, not yours. We paid into the fund, illegals didn't. It is our money, not theirs.

June 2, 2011 at 7:51 p.m.
BitterClinger said...

It's probably true that there is racism behind the growing enforcement of immigration laws, but if it were entirely removed, there would still be very solid reasons to enforce current laws. These laws are supposed to eliminate those who would be a danger to the rest of us, because of health problems, criminal history, etc. Some of the illegal aliens I have known were pretty decent people,and to see them deported would be sad, but what they are doing, directly and indirectly, to Americans is sadder, and has to stop. Viva la Migra!!!

June 2, 2011 at 7:53 p.m.
Malcontent2 said...

Strange how ‘Hispanics’ don’t mind being ‘targeted’ when it’s advantageous to them. I have yet to see a Hispanic express concern over businesses that specifically ‘target’ them. Example: Press 1 for English and 2 for Espanol. Or voice concern over U.S. government documents written in Spanish, or signs in Spanish, or radio/t.v. stations in Spanish or schools teaching their non-English speaking kids in Spanish, and the list goes on…

So,’Hispanics', why is it you have absolutely no problem being ‘targeted’ by businesses and such, but when it comes to U.S. law, you are concerned with being ‘targeted’?

June 2, 2011 at 8:51 p.m.
rolando said...

Haiku, you are not very well traveled, are you? Been staying at home at a lot, have you? Broaden your outside US...visit/immerse yourself in a non-English speaking country for a year or two. Those countries that went beyond the papers-checking stage are/were the socialist/fascist/communist countries.,,tyrannical, in other words.

All those traffic tickers cops issue here...guess what is checked first? Right...your papers. That sure leads to deportation, doesn't it?

June 2, 2011 at 8:54 p.m.
rolando said...

Here's what all those wonderful illegal aliens do to support our laws here:


Katie Pavlich
Houston Police Officer Killed by Illegal Alien MS-13 Thug

Houston Police Officer Kevin Will, 38-years-old, was killed by an illegal alien thug MS-13 gang member Sunday. Johoan Rodriguez, who was driving drunk with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, was also found with a bag of cocaine after he slammed into Will. Will's wife is six months pregnant and they have two other children together. Rodriguez was deported twice before killing Will, leaving his wife to raise their children on her own, without a father. Rodriguez was charged a $10 fine and short jail time for entering the United States illegally.

. . . .

Meanwhile, President Obama jokes about the seriousness of the situation and violence occurring on the U.S.-Mexico border and happening inside American cities. Janet Napolitano also continues to say the U.S.-Mexico border is secure and that border towns are safe and "thriving". [Emphasis mine]


Personally, I would like to see the illegal Mexicans et al targeted in a different way.

June 2, 2011 at 9:18 p.m.
browneyedmama said...

If hispanic people were not here illegally , they wouldn't have a reason to feel like they are being targeted by the law. If they don't like it , they can always go back to Mexico . I guess all people who do not like to abide by law , should start complaining that the officers are targeting them ! If you are here legally you have nothing to WORRY ABOUT.

June 2, 2011 at 10:06 p.m.
nucanuck said...

Wow, fellow humans crossing political boundries for jobs to feed their families. Most have a stronger claim to the American continent than any of the complainers above.

Their crime might be compared to J-walking or speeding...yes it's wrong, but hardly a serious crime.

June 2, 2011 at 11:29 p.m.
msacrapal said...

guess what they do pay taxes...they get a pay check and they get money for taxes out of it. I don't see why humans react like this if we were talking about animals everyone would say how they feel bad about them... if we were talking about gays everyone would say they have a right to get married leagaly...but we are talking about human beigns that have a right like you and me to live wherever the hell they want.

June 2, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.
RTZ said...

A simple question for those who are against the stops. If you get into an accident in Dalton with someone who has no license or insurance and they are the cause of the accident....would your views change when your insurance premiums rose?

June 3, 2011 at 2:11 a.m.
brokentoe said...

RTZ are you suggesting or implying that only illegal immigrants drive without driver's license and have no auto insurance?

When law enforcement sets up stops to target a certain racial, ethnic, class group, that's RACIAL PROFILING! Racial profiling is ILLEGAL!!

You can't claim a FREE and Democratic America then go about business targeting a certain group based on what they look like, and if that particular group is likely to be here illegally. What about all the illegal Russians, Canadians and other Europeans in the country? Oops! I forget, their skin color is more likely to be of a lighter tone and, therefore, more acceptable.

June 3, 2011 at 5:56 a.m.
junepop55 said...

Libertarian - stop keeping me in suspense. Do you have a problem with the government stopping citizens, checking their papers, and poking around in their cars - all with zero probable cause?

I realize that illegal immigration is the hot button topic that has everyone kneejerking on their keyboards, but I expected more reaction to the basic issue of government intrusion into individuals' lives, especially those among us who write a LOT of comments about the problems of big intrusive government.

June 3, 2011 at 7:37 a.m.
rolando said...

broketoe -- You know nothing whatsoever about profiling, racial or otherwise.

For starters, the officers are NOT -- let me repeat that --- NOT targeting Mexicans or anyone else. They are enforcing the law equally -- if you do not have a valid driver's license, car insurance, current registration, etc., you are going to jail or being ticketed no matter who or what you are.

So get your facts straight before you jump on someone and accuse them of saying something they did NOT say.

Mexicans -- or more properly, mestizos -- are NOT a separate racial group and cannot be subjected to "racial profiling". Perhaps you meant, "ethnic profiling"...but that doesn't have the same impact as "racial", does it?

The Free Dictionary states, in part:


Scientific studies, however, have produced no proof of definite genetic racial divisions. Race is a cultural, political, and economic concept, not a biological one. Genetic differences do exist between populations but they do not define historical lineages, and are minimal compared to the genetic variation between individuals. Most anthropologists today, therefore, completely reject the concept of race, and social scientists tend to prefer the term ‘ethnic group’.


June 3, 2011 at 8:16 a.m.
rolando said...

Wait until the new law comes into effect making it illegal to transport even one illegal alien in your or not. Less than eight is a misdemeanor, eight or more is a felony.

Great law...we need more like them to protect us from illegal invasion from foreign countries.

So if your friends and/or family are here illegally, don't drive them anywhere...

June 3, 2011 at 8:23 a.m.
inquiringmind said...

the bigots here seem to ignore the fact that one person who was interviewed was a LEGAL immigrant and another a naturalized citizen expressing the sense of selective persecution. You guys remind me of the KKK'ers when I was grown up.

I guarantee you libertarian4freedom would not last half a day on a step hillside picking avocados, or a field picking strawberries. It is well established few "Americans" will do those jobs even in desperation. I also guarantee you that he would take the low bid of a construction contractor to do work on his house than pay a markup for a contractor who did not use hem; and I'll bet he shops at Walmart where the prices are lowest.

June 3, 2011 at 9:45 a.m.
Veritas said...

Round them up and ship them out! A S A P!

June 3, 2011 at 10:27 a.m.
junepop55 said...

Libertarian - traffic stops pull over every car going down a road. That's what I'm asking about. Not pulling someone over for speeding or smelling weed. You keep throwing out alternate scenarios to what's going on and what I'm asking about. If the government sets up a roadblock and stops every car, asks to see ID and looks around inside their car, is that acceptable to you? That's what is happening with these traffic stops. Is that okay or not?

June 3, 2011 at 11:11 a.m.
Malcontent2 said...

To msacrapal:

First of all, “human beings” do not have the right to just “live wherever the hell they want” or do whatever the hell they want. No one has the right to live in my house or on my property without MY permission and can be physically removed (by Law) if they were to attempt to do so.

BTW, do you lock your doors and secure your property? Or do you have a big sign posted that says: Live Here and Do Whatever The Hell You Want!? I’m bettin’ that you lock your doors and secure your property. And I’m bettin’ you’d have a huge problem with “human beings” squatting on your property.

June 3, 2011 at 11:13 a.m.
brokentoe said...

@rolando said...

broketoe -- You know nothing whatsoever about profiling, racial or otherwise. For starters, the officers are NOT -- let me repeat that --- NOT targeting Mexicans or anyone else. They are enforcing the law equally

And to think you actually believe that bull$#@%! Yeah, isn't that what members of Hitler's military stated when asked? "We were just "following" orders!" "Enforcing the law" or "following orders," same thing, different terms used.

June 3, 2011 at 6:29 p.m.
john3347 said...

Where, in Dalton, are they going to conduct checkpoints NOT in a Hispanic neighborhood? Maybe if they arrested and sent home all the illegal residents, there would be room for some non-Hispanic neighborhoods. Go Dalton!!

June 3, 2011 at 11:48 p.m.
RTZ said...

Hey broken regards to my last post. I could care less what race..color...etc, that someone is. Some problems have to be dealt with directly....regardless of what race they are or where you have to go to solve it. Every last person removed from the road who has no license or insurance makes things safer for the millions of others who do.(Did I mention that it's the law?) I don't care if they are from Mexico...The US...or the Amazon basin. It was interesting that you jumped on the racial thing so quick when you read my post. It never once crossed my mind while writing it. A quick question for you....if the officers running the operation were hispanic, would it help put your racial obsession at rest?

June 4, 2011 at 12:41 a.m.
brokentoe said...

@_"if the officers running the operation were hispanic, would it help put your racial obsession at rest?"

RTZ, Racial profiling IS racially profiling, regardless. It would still be wrong even if carried out by Hispanic cops set up as a shield to target fellow Hispanics. It would still be wrong when African-American cops are used as a cover to target fellow African-Americans. Although this next one will never happen, racial profiling would still be wrong if white cops were used as a cover to target white citizens. The concept you don't seem to get is the practice of racial profiling is wrong. It does more to harm this country and set it back several decades than anything else.

You can't use the race of the targeted victim as a shield to hide behind just so to give the appearance that it's not racial profiling at its most demeaning and cruel.

June 4, 2011 at 4:08 p.m.
RTZ said...

broken toe....I love how you analyze everything:) The hispanic cop thing was a joke! Foreign citizens who live here legally are no different than any other citizen. It's unfortunate that when we enforce the laws and include those immigrants in it that they cry foul. As for what's supposedly going on in Dalton? I'm afraid that a national poll has shown an overwhelming majority back the policies. If you have any ill will towards the fact that we will deport illegal immigrants regardless of their race...that's your right. Just remember the first word of the phrase Illegal immigrants. An interesting fact about me.....I'm black. Don't deny that you were surprised to hear that. You already had me pictured as a complaining white person. Well I'm not. Nor do I care how other perceive me because I'm a black. Not in the least. Good luck in changing the world since you have it all figured out:)

June 5, 2011 at 12:09 a.m.
rolando said...

Profiling is done everyday, brokentoe. Get over it.

If a white/black/yellow/brown/arab twentysomething man dressed in a suit/baggies/jeans/full regalia commits a crime, he is described as such -- that's profiling. Checking out everyone who obviously does NOT meet the criminal's description is counterproductive.

If the police were picking out and stopping mestizos in general -- which they aren't -- that would illegal profiling; however, they are stopping everyone and checking for the same things. That is not illegal profiling.

Without profiling, we have wasted effort, inefficient law enforcement, gross misconduct [think TSA crotch-grabbers], focusing on the trivial while letting the important pass.

June 5, 2011 at 6:10 a.m.
zarvuu said...

Are the illegal aliens in the community because of an invitation from the business community? This is a far more complex issue and deserves more commentary from the police and the hispanic community. These people are probably just hard working people looking for a better oppertunity to take care of their families.

June 5, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.
JoeHill said...

Working class people are told that removing immigrants from the country and building a wall is possible and will solve the immigration problem. That's cute, but wrong. What will be more effective and affordable is stripping the big corporations of the farm subsidies they use to compete the Mexican farmer and his crew off of his land and, conveniently, into those same corporations' doors as cheap, silent laborers. Until then, we might take a page from Abe Lincoln and understand that an exploited underclass drags the rest of us down. Let's give a hand to these folks out of the darkness and into the light of open day to tell their story and demand the same few rights and benefits the rest of us currently enjoy. Many currently here might thenstay, but I think many more might want to go back to their country where they feel much more welcome and have opportunities again.

June 6, 2011 at 5:35 a.m.
msacrapal said...

ok so would you like to have your kids go to a school were instead of learning fire drills, tornado drills, and earthquake drills they would have to learn shoting drills i don't think you would...why would you want to expose any human to that especially a child...i'm honestly tired of all of you "american" people picking on a certain group... if its not the hispanics...its's the gays...or the unborn babies...or the muslims...or the native americans...or the blacks...there is no pleasing YOU one gives a damn to think about what all of YOU PEOPLE have done.

June 9, 2011 at 1:35 a.m.
BobbieChampion said...

Tomsacrapal i would be aredneck than ablooming idiot.If you hate the U S A so much get your ass out of dodge soon .Go with all the illigals to Mexico and see how youre treated.

July 4, 2011 at 2:07 p.m.
BobbieChampion said...

June Pop IF you dont have anything to hide , why do you care about the check points

July 4, 2011 at 2:11 p.m.
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