Tennessee lawmakers may change decades-old sales tax laws

Published May. 29 2015

Some state legislators and county officials are looking into changing decades-old sales tax laws in an effort to help counties...

Political Notebook: Alexander boosts energy research

Published May. 24 2015

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander is co-sponsor of a bill that would double spending on basic energy research over five years.

City Council pleased with first glance of Mayor Andy Berke's 2016 budget

Published May. 20 2015

Chattanooga City Council members say Mayor Andy Berke's 2016 budget looks OK at first blush, but there will be plenty...

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke reveals $221 million budget, including $4 million increase

Published May. 19 2015

If the budget is approved as drafted, city workers who make $50,000 or less will be getting $750 increases. Those...

City Council unanimously approves tax break for Maclellan building

Published May. 5 2015

The Chattanooga City Council unanimously voted to approve a 14 year tax break for the historic downtown Maclellan Building renovations.

How Chuck Fleischmann overcomes the odds

Published May. 5 2015

Let the record show: only four left-handers since 1950 have played second base in Major League Baseball.

Request for Maclellan Building tax freeze sparks City Council debate

Published Apr. 29 2015

A request for the City Council to approve a 14-year tax freeze for renovations to the Maclellan Building, one of...

Mayor maps vision for Chattanooga's future in State of the City address

Published Apr. 28 2015

Women, cars and smoking-fast Internet access: Those were the foci of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's second annual State of the...

Cleveland to settle battle for Blythe Park

Published Apr. 28 2015

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- A modular building housing the Blythe Early Head Start program, located in Blythe Park since 2010, has...

Judge rules in favor of prayer at Hamilton County Commission meetings

Published Apr. 22 2015

U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice issued an order today in favor of Hamilton County's right to open public meetings...

City Councilman Chris Anderson seeks to rein in tow truck charges

Published Apr. 22 2015

City Councilman Chris Anderson proposed an ordinance Tuesday to make it illegal for towing companies to "price gouge" residents by...

Judge will issue decision today in Hamilton County Commission prayer case

Published Apr. 22 2015

A federal judge will issue an order early today that could decide the fate of a local public prayer case...

New leadership comes to Chattanooga City Council

Published Apr. 15 2015

Two-term Councilwoman Carol Berz will now lead Chattanooga's nine-member council. And Moses Freeman will be second in command, after the...

Carol Berz becomes chairwoman of Chattanooga City Council

Published Apr. 14 2015

The Chattanooga City Council will have new leadership when it next meets.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to host military academy day

Published Apr. 11 2015

Students who are interested in attending a U.S. military academy can learn all about the process today in Chattanooga.

Want to go to West Point? Ask Chuck Fleischmann

Published Apr. 10 2015

Students who are interested in attending a U.S. military academy can learn all about the process Saturday in Chattanooga.

Hamilton County one of the most financially agile counties in TN

Published Apr. 8 2015

Hamilton County remains among the most financially agile counties in the state.

Traffic study could halt North Chattanooga neighborhood

Published Apr. 8 2015

Though the approval of a proposed neighborhood on the Hixson Pike S Curves is essentially a done deal, a group...

So this is how 'Chairgate' ends

Published Apr. 1 2015

Well, the months-long debate over purchasing chairs for the county's courts has passed — despite last minute opposition from the...

Chattanooga City Council looks at zoning sign ordinance

Published Apr. 1 2015

It's always been against the rules to hide zoning variance yard signs from public view. But the Chattanooga City Council...

Tennessee's top attorney may decide Hamilton County commissioners' pay confusion

Published Mar. 25 2015

At this point, Hamilton County commissioners have no clue what they should be paid. And the decision will likely be...

Chattanooga steps up to pedestrian safety challenge

Published Mar. 24 2015

Chattanooga is taking a few more steps to make the city safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Overlooked law leads to 37 years of shortchanged commissioners

Published Mar. 22 2015

Hamilton County commissioners this week scrambled to avoid giving themselves $4,000 raises. But it turns out they've been underpaying themselves...