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A guide to the region’s diverse housing options.
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From candies to cars, what’s made in Chattanooga.
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Where we play

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Thursday - Oct. 25, 2012
16 must-see area attractions
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Chattanooga has so many entertainment options it can sometimes be overwhelming. Here's a guide to some of Chattanooga's most famous attractions to help you get the most out of your time in the Scenic City. Read more
Restaurants support local growers
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Buying and eating local food is one way to honor the workers, growers and entrepreneurs in and around Chattanooga. Read more
Music Scene: Dozens of venues showcase talent
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Situated within a two-hour drive of four larger cities, Chattanooga is ideally positioned to attract touring musicians to any of dozens of venues throughout the city. Read more
Where to shop
Sunday - March 25, 2012
If your idea of hiking is from one store to another, Chattanooga's got you covered. No matter what area you're in, there are several quality options. Read more
Events celebrate arts, music, culture
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Chattanooga's leisure-time calendar is filled year-round with a variety of festivals and fundraisers. Read more
Movie theaters
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Museums: Explore, learn and observe
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Museums don't always have the reputation of being the most fun places in the world, especially for families. Read more
Parks for nature and play
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Enterprise South Nature Park opened to the public for the first time in December 2010, making it Hamilton County's newest park. Read more
Play time: Archery to yachting
Sunday - March 25, 2012
While the Chattanooga area has become a mecca for outdoors enthusiasts, it long has been a center for all kinds of recreation, including indoor pursuits such as bowling, boxing, gymnastics and racquetball. Read more
Area pays homage to Civil War history
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Just as the Civil War became a watershed event in the nation's history by moving the country closer to the tenets of its founding documents, the battles for control of Chattanooga nearly 150 years ago marked a turning point in the Union's quest of Southern strongholds. Read more
Sports scene in constant flux
Sunday - March 25, 2012
The annual sports calendar in the greater Chattanooga area is as ever-changing as the weather. Read more
Get out and ride your bike
Sunday - March 25, 2012
As Chattanooga continues to gain notice as a cycling-friendly city, one of the area's top cycling events will be celebrating its silver anniversary this spring. Read more
Conquer rocks, water and trails
Sunday - March 25, 2012
The Chattanooga area is blessed with so many options for outdoors enthusiasts, most within a short drive of downtown. Read more
Hunters, anglers stay busy
Sunday - March 25, 2012
Even as other forms of outdoor activities gain interest in the Chattanooga and tri-state area, hunting and fishing remain a popular activity for many residents and visitors. Read more