NLRB upholds VW Chattanooga workers in UAW appeal

NLRB upholds VW Chattanooga workers in UAW appeal

April 16th, 2014 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

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Photo by Associated Press/Times Free Press.

The National Labor Relations Board has upheld a request by some Chattanooga Volkswagen plant workers to intervene in the United Auto Workers' appeal of the factory's February election.

The National Right to Work Foundation, which is representing some of the workers, said the NLRB ruled that the employees are entitled to defend the election results in which they voted not to align with the UAW.

"The decision over whether or not to unionize is supposed to lie with the workers, which makes the attempt by the UAW to shut them out of this process all the more shameful," said Mark Mix, the Foundation's president.

Mix said Foundation attorneys will represent the VW employees at a hearing in Chattanooga on Monday in which the NLRB is to hear the UAW's appeal for a revote at the plant.

The VW employees filed the motion to intervene in the case after the UAW brought its appeal. The NLRB's acting regional director in Atlanta ruled the workers could intervene. The UAW then appealed that decision to the Board in Washington, D.C.