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CAPTDASH said...

My response to her:

First of all, I would like to THANK you for your response. I have searched your website backwards and forwards. Please provide a link to the corrected article you speak of. I don't see it anywhere.

I apologize for being harsh but, the media tends to ONLY put a liberal spin on everything especially 2nd A rights. If someone was threatening your right to free speech and free press, you would have a team of lawyers suing them. Why do you not equally stand up for all 10 Inalienable rights? I don't get it.

I must continue to laugh at one thing. Your trust for lawyers and Govt Officials to give you the truth &/or laws about Gun Laws or anything for that matter is really laughable. Most of these people have NO CLUE. I offered you the exact subjects to find the GA STATE GUN LAWS, and I will guarantee you 99% of the lawyers and 100% of the Govt Officals would not have a clue what you are talking about if you were to ask them about any of the info I provided to you. I continuously educate LEO's all the time about their lack of knowledge of gun rights and laws.

I found the link to your article on this website. It has links to every states gun laws if you are so inclined to do some research and not just take my word. The link to your article was in the forums section. The Gun laws you can find in the links section. The site is www.georgiapacking .org .

I am also a member of the GeorgiaCarry.Org organization who fights for state gun rights for GA citizens. You can visit that website for a wealth of information, if you are so inclined to actually research before writing articles with bogus information. Thanks.

May 27, 2011 at 8:17 a.m.
CAPTDASH said...

Here is the email response I got from the author: Danny,

Thank you for your criticism. I welcome any and all help to bettering myself as a reporter. While I should have talked with some attorneys and state officials who know there state laws, I would like to point out that every local official I spoke with told me the same thing. To me this was a learning experience not to just take local police and probate judges word on the laws. I will do a better job researching the law, and we did run a correction in the paper.

Once again thank you for reading, Joy Lukachick

May 27, 2011 at 8:13 a.m.
CAPTDASH said...

WHAT, with ALL of the Violent Crime in Chat, cops waste time on a Poker Game. I am glad I stayed home tonight instead of going to play at my weekly game that I have been playing at since i was about 15. I am now 41.

Why don't cops go lock up all of the bankers and oil companies for robbing us blind. that maes as much sense as messing with a Poker game. The judge should have dismissed the case to prove a point that there are higher priorities for the cops than a poker game.

May 27, 2011 at 12:15 a.m.
CAPTDASH said...

So is this one of the fine upstanding criminals who committed these crimes in a Target Rich environment, aka Gun FREE ZONE ? Surely he would not take a weapon onto school property in clear violation of the BS Gun Free School Zone. Nevermind the other crimes he committed, as long as he didn't have a weapon, he should consider running for office. He would fit right in with the other liberal perverts infecting our society.

May 27, 2011 at 12:09 a.m.
CAPTDASH said...

I see the FBI crime reports are out and across the country crime has dramatically dropped except Philly, New York, and San Antonio. All the criminologist cannot figure out why according to the CNN report. Nobody is willing to admit that OBAMA is the BEST Gun Salesman this country has ever known and in the 2+ years of his presidency, 10's of thousands of weapons have been sold to LAW ABIDING citizens willing to protect themselves and not count on NANNY GUBMENT to do so. Criminals are cowards and when they encounter a citizen with a gun, they tuck tail and run, if they are able to. Legal Gun Ownership is clearly the reason for lower crimes rates across the board, but nobody in the Gubment will admit it. They will not admit the highly restrictive gun laws in Philly, NY, and San Antonio are the reasons that all violent crimes are drastically up in these cities. It is so simple, yet Liberals are NOT willing to admit when they are wrong. What a shame.

Please read my first posts from the GA Gun Law Article from the 17th I think it was. Joy LUKYCHICK emailed me and told me the paper has published some corrections to her faulty reporting, but I don't see a corrected article anywhere.

May 26, 2011 at 9:50 p.m.
CAPTDASH said...

Ms. Burris says OCn draws attention. She is right. When I enter the local malls or Walmart, the thugs "walking around with their pants on the ground" pull up their pants and depart the area. If criminals leave the public to their shopping, then what is wrong with that? Would you rather count on some fat mall ninja who is down in the food court stuffing his face to protect you? COPS,aka Mall Security are ALWAYS minutes away when seconds count.

SGT MEEKS is another idiot cop who thinks his authorite is the best way to serve and protect when LEO's like him are too ignorant to see the fallacy in their logic.OCn probably does more to deter crime than any other form of crime prevention in this country.


May 26, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.
CAPTDASH said...

Hmm so much bad information here from both sides. Let's first clear this up. GA does not have any form of a concealed carry license for firearms. We simply have a GWL (GA Weapons License). I am ashamed of those of you who are pro-gun and do not even know what kind of license you have. Ga does not require any training because the Constitution doesn't require it. Hopefully at some point we will have Constitutional Carry in this state and country.

Chet you idiotic Liberals continue to lie and misrepresent the truth about guns much like the uneducated author of this article. I would expect better of a LSU grad. I challenge you, provided you are willing to give up your Memorial Day weekend, to find one instance where a LAW-Abiding Gun Owner has been convicted of malicious crimes you continuously spout off about. You bring up the school shootings. These were CRIMINALS who happen to love your LIBERAL, ANTI-GUN STANCE. You see if these people who are smart enough to go to college are too stupid to responsibly carry a weapon for self preservation, then something is wrong with the logic of education in the first place. I bet you are willing to say that a 17 year old is too young to own a weapon, but we have teenagers carrying M4 rifles in Iraq & Afghanistan right now protecting what little freedoms you liberals allow us to have.

It is a shame that the Probate Judge mentioned in this article is TOO Stupid and obviously too Liberal to know the law. CHURCH CARRY in GA is expressly ILLEGAL. It is not up for a vote at the local BAptist Church. On the other hand, I bet if Muslims wanted to carry in their Mosques, you Liberals would bend over backwards to accommadate them. What idiots you people are. There is no right and left in our country. There is ONLY Right & Wrong, and you Libs are obviously on the WRONG side. You are the ones who contribute to the declination of this country.

In AZ yesterday, a LIBERAL JUDGE found Loughner,(the AZ SHOOTER) INCOMPETENT to stand trial. How assinine is that? Yet you Libs wat to blame LAw Abiding Citizens for LEGALLY carrying their weapons as the source for such crimes. Tis,Tis

The article says people get freaked out when observing a person Open Carrying a weapon. It should say that SHEEPLE get freaked out at a person exercising their 2nd A Right. Liberals don't mind jumping up and down to Protect the 1st A. Why is the 2nd A singled out as not worthy? RAYES, a LAfayette LEO says he wishes he was wearing his. Why? Is he somehow not able to exert his AUTHRITE on a law abiding citizen without his weapon? Now who is on a power trip? Is it LEO's who frequently bust in innocent people's doors in the middle of the night, or law abiding citizens? Is it LEO's who frequently kill people's dogs in their yard, or Law Abiding citizens? I think the answers are obvious.

May 26, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.

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