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Government contacts
Saturday, March 30, 2013    |   

* Birth and death certificates: Health Department Vital Records, 423-209-8025

* Boat registrations: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Brush burning permit: Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau, 423-643-5970

* Business licenses (new licenses): Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Changing or obtaining a deed: Hamilton County Register of Deeds, 423-209-6560

* Chattanooga services Information and work requests: 311

* Civil warrants: Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, 423-209-7160

* Conveying rights-of-way property or easements/restrictions: Hamilton County Register, 423-209-6560

* Copies of deeds: Hamilton County Register, 423-209-6560

* Criminal records: Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk, 423-209-7500

* Criminal warrants: Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, 423-209-7140

* Driver’s licenses: New 423-634-3127; renewals 423-209-6500

* Election information: Election Commission, 423-493-5100

* Emergency assistance program: Hamilton County Social Services, 423-643-6200

* Environmental assessment: Soil Conservation District, 423-894-1687

* Fishing licenses: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Foreign travel immunization: 423-209-8340

* Hunting licenses and fees: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Marriage licenses: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Motor vehicle tag registration information: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6525

* Notary public information and applications: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* City property taxes: Chattanooga city treasurer, 423-757-5191

* Preparing a deed, mortgage and release: Hamilton County Register, 423-209-6560

* County property taxes Hamilton County Trustee, 423-209-7270

* Semi trailer permanent registration: Hamilton County Clerk, 423-209-6500

* Soil testing: Agriculture Extension Service, 423-894-1687

* Water service: Tennessee American Water, 423-755-7614

* Wills (executing/general info): Hamilton County Probate Office, 423-209-6615

* Zoning: Regional Planning Agency. 423-668-2287