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Dayton, Tenn.: City Profile
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Sunday, March 25, 2012    |   
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    Staff Photo by Kimberly McMillian Galen James handing his wife, Cheryl strawberry poppers (dumplings) while four-year-old Jessie looks on during the annual Strawberry Festival in Dayton, Tenn.
    Kimberly McMillian
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"The people here are very friendly, and it's a very safe place.''

— Cynthia Rodriguez, Dayton Chamber of Commerce

Location: Rhea County

Size: 6.4 square miles

Population (2010 census): City census, 7,191. County population, 31,842.

Year founded: 1820 as Smith's Crossroads. Renamed Dayton in 1877.

Mayor: Bob Vincent

Type of government: City council/manager. The council has four members plus the mayor.

Schools: Dayton City School (grades K-8). Bryan College.

Traditions: Farm vendors around the courthouse square

Attractions: Strawberry Festival 2012. Parade is May 12. Museum of the Scopes Trial at Rhea County Courthouse. Bryan College History Museum. Scopes Festival in July. Pumpkin Fest in October. In December, a nonmotorized Christmas parade

Famous event: 1925 John Scopes trial

Fun fact: The 1925 downtown speed limit was 12 miles per hour.

Famous landmarks: Rhea County Courthouse, Bryan College

Famous resident: Joseph Aloysius Durick, Roman Catholic bishop and civil rights advocate; John Scopes, "Monkey Trial" defendant.