published Friday, March 28th, 2014

5-at-10: Friday mailbag filled with Rushmore goodness

From Drew

I am really enjoying Press Row. I listen everyday on the way home.

I'm going to be out of town this weekend, but here's something you can talk about along with the Vols (Man, you whiffed on Cuonzo huh) and the tournament and stuff. What would you do with the kind of money Miggy Cabrera just got?

If you could answer it in the 5-at-10 too, then I'll be able to see it.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Drew —

Thanks for the kind words and reading and listening. Been crazy but it's been a lot of fun too.

We have been tickled with the response Paschall and the TFP sports editor have been getting on Press Row from 3-6 p.m. on ESPN 105.1 FM and here The feedback and the give-and-take with the callers has been excellent, so thanks to everyone for that. Maybe we found something that benefits us from talking too much, huh?

In case you guys missed it, the Detroit Tigers gave Miguel Cabrera a 10-year, $292 million extension. That's crazy coin. Insane.

That's $29 million a year. Guaranteed.

Here's how we'd break it down.

Got to figure between 45-50 percent in taxes, right? So let's just make it an easy 50 and include fees and agents and such. Still, that's $14.5 million, which is way better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

We'd put $5 million a year into a retirement fund. We'd then give another $5 million to the Mrs. 5-at-10, because she's the saver in the family and let her manage the day-to-day stuff. We've been known to blow through some folding money and pick up the check or a couple dozen rounds of 'Co-Colas' in our day.

So we'd have roughly $4.5 We'd join Augusta National. We'd become a big-shot Auburn booster — and in the waning days of the NCAA, it would be even more fun to be a big money booster. We'd likely bar, and we practice insane acts of random kindness. Whatever popped up, we'd throw money at it.

We'd live our live being that guy.

Good times indeed.


From Sportsfan

Jay - I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st weekend of March Madness. Love to see the underdogs pull the upsets. As you know, I'm older than I look. I'm really bothered by the apparent traveling that's never called. For the mailbag...What's up with 3 steps after picking up the dribble and sliding the pivot foot? I come from a land where both would have been called traveling.

Sportsfan —

Great point, as usual. The transition from a step-and-a-half to three has been consistent and now it's complete. (Side note: We did see an NBA ref call 'carrying' the other night. We thought that rule had been abolished.)

As the NFL rule changes — errrr, rope-a-dope — have gotten more and more attention and debate, there are several basic rules that have really been morphed into a gray area of oblivion. Here's our Rushmore of sports rules that need to comeback now.

Traveling: Sportsfan is spot on. The benefit of the doubt that became that second step has become three, especially in the NBA. It would not take long to take back the travel, but whether they want to or not remains to be seen. (Side question: The continuation bucket after a foul, especially in the NBA, sometimes is met with as many as four steps and stumble. Charles? Turrrrible.)

The strike zone: Above the thigh is high? Egad, that's bad. Arm pit should be it. And no this view is not a Haiku.

Lane violation: If it's not a big deal, then take it out of the rule book. But to ignore it completely cheapens the NBA and the officials.


From Weena

Dude, sprry I missed your hoops thing. Are you having one for the Masters?

Put this in your little mailbag: What's your Rushmore of 1980s action movie heroes?

You da man.

Weena —

No sweat, and yes, we will have our regular Masterfully Mastering the Masters Mastery contest again. We had less than 10 entries for the the Last Shot challenge, so we punted it and will roll the prizes into the Masters event. That said, we still have the tie-breaker for Billy in Brainerd and scole023, who are the last two standing in the First-out, Last-in hoops challenge. Here are there entries: BiB (Nick Johnson of Arizona, Adreian Payne of Michigan State); scole023 (Shabazz Napier of UConn and the white dude from Louisville)

As for the Rushmore of action heroes, we'll go Arnold for sure. Stallone too. Then we'll go with Mel Gibson, who made Mad Max and a couple of Lethal Weapons in the 1980s and Steven Seagal, who is supremely underrated in this category. That's with all apologies to Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Whoshispecs. And you know are two guys that were pretty excellent action stars in the 1980s and carried that into other genres: Harrison Ford and Kurt Russell.

Man Kurt has dabbled in a lot of movie roles, you know? From Disney super-teen to Snake Pliskin to the President. Dude has made some cinema.


From chas9

For the Friday grab bag--Part A: Which team made a bigger March turnaround, The Vols or The Cats? Part B: If their coaching was a game of chicken (last one to flip the switch wins), who won, The Conz or The Cal?

9er —

Turnaround, we'll go with UT, hands down.

The Vols were teetering on not making the tournament and facing a real possibility that they are going to restart the mechanism. Now they're 40 minutes from the Elite Eight. Staggering.

As for the coaching chicken, that's coach Cal for sure. Who knows how many tricks or flips or plans or hijinks he's played throughout this season in an effort to motivate his team. (Hey, did you hear that most of them are freshmen? Who knew? Someone should do a story on that.)

The Conz's job-securing rallying was more about finding the right path — developing an offensive identity that starts inside and works out to a) highlight the strengths of Jarnell Stokes and b) downplay the hole at point guard — rather than flipping the switch. Should be fun.

And call us crazy, but I think we'll see both The Conz and The Cal in Sunday's Elite Eight.


From Billy in Brainerd

For the mailbag: Win or lose Friday, Cun-zo is back in K-town next season, right? Probably with an extension + a raise. So what does Stokes do? Jay-G...que the music...Should he stay or should he go?

BiB —

No doubt The Conz is back. If he wins tonight, he'll be in line for a three-year extension — and potential job offers from some big-boy programs.

And even if the Vols fall tonight, The Conz will get at least a one-year extension and maybe two.

As for Stokes, well, that's an interesting debate. The only NBA contracts for rookies that are guaranteed are for first-round picks, so the decision would be, "is he a first-round pick?"

He's certainly playing like a first-round pick — he's put together a 10-game stretch that is as good as anyone in the country. He's averaging better than 17 points and 13 rebounds in that stretch.

That said, ESPN NBA expert Chad Ford has him ranked No. 63 in the draft class. He's undersized to be a true, back-to-the-basket, low-block NBA power forward.

So there's a chance he could return, but in truth, it's hard to see his value being much higher than it is right now.


From BlueCat

Friend of mine point me to your blog -- good stuff and you seem to know your hoops.

I am really excited about Louisville and Kentucky playing in the tournament. What's your Rushmore of college sports rivalries and if Louisville and Kentucky fielded all-time all-star teams, who's the starting five and who do you think would win?

BC —

Welcome to the party and hope you stick around a while.

That's a great question. We're way behind so we're going to move pretty quickly here (and we feel for sure that a couple of our regulars like 9er and StuckinKent will chime in here too).

Here we go. Rushmore of Best College Rivalries: Auburn-Alabama football is No. 1; UNC-Duke hoops is No. 2; Louisville-Kentucky hoops has moved to No. 3 with a recent run; we'll take Ohio State-Michigan football as No. 4 over Army-Navy, OU-Texas and Notre Dame USC.

One that is sneaking into the conversation here lately is Clemson-South Carolina. Good stuff.

As for the all-time lineups, and we're going mainly on college numbers as opposed to NBA production so here's an entry from some one without the blue blood of a longtime UK backer (cue Chas9 in 5, 4, 3, 2...).


C — Pervis Ellison

PF — Wes Unseld

SF — Junior Bridgeman

SG — Darrell Griffith

PG — Russ Smith

Kentucky, 9er do you want to take the first swing here?


From BISpy4

You could have Phil to replace Tiger as the PGA's brightest star but he's actually what, six or seven years older than Tiger? Does Patrick Reed or Jordan Speith really get the crowds going? Rory could. Will he is the question.

Any chance you can get Warren Buffet on Press Row?

Spy —

Mickelson's time to carry that mantle may have passed. Fan favorite, yes. Guy that can move the meter for the general public, no really.

Reed and Speith, not so much, although Reed might could.

Bubba had a chance but he's a got a slew of shortcomings — within and outside of the game.

Rory definitely could, especially globally, but man the ups and downs of his last couple of years are puzzling.

We'll try on Warren Buffett.

Quick double-edged Rushmore:

Buffetts — Warren, Jimmy, Phoebe and the buffet at Wally's in East Ridge

Warrens — Warren Coolidge (White Shadow star center), Warren G, Warren Beatty and Warren Buffett.

about Jay Greeson...

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jomo11 said...

March Madness has been great. Tonights games should be fun. . . .To bad for UTK Vol fans, they dont seem to be enjoying this run with their hatred for Cuonzo Martin. Those fans are stupid considering that even a sweet 16 run is never a consistent thing, even for the best of programs. You better enjoy it while you can even if you hate your coach and sign petitions to have him replaced. You got to beleive that Cuonzo cant wait to get a better job and get out of there, at this point he loves his players and doesnt like his fans, and you cant blame him. And his players love and now seem to be playing hard for him and the players probably hate the Vol fans also. Not a very warm and fuzzy story

March 28, 2014 at 10:46 a.m.
chas9 said...

Can't remember when I last saw a lane violation called. I'm OK with laxity in calling palming, because seeing guards make athletic cuts and weaves is more fun than stopping the game. Worst is the ever-shrinking top edge of the strike zone.

As hordes have noted, the MW is too hard to predict, so I won't be surprised if both UT and UK make the elite eight, but I give Michigan the edge over THE Vols.

Ricky P is a genius at preparing, and he's never lost in the round of 16. I named Russdiculous as one of my two top scorers this weekend, but, inconsistently, I predict Kentucky to edge out UL at the buzzer.

At Kentucky, John Calipari is 5-1 against Pitino at Louisville. The one loss came last season at Louisville's KFC Yum Center when Pitino had his best U of L team, Calipari his worst UK team. Even then, Louisville had to squeeze out an 80-77 win. Good rivalry Rushmore. I like Gators-Seminoles over Clemson-SC. And it's amazing how Texas' several rivalries have faded.

All-time UK starters is tough. And I don't know whether to base it on college alone, or consider the pro career that followed.

Center has to be Issel, though The Uniblocker may pass him in time. I'll start "Monster Mash" Mashburn and Kenny "Sky" Walker at forwards. And at guards, I'll play Tayshaun and Tony Delk.

UK's bench is what's most impressive, though: Macy, Chapman, Beard, Nash, Givens, Dampier, Wall, Patterson, Anderson, Rondo. And UK's second five would beat UofL's starters.

The governor of The Commonwealth has declared today Blue and Red day.

March 28, 2014 at 10:50 a.m.
fechancellor said...

10 Ring, traveling to a point just south of Auburn this weekend. What can you advise on how to best deter Brain Eating Zombie War Eagle fans upon my arrival. Will a wreath of garlic help?

Action movies hero's in the '80s, Rutger Haurer was certainly a excellent figure of menace in such films such as "Night Hawks" with Stallone. Of course "Blade Runner" was one of Haurer's signal turns, in a movie packed with stars.

Maybe an anti Rushmore of 80's Action Hero villains is more apropos?

Alternate Rivalry games: ND-MI, TN-AL, GA-AU, TN-FLA...and what should have made your Rushmore, GA-FL!

I believe your Rushmore rest on two qualifications. First is if the Rivalries strong, and second, is the contest widely known by name like "World's Largest Cocktail Party," the "Iron Bowl," "Red River Rivalry" and such. Or maybe that's a stand alone Rushmore too?

March 28, 2014 at 11:03 a.m.
chas9 said...

A quick check of the leader board in the ESPN The Zone brackets contest shows a jgreeson792 in 9th place, with chas9wins a pitiful 54th place. Spy, being a spy, evidently used a super-secret alias I don't recognize. The 105.1 group is in a stellar 4395th place.

March 28, 2014 at 12:30 p.m.
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