Occupy Chattanooga moves to County Courthouse

Occupy Chattanooga moves to County Courthouse

November 8th, 2011 by Andrew Pantazi in Local - Breaking News

Members of Occupy Chattanooga listen as Captain Roddy of Chattanooga Law Enforcement addresses them in front of the Hamilton County Court on Tuesday night. Roddy tried to keep the mood light with a few jokes and even returned a high five of one of the protesters.

Photo by Alex Washburn/Times Free Press.

Occupy Chattanooga protesters packed up their things and moved to the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn tonight.

After eight days of camping on the lawn of the City Council Building, they moved just after the City Council meeting started at 6 p.m.

Rickie Blevins, one of the protesters, said two city officials told the group that the same rules that allowed them to protest at the City Council Building allowed them to use the courthouse lawn.

The protesters had brought in a pantry, a camping stove, a mini-library, chairs, a cork board, a white board, signs and tables, moving it all to the more-spacious courthouse lawn.

For more details, see tomorrow's Times Free Press.