published Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Searchable database on teacher licenses revocations and suspensions

2004 - April 2014

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Name Date Opened Date closed Allegations School District Action against teaching license Terms of action
Adams, Donna Jun-08 Oct-08 changed the grades of two students; revoked by agreement; Rutherford Co. Revocation may apply for reinstatement July 1, 2011
Alcantara, David M. Dec-07 Nov-08 inappropriate messages to student at private school Knoxville Diocese Revocation 3 years; may reapply
Allen, David D. Nov-08 Apr-09 accessed obscene content on school PC while responsible for students Smith County Suspension 1 year suspension (through May 14, 2009)
Allen, Gary L. Jan-07 Aug-07 (all cases dismissed and/or expunged in CA)

Allen, Robert T. Jr. Dec-09 Jul-10 11/20/09 - pled to assault (M); DCS indication upheld for abuse Franklin Co. Revocation permanent revocation (ALJ)
Anderson, David W.
Apr-05 vol. surrender (child porn)
Voluntary Surrender
Anderson, Kenneth T. Jan-06 Apr-08 sexual battery, statutory rape convictions Rutherford Co. Revocation permanent
Andrews, Avis. B.
Aug-05 felony theft ~$32,000)
Angus, Jerry L. Apr-07 Aug-11 inappropriate behavior w/students Maury Co. Revocation permanent
Armstrong, Kent Oct-07 Aug-08 indecent exposure; misdemeanor, not at school or to kids Sevier Co. Suspension 1 year suspension
Ashby, David A.
Jan-05 statutory rape (admin)
Revocation Permanent
Ashford, Lisa W. Jun-06 Jan-07 suspended one year (alcohol at school); may reapply if meet terms
Suspension 1 year; may reapply in 2008 if meet terms
Ault, Margie May-07 Nov-07 min. 3 years; breach of test security, gave kids gifts, asked to secret Metro Nashville Revocation 3 years; may reapply
Baggett, Bobby R. May-09 Apr-10 DCS indication child sexual abuse (misdemeanor assault after sex. Battery charge) Dickson Co. Revocation at least 3 yrs; may not reapply as long as DCS indication stands
Bailey, Kenneth C. Mar-10 Mar-10 sex w/co-worker at school; lied to school investigators about it MNPS
employment action only
Bailey, Leslie L. Oct-05 Jan-06 KY revocation - sex w/student (agreed order 25 yr rev)
Revocation Permanent
Baird, Deborah A. Jun-07 Jun-07 (GA suspension for student loan default)
Suspension concurrent
Baker, Jonathan A. Nov-08 Jul-09 fired for inappropriate contact with student (took to home, touched inappropriately) David Lipscomb Suspension 2 year suspension through June 30, 2010
Banjoko, Ajamu A.
Aug-06 vol. surrender - official oppression (class E felony; Jan. 05); reinstatement denied 8/05; Applied again 2007
Voluntary Surrender No response to notice of intent to deny permanently (2007)
Barnes, Cornelius Jul-01 Aug-06 denied in 2001 for fraudulent PRAXIS sheet (ALJ order - didn't qualify anyway)
Baumann, Megan J. Mar-10 Feb-11 November 2010 - pled guilty to sex with student, etc.; court ordered surrender Anderson Co. Revocation
Bean, Matthew M. Jul-09 Aug-11 Guilty agg. Sexual battery MNPS Revocation permanent
Bearden, Stephen Michael Sep-11 Jan-12 new applicant- voluntarily surrendured license in GA
Denied concurrent
Bell, Edwin Dec-10 Dec-10 child support arrears
Suspension auto
Bell, James B. Apr-10 Oct-10 allegations of texting, kissing a student; hundreds of messages in phone recs Clarksville - Montgomery Revocation at least three years;
Berry, Bronson D. Apr-10 Jul-10 pled guilty simple possession MNPS Suspension suspend 1 year concurrent with probation; eval and complete steps = auto restoration
Binkley, Sandy Sep-09 8/1/2011 statutory rape conviction in Sumner Co. Sumner Co. Revocation permanent
Binion, Jayna Jul-09 Jan-10 8/20/09 - 1 year diversion for possession charge MNPS Suspension 1 year suspension concurrent (MNPS)
Blalock, Christopher Apr-07 Aug-07 suspended 1 year concurrent w/GA suspension (started) 5/29/07 - picked up kids at party
Suspension 1 year; auto reinstate May 28, 2008
Bobo, Larry A. Jun-07 Aug-11 Pled to attempted sexual battery Shelby Co. Revocation minimum of 5 years
Bowen, Kelly Oct-06 Feb-08 revoked - inappropriate conduct (writing notes) with student; no length (ALJ) Hamblen Co. Schools Revocation
Boykin, Ronald Apr-09 Aug-11 pled guilty to sexual battery by authority figure MNPS Revocation permanent revocation
Branam, Harolyn D. Mar-10 Aug-11 Assault and offiensive touching of a student; Court apparently ordered surrender of license Campbell Co. Revocation permanent
Braswell, Vern G. Nov-04 Jan-09 1/6/06 - sentenced 2d degree murder - 24 years; 2008, appeal to SC denied Memphis City Revocation revoke through all terms of sentence (at least 24 years)
Brewer, Thomas J. Jan-10 Aug-11 Child pornography conviction fed ct. 46 months Incarceration; 10 years Supervised Release; Henry Co. Revocation permanent
Brimmer, Julie J. Feb-07 Nov-07 suspend two years - breach test security Knox County Schools Suspension 2 years; may reapply after April 1, 2009
Brock, Casey Oct-09 Jan-10 sexual battery conviction; court ordered lic. Surrender Bradley Co. Schools Revocation permanent
Brown, Alan J. Apr-08 Aug-08 1992 GA revocation for sex w/student; used diff. SS to apply in TN
Revocation permanent revocation
Brown-Gearhiser, Nancy C. Jan-06 Nov-07 under influence of marijuana, barbituates at work; reinstated 11/02/07
Bryant (Atkinson), Kimberly Sep-10 1/1/2012 5/13/11- convicted of child abuse Lewis Co. Revocation Revocation
Bryant, Kyra Mar-12 Jul-12 3/2/12- indicted on 4 counts of statutory rape MNPS Revocation
Buchanan, Nakia Jul-07 Aug-07 reinstate (2001denial for fraud on application)
Buice, Nathan Carl Jan-12 8/1/2012 inappropriate sexual relationship with a student Hamblen Co. Revocation Revocation
Bundren, Karen S. Oct-10 Jul-12 12/09 - submitted fraudulent Ph.D. transcripts for lic. And salary
Suspension 2 year suspension; not auto reinstate
Burdick, Sharma
Aug-06 revoked by ALJ (breach of TCAP security); ALJ rec'd restoration app be looked on favorably
Burgess, John K. Jan-08 Nov-09 12/13/07 - dismissal charges brought - inapprop. Relations w/students Greeneville City Revocation 3 years from date of order
Burkhart, Carol B. Oct-08 Apr-09 under the influence at school Clarksville Montgomery Co. Suspension 1 year suspension; auto reinstate upon proof of completion of rehab or eval. & steps
Burkhart, Rachel O. May-08 Aug-08 resigned after admitting sexual relationship with student
Voluntary Surrender may try to apply in 5 years;
Byars, Timothy N. Dec-06 Apr-09 pled guilty to rape Dyersburg Schools Revocation permanent rev. -
Byram, Daniel D. Nov-07 Jan-10 12/09 - pled guilty to sexual battery; DCS indication Shelby Co. Revocation permanent revocation
Cain, Quinton T. Aug-08 Jan-09 soliciting prostitution charges dismissed on costs; falsified employment application re: MNPS Suspension 1 year suspension (from arrest 2/13/08)
Calhoun, Jon B. Jun-06 Aug-06 suspended one year
Campbell, Sandra Jul-07 Aug-07 reinstate - 2003 revocation (DUI arrest dismissed, 6 mos. Probation misd. Reckless driving)
Cantrell, Charles Wayne Jun-05 Aug-07 voluntary surrender - 2002 incident led to SDOCR finding; 2005 alleged assault (no DCS or criminal charges) Dekalb Co. Voluntary Surrender
Cantrell, Jessica Feb-11 Aug-11 under the influence on school grounds MNPS Suspension 1 year suspension with auto reinstatement continguent on rehab
Carroll, Shasta
Jan-05 denied - falsification of docs for licensure (vol. w/d)
Carter, Joseph D. Sep-06 Aug-06 denied - felony fraud & swindle (admin)
Clark, Ross L. Dec-08 Jan-09 resigned after report received he was sexually involved with minor stepdaughters in late 1980s Rutherford Co. Schools Voluntary Surrender voluntarily surrendered license
Cobb, Susan Apr-07 Aug-07 resigned following allegations of changing student grade Metro Nashville Suspension 1 year; auto reinstate Aug 2008
Conduff, Leslie E Mar-12 Jul-12 checked yes on application for felony and drug conviction; convited of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute
Denied denial concurrent with probation
Conway, Richard S. Jan-07 Aug-07 revoked 2007 (inappropriate text, images on phone to students); restored 2010 Gibson County Special School District Revocation 3 years; may reapply Aug 2010
Cooper, Andrew Aug-07 Jul-10 pled guilty 1st degree murder Clarksville-Montgomery Co. Revocation permanent
Cooper, Robert J. Dec-08 Jul-09 Resigned after being on school ground with marijuana; also pled to simple poss. Marshall Co. Suspension 2 year suspension (rehab recs; probation completed)
Costin, Laura A. Jun-09 Nov-09 forgery on college diploma and license
Denied Deny minimum 3 years
Cummiskey, Jenifer R. Jun-08 Nov-08 terminated for being intoxicated at school Franklin Special Suspension 1 year; proof of completion of rec'd step
Curtis, Sandra k. Jan-10 Apr-10 convicted aggravated statutory rape Henry Co. Revocation permanent rev.
Cushing, Anne Apr-12 Jul-12 4/20/12- suspended for consuming alchool on a field trip Hamilton Co. Suspension 6 mnths suspension contingent upon proof of completion of evaluation or treatment
Dallava, Fred Oct-07 Jan-08 suspend til 08 school year; inapprop. Comments Hamilton County Suspension reinstate July 1, 2008
Dalton, Kristi L. Aug-06 Aug-11 pled guilty to felony aggravated assault and felony false reports Jackson-Madison Co. Revocation at least 6 years
Davis, Anthony C. Dec-06 Jan-07 child support arrears
Davis, James G. Apr-07 Aug-08 guilty plea statutory rape Sumner County Revocation permanent
Derrick, Edward Jan-09 Apr-09 inapprop. Conduct at private school; didn't include that on employment application Cheatham Co. Voluntary Surrender permanent
Dieterich, Dianne Oct-07 Nov-08 pled guilty to statutory rape (private school teacher) Knox County - private school Revocation permanent
Dietz, Damon L. Feb-08 Aug-08 solicitation of prostitute Wilson County Suspension 1 year suspension
Dillon, Mark L. Feb-12 Jul-12 1/26/2012- threatened a student with physical harm Maury County Suspension 1 year suspension
Dotson, Michael S. Dec.05 Jan-06 auto revocation - failure to pay child support
Drain, Robert L. Dec-05 Dec-05 child support arrears - license expired

Drake, Phil D. Dec-05 Apr-06 misappropriation of school funds in GA (GA lic rev) ~ $14,000
Driver, Joe B. Feb-12 Apr-12 reinstated
Reinstated 2/29/12- will submit to the board
Driver, Joe B. Apr-09 Nov-09 inappropriate comments to student; told her he loved her, etc.
Revocation 3 years minimum
Dye, Roderick D. Jan-06 Apr-06 vol. surrendered after allegations of child abuse
Echols, Brian Apr-07 Aug-08 DCS indication of abuse Memphis City Revocation as long as DCS indication (at least)
Elam, John G.
Jan-05 denied - falsified PRAXIS scores
Elder, Amy K. Mar-09 Mar-10 found guilty of several counts of child abuse; DCS indication Lauderdale Co. Revocation permanent
Esslinger, Edward Jun-11 Aug-11 license revoked in NC for violation of probationary license provisions
Revocation revoke concurrent with NC decision
Fanning, Bill C. Apr-09 Apr-10 resigned after being found by police "embracing" student in his car behind school Maury Co. Revocation 3 years min. (ALJ Agreed Order)
Farmer, Bryan D. Jan-06 Nov-07 revocation, permanent - sexual battery conviction Cheatham Co. Revocation
Fawcett, Shannon May-07 Nov-07 prescription drug abuse Hardeman Co. Suspension 1 year; auto reinstate per ALJ order, on April 26, 2008
Felts, Eric W. Aug-08 Aug-11 pled to felony solicitation to commit aggravated sexual battery Williamson Co. Revocation permanent
Ferguson, Tana Mar-09 Aug-09 resigned after being at school under the influence Montgomery Co. Suspension - Reinstated 6 month suspension per ALJ (ending Sep. 12, 2009)
Fletcher, Quantral W. Jun-08 Sep-08 auto revocation - failure to pay child support
Ford, Louvenia Jun-07 Aug-07 TCAP breach Memphis City Suspension 1 year; auto reinstate Aug 2008
Foster, Deborah L. Feb-06 Apr-08 judicial diversion theft over $1,000 (stole from PTA funds while principal) Hamilton County Revocation revoke concurrent with probation
Foster, Mark S. Feb-10 Jul-12 charged with shooting two school admins Knox Co. Revocation revoke concurrent with his sentence
Frakes, Allen W.
Apr-07 conviction especially aggravated sexual exploitation of minor (felony)
Revocation permanent
Francesconi, Dominick Oct-07 Jan-08 permanent revocation - DCS indication
Revocation Memphis City
Francis, Catherine J. May-07 Jul-09 plea/diversion felony facilitation of sale of drugs (would be auto. Rev. if convicted) Unicoi County Suspension 2 year suspension, not auto reinstate
Franks, Chanda Feb-11 Apr-12 guilty of 5 counts of aggravated statutory rape Haywood Co. Revocation Revocation
Frazier, Jeff D. Dec-10 Dec-10 child support arrears
Suspension auto - returned undeliverable
Frazier, Stacie Aug-10 Aug-11 inappropriate communications Rutherford Co. Suspension one year, automatically reinstated Aug. 18, 2011
Fulton, Tonya Nov-09 Jan-10 reported to work with cocaine in system Bradley Co. Schools Suspension 2 year suspension
Fuqua, Alice W. Jan-08 Apr-08 incompetence led to dismissal

Fuson, Jerry Aug-09 Nov-09 allegedly had sex with student Warren Co. Revocation permanent
Gage, William R. Jan-05 Jan-06 felony assault convictions (touching students)
Garbuzinski, Patricia Aug-05 Oct-05 restored by SBE 10/21/2005
Gardner, Timothy Feb-07 Jul-08 suspend one year (effective July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008)
Suspension - Reinstated
Garrett, Michael D. Nov-09 Aug-11 Inappropriate emails, walking with, dinner date with student Johnson City Revocation at least three years
Gilbert, Amy Jun-11 Jul-11 default on student loans in GA; she paid them and send documentation of such
Suspension - Reinstated reinstated
Goad, Ronald Keith Jun-11 11-Nov resigned after multiple emails to students and sexy images found on computer Shelby Co. Suspension one year
Gray, Casey Jo Apr-11 8/1/2011 under the influence at school Dickson Co. Suspension 1 year with auto reinstatement continguent on rehab
Gray, Joe Apr-05 Jan-09 altered license TDOC Reinstated reinstated Jan. 30, 2009
Green, Carolyn R Jun-06 Apr-07 Revocation, minimum five years - judicial diversion, theft of services $1,000-$10,000 (from school funds)
Green, Kenneth G. Dec-07 Apr-08 GA voluntary surrender in 2006 (3 years), kissed student GA Denied concurrent w/GA surrender
Greene, John May-06 Jan-08 DCS child sex abuse indication upheld; revocation permanent Memphis City Revocation permanent
Grigsby, Arnie A. Dec-06 Jan-07 auto revocation - failure to pay child support
Grogan, Donald Aug-11 Jul-12 charged with Public Intox. And Wreckless Endangerment Knox Co. Suspension concurrent with his probationary sentence
Grooms, Shari Jan-12 Jun-12 suspended on 12/15/11 after testing postitive for drugs and alcohol in system Knox Co. Suspension one year suspension contingent upon proof of completion of evauation or treatment
Guinn, Lisa R. Oct-08 Jul-09 resigned after being on school grounds possessing alcohol Carter County Suspension 1 year, reinstatement upon proof of rehab or eval & steps
Haley, Kent Duane Jun-11 7/1/2012 4/8/11- license revoked in NC for inapporpriate touching of students
Revocation concurrent
Hall, Gregory P. May-05 Aug-08 pled guilty to sexual battery by authority figure MNPS Revocation permanent
Hanna, Jennifer Jul-09 Nov-09 forged signatures on license applications
Denied deny; may apply in 2011
Hanners, Michelle L. Feb-09 Mar-09 old GA suspension, reinstatement (student loan default)

Hardee, Charles E. Sep-06 Jan-08 3 years before may reapply; kissed girls on the cheek; 1 on leg; Rutherford Co. Voluntary Surrender
Hargrove, Richard Feb-06 Jan-10 2 year revocation by ALJ in 2007; restoration request granted Jan. 2010 Robertson County Reinstated
Harp, Ramona H. May-06 Aug-06 TCAP breach (alt. portfolio showed student completing work on days absent); did not req hearing
Suspension 2 years; auto reinstate (Aug 2008)
Harris, Evie P. Jun-06 Aug-06 TCAP breach (problems in 2005 and 2006); did not req hearing
Suspension 2 years; auto reinstate (Aug 2008)
Harris, Thomas R.
Jan-05 sexual battery by authority figure (admin)
Revocation Permanent
Harris, Vicki A. Feb-09 Jul-09 resigned following TCAP breach Clarksville Montgomery Co. Suspension 2 year suspension, auto reinstate
Hatcher, Holly A. Nov-07 Aug-11 Pled guilty statutory rape by auth. Figure Sumner Co. Revocation permanent
Haynes, William S. Dec-06 Nov-07 statutory rape Moore County Revocation permanent
Hedrick, Michael A. Sep-05 Jan-06 sexual battery of minors
Revocation permanent
Held, Richard Dec-10 Dec-10 child support arrears
Suspension auto
Henley, Malcom M. Aug-11 Mar-12 10/11/11- pled guilty to patronizing prostitution Hamilton Co. Suspension 2 year suspension; auto reinstate
Hensley, Mark W. Aug-05 Oct-10 convicted sexual exploitation of a minor (child porn); Jackson County Revocation permanent revocation
Herndon, Christie
Aug-05 sexual battery, assault, molestation (pending at date of report)
Revocation permanent
Higgins, Kinitra Dec-10 Dec-10 Failure to pay child support - auto suspension
Hinson, Tracy D. May-08 Nov-08 pled no contest to aggravated statutory rape (no DCS indication) Lake County Revocation permanent
Hoffmeister, Lisa M. May-09 Aug-11 contributing to delinquency of minor Lenoir City Suspension suspend concurrent with judicial diversion
Hofman, William W. Sep-10 Aug-11 IN guilty plea to solicitation of minor (IN lic expired)
Revocation permanent revocation (surrendered IN license perm.)
Hodges, Gregory Dec-06 Jan-07 auto revocation - failure to pay child support
Holcombe, Anthony K. Oct-09 Aug-11 child porn Knox Co. Revocation permanent
Holcombe, Leonard C.
Feb-05 Failure to pay child support - auto revocation; reinstated 3/2007
Suspension - Reinstated
Holmes, Anne L. Feb-10 Nov-11 NJ vol. surrender (perm.) - presented forged supervisor certificate
Revocation concurrent with NJ
Hornaday, John C.
Feb-05 Failure to pay child support - auto suspension
House, Buffy R. Nov-07 Jan-08 concurrent w/ KY suspension (6 mos.) illegal substance conviction
Suspension - Reinstated KY lic reinstated 1/25/08
Hovater, James E.
Aug-05 posession of alcohol, under the infl. of while on duty (revocation in MS)
Revocation concurrent
Howard, Debra S. Jul-06 May-10 suspended one year (UI at school); may reapply if meet terms
Suspension - Reinstated reinstated May 2010 after submitting evidence of rehab program completion
Hudson, Thomas L.
Apr-05 vol. surrender (cruelty to children (sex offender))
Revocation Permanent
Hughes, Jim E. May-07 Nov-08 resigned after being told of allegations of inapprop. Rel. in 1987 Clarksville Montgomery Co. Revocation
Hutchinson, Carolyn Oct-11 Apr-12 license revoked in KY
Revocation concurrent with KY
Hyder, Summer Mar-07 Nov-08 suspended after admitting sexual rel. w/student Sullivan Co. Revocation permanent
Johnson, Carey C. Aug-10 2/1/2012 Feb. 2010 - resigned following alleged choking student; DCS indication
Revocation 1/4/12- judge ruled in favor of revocation
Johnson, Warren T. Oct-10 Feb-11 pled guilty to multiple sex charges; surrendered license to court Rutherford Co. Revocation permanent surrender
Jones, Erin K Aug-11 Jan-12 May 2011- administrators discovered that she had been jain for DUI Knox County Suspension one year suspension contingent upon proof of completion of evauation or treatment
Jones, Joseph P. Mar-07 Jul-10 pled guilty statutory rape by authority figure Lebanon Special School District Revocation permanent
Jones, Mark A. Dec-10 Aug-11 inappropriate contact with a student Carter Co. Suspension One year; reinstate on Nov. 30, 2011
Jones, Valentina Y.
Apr-05 ALJ order; students had oral sex in classroom while she was in charge
Joyner, Gerald May-07 Jul-08 statutory rape (ALJ order - default; did not appear) Memphis City Revocation
Kearns, Edward F. IV Jul-05 Oct-05 revoke - KY rev 30 yrs - inapprop. Relationship w/student
Kelley, Blake L. Oct-10 Jan-12 2008 DCS indication upheld by Court of Appeals; DCS didn't notify LEA
Revocation permanent revocation
Kelly, George M. Jan-11 Aug-11 GA, then AL revocation for inappropriate comments
Denied until proof is submitted that GA terms are met
Kinsey, Charles Scott Aug-11 Jan-12 license revoked in FL for exposing sexual organs in vehicle
Revocation revocation concurrent with Fl revocation
Kirby, Douglas G. Nov-05 Aug-07 revoked by ALJ (DCS indication of abuse) Cheatham Co. Revocation Permanent (as long as DCS indication)
Kitchen, Lisa M. Mar-10 Jan-11 Feb. 2010 - TCAP portfolio breach alleged; resigned Clarksville - Montgomery Suspension 1 year
Koons, Monty T. Sep-06 May-09 11/5/07 - pled guilty stat. rape Anderson Co. Voluntary Surrender surrender as part of court order
Kruithof, Natasha Sep-10 Jan-12 Sep. 2010 - arrested for possession, growing marijuana MNPS Suspension ALJ ruled six month suspension to be reinstated Feb. 10, 2012
Lancaster, Jason Dec-08 Aug-09 pled guilty to solicitation, official misconduct; Rutherford Co. Revocation revoke, min. 5 years
Lang, Lynn D. Feb-01 Apr-07 vol. surrender (felony conviction racketeering - $ to steer fb player to UofA)
Leach, Brent T. Jan-08 Jun-08 disorderly conduct charge Johnson City Schools Suspension 1 year suspension
Lester, John Feb-07 Jul-10 revoked 2007 text messaging; restored July 2010 Obion Co. Reinstated
Light, Jonathan Jun-10 Apr-12 pending action in another state
Revocation revocation concurrent with KY
Lochen, Joanna O.
Aug-05 obtained school funds for personal use
Lollar, Matthew C. Apr-07 Aug-07 resigned in lieu of taking drug test - used school IM to shop for weed Wilson County Suspension 2 years; ends in Aug 2008
London, Alvertis D. Sep-10 Jan-11 8/2/10 - DCS indication of abuse upheld Memphis City Revocation permanent
Loveday, James B. Dec-07 Aug-08 DCS indication sexual abuse/exploitation Knox County Revocation permanent
Loving, Anthony Jun-07 Aug-07 TCAP breach; following last-chance agreement based on language, etc. Memphis City Suspension 1 year; auto reinstate Aug 2008
Luckey, Claude P. Mar-12 Jul-12 licese supended in FL for breach of FCAT
Revocation concurrent
Machen, Jewel May-11 Aug-11 TCAP breach Memphis City Suspension one year
Macklin, Angela R. Dec-08 Jan-09 child support arrears
Maclellan, Mark Feb-12 Jul-12 license suspended in PA for sexually assaulting a student
Revocation concurrent
Magill, Emily M. Apr-10 Aug-11 possession with the intent to distribute Memphis City Revocation concurrent with sentence for felony drugs
Magill, Mark A. Apr-10 Jan-12 MCS arrested for drug charges - fed court Memphis City Revocation revocation, no reinstatement for 3 years
Mallard, Ginny L. Jan-11 11-Nov 12/15/10 - DCS indicated; Dyer Revocation permanent
Marlow, Derek W. Apr-10 Jul-10 extensive texting; allegations inappropriate contact Campbell Co. Revocation 3 years
Marshall, Clarence E. Nov-07 Nov-07 suspended - failure to pay child support
Martin, Michael R. Dec-10 Apr-12 Charged with forgery, etc., for helping admin. Submit fraudulent transcripts (Bundren) Campbell Co. Revocation Revocation
Martin, Rod J.
Jan-06 ALJ denied revocation (Case No. 07.01-067346J)

Mason, David C. Feb-11 11-Nov Feb. 11 - resigned following allegations of sex with student; providing alcohol Meigs Co. Revocation permanent
Massey, Deanna
Aug-05 meth mfr - felony
Masters, Carl J. Jan-06 Nov-07 inappropriate contact w/student (call, text); violated order of protection Cheatham Co. Revocation 5 years; may reapply Nov. 2012
McClain, J. Mark May-07 Jul-10 misdemeanor sale/exhibition; texting 50x daily - Aug. 07 3 year rev.; restoration july 2010 Carter Co. Reinstated
McCord, Melissa D. Mar-09 Aug-11 sexual battery by an authority figure West Carroll Co. Revocation permanent
McCormick, Deborah H. Mar-10 Jan-11 Feb. 2010 - TCAP portfolio breach alleged; resigned Clarksville - Montgomery Suspension 1 year;
McDonald, Greg D. Oct-07 Apr-09 revoked (vol. surrender via ALJ) - called, text msg'd student (may reapply in 2009)
VSuspension - Reinstated reinstated by board April 2009
McElroy, Johnny L. Mar-06 Jan-08 permanent - 9 counts sexual battery by auth figure Van Buren Revocation
McElveen, Jason Apr-08 Nov-08 allegedly inappropriate comments, touching Clarksville Montgomery Co. Suspension 1 year suspension; auto reinstate
McEwen, Dana M. Jun-05 Nov-07 DCS indication child sexual abuse Memphis City Revocation Permanent
McFerren, Lennies Mar-07 Apr-07 insuff. (1971 tire theft)

McGhee, Marvin Nov-07 Nov-07 suspended - failure to pay child support
McGill, Greg Douglas Mar-12 Jul-12 license revoked in AR for unprofessional relationship with a student
Revocation concurrent
McGill, James A. Nov-07 Apr-08 slapped disabled student (who routinely did that to staff) Williamson Co. Suspension 1 year, auto reinstate Nov. 1, 2008
McGlothlin, Paula May-07 Apr-09 DUI, reckless endangerment Sullivan co. Suspension 1 year suspension through probation
McMillan, Michael M. Jun-08 Jul-10 allegedly told students would provide easier EOC test Knox Co. Suspension 1 year retroactive suspension; May 24, 2008- May 23, 2009
Medley, Larry D. Jun-06 Aug-06 downloaded porn to school PC while students assigned to class
Moody, Julie L. Jan-09 Oct-09 10/08 - pled guilty, diversion for misdemeanor possession; applying for renewal Haywood Co. Suspension - Reinstated suspension concurrent with diversion; end 10/19/09
Moore, Harold N. Jan-07 Apr-07 positive drug test (cocaine) on school grounds
Revocation 3 years; may reapply Apr 2010
Moreton, Odis L. Jr. May-08 Sep-08 1997 statutory rape charges nolle prosequi'd; FL investigating as part of application
Denied May 2009 - pled guilty to child abuse
Myers, Scott Z. Sep-09 Aug-11 guilty plea child pornography Franklin Special Revocation Permanent
Navel, Philip
Apr-05 revocation - aggravated sexual battery
Revocation Permanent
Nelson, Steve T. Oct-11 Mar-12 license revoked in AR for falsifying application and credentials
Revocation concurrent with AR revocation
Nichols, Barbara Oct-11 Jan-12 resigned after being charged with open container violation; was drinking during planning period Lincoln Co. Suspension one year suspension contingent upon proof of completion of evauation or treatment
Noel, Michael E. Jul-08 Aug-08 pled guilty to child porn charges Hawkins Co. Revocation permanent
Noles, David F. Feb-12 Jul-12 suspended for sending inapporpriate messages to students Williamson Revocation May not apply for reinstatement until 3 years from effective date of order
Noles, David P. May-06 Aug-06 suspended two years - came to school under the influence of drugs
Suspension - Reinstated unflag Aug. 30, 2008 (suspension ends)
Nunley, Benny J. Jan-05 Jul-09 reckless aggravated assault (admin); revoke Jan. 05; reinstate July 2009 Grundy Co. Reinstated reinstated July 31, 2009
Oakes, Kristi D. Sep-04 Nov-06 statutory rape of student
Revocation Permanent
Offutt, David
Apr-04 revoked
Okeke-Lacy, Janice Mar-07 Aug-07 denied - may reapply after complete terms of AL probation order (for theft)
Denied May reapply after AL probation complete
Ottinger, Larry S. Aug-12 Jul-12 suspended after charged with aggravated assault, wreckless endangerment, and false imprisonment Knox Co. Suspension suspension concurrent with probation
Pack, Dean L. Nov-08 Jul-09 inappropriate comments toward student Hamblen County Suspension one year suspension through Sep. 28, 2009 (ALJ order)
Parriger, Natalie J. May-06 Jan-07 suspended one year (UI at school); may reapply if meet terms
Suspension 1 year (ends 2006); may reapply
Patty, Ruth T. May-06 Sep-07 pre-trial diversion, felony sexual battery of other school personnel (ALJ final order 9/28/07) Putnam County Suspension - Reinstated reinstated Nov. 2008
Pearce, Ronald H. Apr-07 Aug-07 suspend one (1) year (inappropriate contact) Metro Nashville Suspension 1 year
Percifull, Jessica Nov-08 Jan-10 pled guilty to exhibiting harmful materials to minor (showed porn) Jackson-Madison Co. Revocation revoke min. 3 years, Jackson-Madison
Perdue, James M. Apr-10 Jul-10 court MOU for assault resulted in requirement surrender license Sumner Co. Voluntary Surrender
Perdue, Julie D. Oct-10 Jan-11 stole money from student purse; pre-trial diversion misdemeanor theft Williamson Co. Suspension suspend one year; concurrent with criminal action
Phillips, Charles E.
Jan-05 indecent exposure and assault (admin)
Piercy, Robert L.
Jan-05 improper use of intoxicants (admin)
Pilling, Robert B. Aug-05 Jan-07 vol. surrender pursuant to agreed order w/DCS (sexual abuase allegations)
Pitt, Burke
Mar-05 judge ordered reinstatement
Pope, Robert Aug-05 Nov-09 inappropriate relationship w/student (tried to kiss - wrote note) (GA vol. surrender)
Reinstated reinstated Nov. 2009
Pototschnik, Kelly Oct-08 Aug-09 resigned after being under influence at school Clarksville Suspension one year suspension; reinstate upon proof of rehab
Provet, Jodi Feb-07 Aug-07 deny (attempted murder plea in 1992)
Qualls, Shannon K. Dec-09 Aug-11 public intoxication when showd up to work after schoole event Clarksville Montgomery Co. Suspension one year contingent on proof of eval
Raico, Jessica Lynn May-12 Jul-12 license revoked in FL for allowing the abuse of a minor without reporting to authorities
Revocation concurrent with FL revocation
Rail, Andrea A. Jul-06 Apr-07 conviction solicitation of minor (felony)
Revocation Permanent
Rankhorn, Charles E. Aug-99 Apr-07 attempted aggravated sexual battery of student
Revocation Permanent
Reames. Eric L. Jan-11 exp. 6/10/12 1/20/11 - suspended inappropriate contact allegations
Revocation may not apply for reinstatement until 3 years from effective date of order
Renner, Frank W. Jan-11 Aug-11 OR revocation - sex related conviction
Revocation permanent
Richardson, Lucille Mar-04 Nov-08 revoked - DCS indication
Revocation as long as DCS indication (at least)
Richardson, Lucille Jun-11 Nov-11 6/4/11- petition for reconsideration of revocation
Revocation Denial of Petition for Reconsideration
Rickman, Steve A. May-06 Nov-06 denied - may reapply in 3 years (bought, consumed beer with kids on trip to conference)
Risher, Stephen Jan-00 Jul-12 license surrendured in MS for possession of child porn
Revocation revocation concurrent with MS
Roberts, Mary Katherine Jan-12 Jul-12 1/18/12- Testing breach Knox Co. Revocation revocation; if reinstated, will never be able to admininster state-required student achievement tests
Robertson, Regina A. Aug-05 Apr-06 contrib'g delinquency, purchasing alcohol for minors
Robinson, Anthony V. Feb-06 Jan-10 2/16/06 - terminated by HCDE; charged with child rape; pled attempted sex battery Hamilton County Revocation permanent rev. Hamilton Co.
Robinson, Ernest E. May-06 Apr-07 inappropriate comments, conduct with students; alcohol in car on school grounds
Revocation 3 years; may reapply June 2009
Rogers-Turner, Pamela J.
Aug-05 surrendered cert. for life as part of court order (sexual battery by auth figure)
Revocation Permanent
Roman, Norberto Feb-07 Aug-07 revoke permanently (sexual battery conviction) MNPS Revocation Permanent
Runions, Shawn
Mar-05 reinstated pursuant to Tenn. Ct. App. Ruling (dismissal arbitrary)
Runyon, Daniel Jun-11 Nov-11 3/2/09- decertified as JROTC instructor for inappropriate relationship with student Clarksville Montgomery Co. Revocation permanent
Salyers, Billy J. Jan-06 Apr-06 indicated perp of child abuse
Revocation Permanent
Sanchez, Gabriel Sep-06 Apr-08 surrendered as part of plea to statutory rape
Sanders, Phyllis Jan-12 Apr-12 licens revoked in Kentucky for promoting contraband in 2nd degree
Revocation revocation concurrent with KY
Sanders, Timothy M. Mar-10 Aug-11 attempted agg. Statutory rape Memphis City Revocation permanent
Sanford, Terry R. Apr-07 Aug-08 inappropr. Relationship (email, calls, trips) Hamilton County Revocation 4 years w/conditions (may reapply in 2010)
Sawyer, Jeffrey
Aug-06 sought hearing for reinstatement (summer 2006), then withdrew request; revoked for fathering child by student
Revocation Permanent; 2/22/11 - applying again for restoration
Schlief, Pam Jan-12 Apr-12 felony conviction of theft of $10k or more Sevier Co. Suspension 3 year suspension contingent upon restitution
Scott, Cindy G. Jun-11 Aug-11 TCAP Breach- copied test Lewis Co. Suspension one year
Scott, Derek P. Jul-05 Oct-05 FL license permanently revoked (sex w/minor)
Revocation Permanent
Scudder, Craig N. Dec-06 Jan-07 reinstate - complied w/child support
Suspension - Reinstated
Seadler, Jennifer Apr-09 Aug-11