published Monday, February 3rd, 2014

5-at-10: Super weekend, Peyton's place, college hoops

Morning. Do you know that the next football game is Aug. 3? We are wearing black today because of that. We can make it through this together. Believe.

From the "Talks too much" studios, Herman, leave no doubt.

  • photo
    Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning walks off the field after the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Seahawks won 43-8.
    Photo by Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Any questions

It was complete and thorough and overwhelming. From the start — that brutally foretelling safety on Denver's first play when the snap sailed over Peyton Manning's head — it was clear Seattle was the better team. The final score was 43-8 and it seemed worse than that as it was clear which team was better from front to back and, in terms of a dynamic defense built from the secondary forward, from back to front.

It was all Seattle, and the only question was whether this Super Bowl super beatdown would be historic or not. It wasn't — Denver lost 55-10 to San Francisco many moons ago — but the layers and pieces of this drubbing were confusing only because they were so clear.

Is Manning the best ever? Forty-eight hours ago we would abide that, but now it's hard to see because that argument seems dimmed. This game will be part of his legacy for sure. No it's not the first chapter, but in his season for the ages the final verse was a disaster. Image reading a classic — a page-turner that is both extraordinarily well-written and amazingly entertaining — and you get to the final chapter, and the last page says...

Chapter 19

Everyone dies.

The end.

That's what we are faced with gauging Manning's run this year in particular and his career in general. Sure, every Broncos player was part of this debacle but with the praise of a place in history comes the pause of historic placement.

In truth, the unbelievability of this game is a mirrored image of Manning's unbelievable career. His numbers, his grace, his presence and his precision have been a joy to watch, but as eye-popping as his numbers have been, he only has one title and he is 11-12 in the postseason. Confounding, no?

Now try this: What are the championship memories of the great quarterbacks?

Collectively, we as football fans are sad that Marino never got one. We are thankful Favre got his one and Elway finally got help to get his two. We are optimistic that Brady may join the four-timer club, and we grow more appreciative of Montana and Bradshaw each going 4-0 in the big game, regardless how talented their teammates were.

  • photo
    Seattle Seahawks' Malcolm Smith holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Seahawks won 43-8.
    Photo by Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

But Peyton only has one, and now has two Super Bowl losses. That's surprising and disappointing — much like Sunday's game.

We use the term legacy too much. Manning could be back and rewrite that final chapter next year, and that could change the final chapter. And this moment is surely not all on No. 18 — in fact, we'd be remiss to ask why the Broncos had so much success all year moving pieces and changing flow and ideas at the line, only to try to line up and go through arguably the best defense in NFL history.

There was very little motion and even less emotion. Did Peyton even yell Ohama once for crying out loud?

So it goes and so it went, and it likely would not have changed the final outcome if Manning had been the Manning we saw for the last six months or the Manning we all expected to see last night. Seattle was better. Percy Harvin looked like the fastest man on the field. The Seattle defense was a blur and a bully. Heck, the Broncos even managed to shutdown Marshawn Lynch and Seattle adapted and overcame. Seattle deserved to win.

But if Manning had been good would that have changed the conversation this morning? If he had been great would it change the tone? Maybe.

But he was neither of those, and while this is one game, it's the one game that will be remembered in his magnificent, record-breaking season. Rightly or wrongly, that's how it always goes — in the best season of all time and in the careers of the best to ever play.

Ask Manning's nemeses, the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady, who a few years ago were on the cusp of football immortality before David Tyree pinned the ball to his helmet and pinched the dreaming New Englanders. Do you remember the glory of that 18-game Patriots streak or do you remember coming up short in the big one at the end?

Of course you know the answer. It's the same for the Broncos and Manning this morning.

And it seems — not unlike that fateful first snap of last night's beatdown — that lasting moment remains just out of Manning's reach.


Super Bowl this and that

— The commercials were rather stinky too. Did you have a favorite? You can't go wrong with soldiers coming home, and the Budweiser dog/horse combo was good. We liked the Chevy "A guy and his truck and his bull..." but for the most part we were underwhelmed.

— Bruno Mars was entertaining, and when did the old white guys replace the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

— The weather held up better than expected with kickoff temperatures at 49 degrees, about 10-15 degrees above normal. That said, the public transportation debacle was the pregame story. And the lines to catch a train after the game were monstrous.

  • photo
    Thousands of Seattle Seahawk fans celebrate in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in Seattle after the Seahawks Super Bowl win on Sunday over the Denver Broncos.
    Photo by Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

— Gambling tidbits: The underdog has covered six of the last seven Super Bowls. Tails ended heads' five-game winning streak in the pregame coin toss, and if you are looking for the most 50/50 bet ever, well, the coin flip is it. In 48 Super Bowls, tails and heads each have landed 24 times. The first score being a safety paid 50-to-1 in most places, which was about the only wager that Vegas took a beating on. Almost 70 percent of the betting money was on Denver, meaning this is the 21st time in the last 23 Super Bowls that Vegas has won. Hey, they don't build those fancy buildings with five-star restaurants by losing.

— The unofficial Eugene Robinson Super Bowl propositional bets contest results (unofficial): Gang, we finished with more than 40 players, so thanks for participating. We had three entries get six out of seven of our props:

• Peyton Manning over/under passing yards at 289 yards. (Under at 280)

• Renee Fleming, the opera lady singing the national anthem, has an over/under of 2 minutes and 25 seconds to sing the pregame song. (Under at 2:02)

• The over/under on the longest touchdown in the game is 44 yards. (Over with Harvin's kick return and Malcolm Smith's interception return)

• LeBron James' total points (Saturday vs. the Knicks) is minus-5.5 over Seahawks total points (Seahawks big)

• Will any member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during the performance? (Yes, two in fact)

• Player who scores the first touchdown will have a jersey number above or below 79.5? (Under)

• Denver minus-3 over Seattle (Seattle)

We had three get six of the seven — ClineVol98, Mrs. 5-at-10 and Jefe — and ClineVol's tiebreaker of 46 proved to be the closest. We are waiting to verify the final results, so if you have a beef please let us know as soon as possible.

— Early Vegas odds for next year's NFL Super Bowl champ: Seattle 7-to-1; San Francisco 8-to-1; Denver 8-to-1; New England 12-to-1; Green Bay 20-to-1; New Orleans 20-to-1; Atlanta 25-to-1; Cincy 25-to-1; Carolina 25-to-1.


College hoops

Big time weekend for the guys who follow the ball bouncing true.

The Wade Wagon was back on track as a few more than 5,000 wiggled inside McKenzie to watch the Mocs pop Furman. Nice bounce-back for the home team. (And if you did not see Mark Kennedy's excellent column on the biggest and smallest Mocs basketball fan, well, here you go — and you're welcome.)

The Vols went to Tuscaloosa and handled their BID-ness Saturday night in a game they had to have. Alabama is bad, but that's OK because Alabama football is good.

Duke and Syracuse played one of the five best regular-season basketball games we can ever remember watching. Wow. The Orange got pushed into overtime but their ability to get in the lane and to the line was awesome. It's official, we're picking them to win the whole thing.

Kentucky handled its BID-ness at Missouri, which presents two questions: is Missouri or UT is the third-best SEC team and is UK now ready for prime time? We say Mizzou and yes despite UK's ups and downs. Mizzou has better perimeter pieces than UT and that has value and allows you to better avoid extended slumps. As for UK, the biggest downfall from the one-and-done carousel that Coach Cal runs may very well be that the young players are not ready to be everyone's Super Bowl like Kentucky is on a nightly basis, especially on the road. But, talent can toughen far easier and in a much shorter time frame than tough players can become talented, and it appears UK's talent is starting to toughen.


Around the sports world

There simply was too much to get to this morning so we're emptying several notebooks.

• We will get knee deep in recruiting starting tomorrow, but here's the skinny. Alabama has five five-stars. The SEC is only getting stronger — according to Rivals, the SEC has three of the top four classes, seven of the top 10 and nine of the top 15. Wow. UTC's haul looks strong — even getting a congrats shoutout from former Mocs player Buster Skrine. We'll have a Signing Day preview segment in each of the next couple of days.

• Congrats to the NFL Hall of Fame inductees, especially Derrick Brooks (class guy and great player that made the Tampa 2 so great) and Ray Guy, who finally was elected. Yes, Guy's a punter, but punters should be in too. It's part of the game after all and Guy was the Babe Ruth of punters.

• David Stern bid farewell to the NBA this weekend.


Today's question

Feel free to riff on any Super Bowl thoughts. If you need a Super topic, try this: Is Seattle the best defense ever? (It may be closer than you think.)

We want your view on whether this affects Manning's legacy and feel certain the topic will come up on Press Row this afternoon from 3-6 on ESPN 105.1 FM and here on

If you need a complete off the wall Rushmore, here's an angle:

1) Sunday was Groundhog's Day, which begs two questions: 1) Is this like the biggest holiday ever in the rodent world and 2) what's your Rushmore of Bill Murray movies.

about Jay Greeson...

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jomo11 said...

Yes, it is a tough deal for Manning. Unfortunately NFL QBs are judged how they do in big games. Peyton has had more "bad-big games" than "good-big games", At this point he is more Dan Marino and Dan Fouts, than he is Tom Brady or Joe Montana. . . . .and a case could be made that Manning is just Dan Marino with better PR and endorsements. . . . today's NFL rules allow QB's to put up video game numbers and Manning has been a benificiary of that. So he is a great QB, but clearly NOT the "best ever"

February 3, 2014 at 10:12 a.m.
chas9 said...

Looks like when the football annals are written, Peyton's name will be followed by the words "one of…"

Vegas may be good, but why were they so far off on the length of the anthem?

How did the Seahawks lose three games this season? As for the next year odds, there should be more of a separation between Seattle and the rest of the NFL. What are the odds Chattanooga would get twice the rainfall Seattle did?

The ads were stale. Like Hollywood, they remake the hits from previous years. Yes, a man, his truck, his bull was a strong start. Had me expecting a good crop, but alas… Next year Bud should do the story of the friendship between a Clydesdale and a goldfish. The goldfish leaps out of his bowl to be near the big equine…

Lots of upsets among college basketball's upper echelon. It's been looking like Arizona and Syracuse, then the rest. The Orangemen looked big, quick, athletic, well coached, and in sync. No argument on your pick to win all the marbles.

But since Dook took Syracuse to overtime in The Carrier Dome, we have to say Coach Special K's squad may be right there with them. The Cameron rematch will be huge.

The crowd was the largest ever for an on-campus facility (35K+), but the seats for the last 5K were crazy bad. Shoulda sold only 30K. Reminds me of watching basketball-playing piss ants from the top row of the Georgia Dome.

The Vols' road win was big. They one the first of their four toughest remaining that they had to split. Impressively, they had 13 assists to 5 turnovers. UT had looked vulnerable beyond the arc, but they hit 45% of their threes to 20% for Bama.

UK's road win over Mizzou was equally big. Good games from both twins, Randle and Young, but Dakari and Willie combined played only 18 minutes, scored 2 points and grabbed one (1) board. Not a team yet, but getting there. Best news is The Cats fought.

Dai-Jon Parker has averaged 39.4 minutes per SEC game for shorthanded Vandy. Think he's in shape?

Biggest rodent holiday ever is Chinese New Year when it's The Year of the Rat. Next one is 2020. Last Friday was the beginning of the Year of the Horse, which means Chinese astrology is bunkum, because that should've meant a Broncos win.

February 3, 2014 at 10:42 a.m.
ordinaryguy said...

I will not gloat much over peyton poo's is a FACT he now tops the list of big game regular season qb but mediocre at best in the post season and that even goes back to his UT days...enough said now on to more important matters....Rushmore of Bill Murray movies...Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Stripes, and drum roll please...Lost In Translation...

February 3, 2014 at 10:54 a.m.
MocTastic said...

Another Bill Murray movie for consideration, he wasn't the star, but he was great in it, Zombieland. Also Rushmore and Kingpin deserve some props. Yes, he had a very good movie named Rushmore, so I am guessing he foresaw this article and lists. However, he has laid a few eggs also such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Charlies Angels.

February 3, 2014 at 11:03 a.m.
jgreeson said...

From friend of the show StuckinKent —

Per Pomeroy, SEC rankings:

1) Florida (5 nationally) 2) Kentucky (14) 3) Tennessee (23) 4) Missouri (49) 5) LSU (53) 6) Arkansas (56) 7) Ole Miss (69) 8) Vanderbilt (103) 9) Alabama (110) 10) South Carolina (123) 11) Georgia (134) 12) Auburn (137) 13) Texas A&M (164) 14) Mississippi State (199)

So, Tennessee is #3 according to Pomeroy by 26 spots. In other words, Missouri is closer to being #7 than they are to #3. Tennessee is closer to #1 than they are to Missouri. Personally, I think Tennessee and Missouri are about even, with a slight edge to the Vols. They play Missouri twice, once at home and once on the road. That will tell us some about where the two teams stand, though if each win on their home court, I'm not sure how much it tells us. That's what Pomeroy is picking to happen. So there's that.

Don't forget- Tennessee beat Virginia by 35 points about a month ago. The same Virginia team that is now 8-1 in ACC play. That is a super quality win, and is going to look great in the eyes of the committee. The loss to Texas A&M is the anchor holding them down. The UTEP loss doesn't look too bad (they are 6-1 in Conference USA), New Mexico State may win their conference, and North Carolina State is not particularly good either. But the good win over Virginia is going to take them a long way. Tennessee is on the bubble, no doubt, but if they win both games this week, you'll see their seed next week in Bracketology right around #8 or #9. They are more comfortably in right now than people realize.

Can't sit here praising Kentucky for getting tougher when just last week they were getting their posteriors handed to them by LSU. I just refuse to accept one game that easily. We'll see if they can keep it up going to Mississippi State, Auburn and Ole Miss in the next 15 days. They are better than all of those teams. Can they handle their business in those games?

Bubble stuff coming later this week. I started putting my list together last night.

I feel for Peyton Manning. I really do. It was just a disastrous game all the way around for the Broncos.

February 3, 2014 at 11:15 a.m.
BIspy4 said...

Murray's Rushmore is ...

Rushmore (really, an Oscar-worthy effort)




5, better big game QB - Peyton Manning or Boomhauer? I tired quickly of hearing about Peyton's "legacy" if the Broncos won. He is one of the greats. But is he the greatest? Doubtful, but that was my take even before the game. I even texted a friend yesterday afternoon that what if he throws 2 picks, 1 TD and is 18 of 34 for 225 yards and they still win? Does that define his "legacy"?

And how come nobody is throwing the Denver D under the bus? They were downright pitiful in pass coverage and pass rush.

Nice T41, Tiger.

February 3, 2014 at 11:24 a.m.
JonathanMCook said...

I know I'm in the minority when I say this but BEST SUPERBOWL EVER!

I know Peyton's years at Tennessee seem like decades ago but here, but still see as "the great one of them all" And Bronco uniform or not, the beatdown was seen by me as "How you like you're fatted cow NOW Knoxville??"

Some may ask me "We'll what if that was BJ Coleman or Jacob Huesman?" Assuming the curse will ever be lifted (Play for the Mocs = Practice Squad), that's more wait and see unfortunately.

Regarding the spots, yeah, they sucked but then again only companies with multi-billion dollar budgets can afford to do spots. My friend Tyson Fiffer here in Dallas wrote on FB "Spots appear to be in four catagories: Trucks, Beer, Military, and Cancer."

And nothing against the troops, but we're not showcasing GI Joe here whose defending us from Cobra.

Speaking of Hasbro, yes, I saw the spot for TF4. While no more Shawn Labeau (thank God!) and Mark Walburg is an improvement, it's the same as the other three, they're about as enjoyable as a bag of vending machine Doriteos (one time viewing). And as a long time TF fan, that's just saaaaadddddd.

Now that I've seen Bruno Mars perform live and see he is to the Gen Y group what Michael Jackson was to my generation and Mr. Godfather himself before that, a may actually consider going to see him live if the opportunity presented itself.

"So God made a Farmer" is still one of my all-time favorite spots. Simple..but powerful.

February 3, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.
fechancellor said...

10 Ring, Peyton is still not validated, and I feel prison movie violated for taking his Donkeys. With Peyton's galaxy of front line endorsements, one wonders if Mannings's gigantic contract with the Donkeys should be revised downward for the express purpose of signing some quality help. Seattle has a Super Bowl winning QB on a rooky salary. Spread the wealth I say.

Saturday was Alabama's Junior Day. When the invitees were gathered in a players only meeting, one kid had a serious question.

"How's partying here?" An Alabama Senior player on the dias said in an nonplussed way, "You can go to any party you won't to." Can't help but think the Saban "process" includes video taping such a meeting.

Read the TFP's all out effort on Snake Handling. I had no idea White Oak Mountain was the epicenter. Also, I had no idea a couple of pastors are making a play in the electronic media.

We love our museums and attractions in Chattanooga. We're in a unique position to a Satan's Serpents with Signs Following museum with a wing for the snake handlers, and another for the gasoline and lye drinkers. Good thing Erlanger will be close by. Also it's recently documented Chattanoogans are #1 country wide as folks who read the Bible the most.

White Snake and Alice Cooper at the Grand Opening! Can't miss!

February 3, 2014 at 11:32 a.m.
Stewwie said...

Peter Gene Hernandez (aka Bruno Mars) could easily pass as the older brother of Jake the Neverland Pirate. Thoughts?

Sub any of the the all-time great QBs into the game for Denver last night and Seattle would have still won big. Peyton can only do so much. He actually had a good game throwing for just under 300 yards and also setting a Super Bowl record for completions. Denver's main problems last night was that their D forgot how to tackle and their O-line forgot how to block.

The talk before the game was that it was the #1 offense vs. the #1 defense. But little was said of the other matchup. The #22 defense (Denver) vs. the #8 offense (Seattle). Big disparity there so it should have been clear that Seattle was the overall better team in this game from the start. The Broncos were only favored because of the respect held for Peyton. But again, in a big team game like football, he (alone) can only do so much.

Peyton's legacy should remain unchanged from what happened last night. He has done enough over his career to still be fairly judged as the greatest of all time. Even the great ones lose Super Bowls too. Just ask Elway and Brady. But again, the QB can only do so much.

February 3, 2014 at 11:39 a.m.
ordinaryguy said...

If Peyton is such a great QB, he had two weeks to prepare for the defense that was going to be thrown at him...Seahawks had said repeatedly they would not change anything, and he still couldn't handle far as Elway and Brady losing...they have MULTIPLE Lombardi's...always remember and never forget Eli has TWO...When the money is on the line, the odds are strong a team QB'd by Peyton will lose...

February 3, 2014 at 11:50 a.m.
chas9 said...

I agree with Stewie that no QB in Peyton's shoes would've beaten Seattle. And his yards passing was very close to the over-under line, in spite of how one-sided the game was.

Like Stuckey, I give UT a slight edge in the 3rd best race. But that spot is precarious. Unlike The Gators' solid #1 status. They look final four good. Remind me of Syracuse.

The picture on UK is also still developing, but it's hardly accurate that they got "their posteriors handed to them by LSU." In spite of an unenthusiastic effort, The Cats lost by 5 on the SEC road to a very talented team. LS&U may make The Big Dance.

Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation are among the top four. And I'm looking forward to seeing Bill in Monuments Men, just released. And the dentist skit between Steve Martin and Murray in Little Shop of Horrors is one of cinema history's finest moments.

February 3, 2014 at 12:15 p.m.
Stewwie said...


So since Eli has 2 rings and Peyton has 1, Eli is better than Peyton? Or what about Eli being 2-0 against Brady in Super Bowls. Eli is better than Brady?

The ring talk in football can only go so far. It's fair to bring it up, but it shouldn't be a major factor when determining legacies for individual stars. Too many other positions are in play that affect the outcome of the game. Rings should hold more weight in a team sport like basketball where not as many players are involved AND each player plays both sides of the ball.

February 3, 2014 at 1:20 p.m.
Buschleague said...

As a kid growing up in Denver I cried my eyes out in 77'. The next four Mondays after SB loses didn't get any easier. As a fan of only one team you realize it rarely ever ends well. Makes the 97-98 years that much sweeter!

As far as legacy I think even if he had won PM wouldn't supplant Elway as the greatest Bronco to most Bronco fans. If in 30 yrs Payton makes it out for the pre game coin toss doubtful he sports the fur lined leather but Broadway Joe sure rocked it!

Best commercial..TEBOW!! Glad to see he somehow made it into a Super Bowl!

February 3, 2014 at 1:43 p.m.
ordinaryguy said...

JG you are probably right, but it is so much fun to tweak those that believe Peyton is the end all and be all of qb's...

February 3, 2014 at 2:09 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Gang —

Great stuff from top to bottom. Well played indeed.

And Buschleaguer, well said about Tebow. And contracts are overrated.

We'll be back in a few to update this more — work got in the way of doing work today. Stupid work.

Jomo — Yes, the ring is the thing, more so for the greatest of the great QBs than any other spot.

OG is anti-Manning, Stewwie is pro-Manning. It's how it goes and each argument is irrefutable. The discussion of course is whether each argument has more or less merit. In truth, it's in the eye of the beholder and it's one of the reasons why this debate is so wide-ranging. Good times.

And Stewwie, with a 6- and a 3-year-old, we are well-versed in the ways of Jake and his band or merry mates.

Spy —

Thought we told you to quit bringing logic to the discussion. Fair point about similar numbers in a win, but you already know the answer to that. Winners write history and stats can be spun into any narrative.

9er/Stuck —

We believe in these Cats because they have an array of skills. We are skeptical of these Cats because they occasionally blink when it comes to effort. Still, we see the water bottle half full because stinky effort is easier to fix than stinky play.

FE to the C —

No Shake Rattle and Roll at your shindig? And very interesting story about the junior day festivities.


How in the world can you even hint this is the best Super Bowl ever. Before the game was over the Mrs. had commandeered the TV and was neck deep in Downtown Abby... and she was right.

February 3, 2014 at 2:15 p.m.
jgreeson said...

From friend of the StuckinKent

I am quoting every sports talk person up here. 9er, just a few weeks ago, I think you said LSU was not that good when the Vols rolled them at their place. And LSU was up double digits for the majority of the game against UK. They got their posteriors handed to them. Plain and simple. I never for one minute thought UK was going to win against LSU in the second half. The whole second half LSU was winning and there was little doubt they were going to win. As someone who lives and breathes constantly with people who live and breathe UK basketball, someone said to me, "We got our (posteriors) kicked by LSU. I know that I always say that when we lose- a point loss means we got our (posteriors) kicked. But we REALLY got them kicked last night." Everyone nodded in agreement. No one debated that fact. Anyone who watched that game knows that it wasn't anywhere near a five point game.

And the best ad of the night might have been the local one at halftime promoting UK's football team. I was motivated to go out and buy season tickets. So was my wife. So were my kids. Wow.

February 3, 2014 at 2:23 p.m.
chas9 said...

Stuckey--Always appreciate your reports from the Bluegrass. I have no doubt that you reported the talk correctly. But fans and sports talk shows notoriously over-react and exaggerate. Unlike this forum which is always calm and rational.

I'm very subject to error, but I try to be fair. You'll note I agree with you that The Vols are likely #3 in the SEC. As for LS&U, after their 18-point UT loss (Jan.7) they were 9-4, having just lost to Rhode Island and playing the cupcake part of their schedule.

Since then, they've gone a respectable 5-2 against the SEC. In short, the Bayou Bengals look like they've gotten better. Jerry Palm says they're better, and in The Dance. They have seemed to me very talented all along, but like UK and UT, it's hard to tell how solid a team they are.

In truth, you and I agree that UK's performance in Baton Rogue was ugly. You are correct that most of the game it looked worse than five points. But I think to pull close at the end while playing about as bad as they can play, shows how talented they are.

And the ending of the game was odd. Teams down five with 11 seconds left have won, and UK had the momentum, but strangely they didn't foul to give themselves a chance. I guess that shows the weakness of an inexperienced team.

As Jay says, they have a chance to bring their effort and smarts nearer to their talent level, and be elite eight good. Will they? Don't know.

But I'll be thrilled to bet you they'll "handle their business" and win more of their next three games than UT wins.

February 3, 2014 at 3:02 p.m.
JonathanMCook said...


Re-read my post. Thank you.

February 3, 2014 at 3:29 p.m.
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