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Whether through a chance encounter with a casting director or a script being read by just the right person, plenty of people dream of making it big by way of pure happenstance. Some wait their entire lives for fate to favor them.

Even while sitting seemingly at ease, his legs splayed to either side of a park bench, being at rest is an unnatural look for Ethan Young.

As I sat today waiting for my Spotify playlists to update on my new iPhone — yes, I drank the Kool-Aid especially early this time — I experienced a startling revelation. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the last time I spent money on music.

A creative collaboration made by more than two dozen artists, including cameos by Vincent Price, Paul McCartney and Eddie Van Halen. Seven Top 10 singles. Eight Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year. The best-selling album of all time.

At the start of their three-year journey to create a new album, the members of Nashville’s Fly Golden Eagle didn’t have a sprawling, 26-track epic in mind. They just wanted to produce something that better represented the band.

To some people, there's nothing that embodies waste and desolation quite like the sight of derelict vehicles dotting America's backyards and byways.

Tuesday is the first day of autumn and, with the prospect of warm days, cool nights and absurdly colorful foliage just around the corner, plenty of people will load up their backpacks and head into the woods.

There’s something about Juniper Rising’s music that sounds like the Brooklyn-based quartet just emerged after a decades-long stay in a bomb shelter under the Mojave Desert.

For musicians who are used to having complete creative control, the concept of letting someone else into the songwriting process can be off-putting or even distressing.

Last Tuesday, Apple pulled back the curtain on its latest-generation mobile phone, the iPhone 6, and its much-anticipated — if confusingly named — Apple (symbol) Watch.

On July 4, 1776, American colonists made the historic decision to declare their independence from Great Britain. In a 200-year-old echo of that resolution, the people of Scotland will vote Thursday on a referendum to decide whether their country will follow suit in severing its membership with the U.K.

Want your kids to be well-rounded adults? Better make an appointment with Dr. Mario.

Sometimes, dropping the mike isn’t the right move.

Somewhere along the road to producing his debut EP, Tom Breyfogle realized that maybe, just maybe, he was creating a concept album.

Ever since I interviewed him a few years ago, I’ve had a tremendous respect for Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.

For some people, going back to grade school is a gloomy proposition, the stuff of cold sweat and bad dreams.

Nobody likes a story with a dull ending.

Typically speaking, the whatever’s-handy-goes-in-the-pot dish that is gumbo is endemic to the bayou, not the Midwest.

Farewell, summer, we hardly knew ye.

A famous — or infamous — name can be a heavy load to bear.

Every year, the onset of fall brings a flood of some of the year's most highly anticipated video game titles.

Call me heartless, but I’m feeling pretty hot and bothered about the ice bucket challenge videos clogging up my Facebook newsfeed lately.

It must feel pretty good to be the members of North Carolina-based electronic funk-rock-jam outfit Big Something right now.

Even with the best of intentions, it must be hard to say no to a Beatle, but in 2001, Gabe Dixon did just that.

Despite countless examples of video evidence to the contrary, frolicking felines aren't YouTube's only homegrown celebrities.

Earlier this year, Bexy Ribeiro decided enough was enough.

I’ve always found the concept of masked superheroes confusing.

It’s a difficult time in any child’s life to realize that — despite parents’ assurances — the chances that they’ll become a princess or a superhero are on the “none” side of slim.

When Frank Mangan's daughter Emma was born 14 years ago, he was overjoyed.

For many amateur photographers, upgrading from a point-and-shoot camera to a digital single-lens reflex — or DSLR — can feel like auditing a course on differential calculus.

For most children, homework and chores are just facts of life, obligatory obstacles to overcome on the path to adulthood.

While visiting my normal circuit of pop-culture websites last week, I ran across an article that reignited my fervor for campaigning against the rampant abuse of a certain musical term.

Especially in America — and especially among bands — there’s always been a certain romantic appeal to the idea of rebelling against convention and forging one’s own path.

Any band rooted in the improvisation-heavy approach of jazz or jam music has to be flexible enough to roll with the punches to play reactively and in-the-moment.

When James Cameron’s science-fiction blockbuster “Avatar” hit theaters in 2009, its record-setting $2.8 billion take at the box office seemed — to some — to herald 3-D films as the next great cinematic evolution.

Pretty much my entire life, I’ve known with absolute certainty that video games are cool, but for most of my childhood, gaming was seen as an antisocial activity, the province of geeks and shut-ins.

Jason Sanford is a pretty upbeat, positive guy, quick to laugh and even quicker to express thanks for the good fortune that has dramatically raised the profile of his band, Rosco Bandana, in the last year.

Once you realize what it is, it’s not hard to see why Steve Dockery and Alan Darr want to bring a steampunk convention to Chattanooga.

Lindsey Tropf and her team at Immersed Games have set themselves a fairly monumental task — and it's not figuring out how mankind could survive on another planet or designing a balanced, extraterrestrial ecosystem.

For many years, “serendipity” has been on my short list of favorite words. It’s sandwiched somewhere between “verisimilitude” and “phantasmagoria” but a few rungs down from “ultramarine.”

It doesn’t take long after Tash Neal’s chunky distorted guitar kicks in on The London Souls’ self-titled 2011 album to realize the New York-based rockers aren’t just a band but the proud standard-bearers of an old-school tradition.

For those in Apple’s camp, the latest-generation of iPad (starting at $499) and iPad Mini (starting at $399) offer nearly identical specifications, but if size and weight are deciding factors, the Mini’s 7.9-inch display is more hand- and backpack-friendly.

Chattanooga long has touted itself as the Scenic City, but until a few weeks ago, those who visited via the Google Earth digital globe might have questioned the legitimacy of that claim.

Jonathan Susman is nothing if not a champion of Chattanooga’s musicians. A real local Lancelot.

Going into this year’s Road to Nightfall competition, Darren Self didn’t like the chances for his band, Function.

Bobby Bare Jr. can drop names with the best of them. As a matter of fact, he probably knows the best of them.

Some painters approach their work with a degree of strategy normally associated with epic bank heists.

A man's home might be his castle, but for decades he's largely been forced to rely on someone else to defend it.

Chattanooga, I'm ashamed of myself.

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