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It’s obvious the fence has not been completed, in fact that the 2006 Secure Fence Act was never intended to be a reality; two fences or even free, to halt this illegal immigration invasion. Learn more about the new bill to be introduced in Congress. A list of co-sponsors for the Nuclear Priority Act that would end chain migration and the CLEAR Act, that would require cooperation between local law enforcement agents and federal agents in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Learn more about illegal immigration costs and how it affects you at NumbersUSA. The tea Party is empowered to enforce the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control bill. Severe penalties for businesses that hire foreign nationals is just one of the laws not enforced.

Rep. Bilbray (R-CA) has also co-sponsored the SAFE for America Act that would end the visa lottery, the E-LAW Act that mandates E-Verify nationwide, and the Birthright Citizenship Act that would end the practice of granting automatic citizenship to all children born in the United States.

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April 16, 2011 at 5:22 p.m.
Casca said...

Bishop exploded in the face of one land management person, saying that federal lands along the U.S. border are a “haven of criminal activity” and environmental laws meant to protect the lands are actually allowing illegal aliens to destroy them. Bishop had previously stated, “I have seen firsthand the damage that has been done to our federal lands from trash, foot traffic and man-made fires,” On the Internet are photo’s of mounds of trash in public lands, left by the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens throughout these regions. Today, because agents have to require a permit to gain permission on these lands, there are numerous roads signs prohibiting Americans from entering these areas. It’s almost incomprehensible that Americans cannot enter their own homeland, because of the infestation of criminals or even terrorist.

In the TV broadcast the US Border Patrol supervisor found himself, being confronted from all sides specifically from Republicans? A senior retired Border Patrol official stated in his report that his men were harassed by the higher-ups, if they spoke out about the activities along the border. They were afraid of losing their jobs if the real situation was disclosed. The information he read to the House Republicans and Democrats, led by Rep. Rob Bishop was horrifying. Assuming any individual has been to the border region it is unlikely you have any conception that the US border Patrol, must endure from trying to enter federal lands, Because of the need for permits. As Mr. Chilton expressed the US border agents have to wait for permission, to any enforcement owing to environmental or endanger species Act. In other words assortment of Department of the Interior, Forest and public lands can hold up for month’s access to Wilderness areas.

One incident happened where the border Patrol had to wait four months, so they could place surveillance equipment in the Tucson sector. This particular land manager stated that a ocelot herds, was endangered because of the certain areas patrolling some canyon area, and Rep. Bishop yelled at her saying there had not been any sign of those creatures for over ten years. ” Bishop said in reintroducing the bill he proposed last session. “Providing Border Patrol with the necessary access to deter and apprehend those who cross through our federal lands illegally would deliver the greatest benefit to both national security and the long-term health of our federal lands.” Bishop said in reintroducing the bill he proposed last session. “Providing Border Patrol with the necessary access to deter and apprehend those who cross through our federal lands illegally would deliver the greatest benefit to both national security and the long-term health of our federal lands.” One Republican shouted that the American people were in danger, because of a plant or fish, designated as an endangered species.

April 16, 2011 at 5:21 p.m.
Casca said...

Listening to the intensity of the arguments going on, between a Border Patrol supervisor, a public lands official and one other spokesman, recognizing that the Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was hiding the real truth and her slimy excuse that the border was more secure? The National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act (H.R. 1505); a Potential law. According to Bishop, "This legislation takes the obligatory and responsible steps to address the deplorable restrictions that prevent Border Security agents from doing their jobs. Allowing public land managers and preventive environmental policies, not Border Security experts, that are dictating how we secure our nation’s borders to keep our country defended.

It contradicts our enforcement and as a result, has jeopardized the safety and security of all Americans." But it wasn't the finger pointing by the Congressman, but the witnesses who appeared next. The main spotlight fell on a Stetson headed elderly rancher whose name was Jim Chilton, Jr, who owned the Chilton Ranch for 5 generations in Arivaca, Arizona. He addressed the committee in his Testimony that he had drafted, with the assistance of Robert Krantz wife, murdered on his ranch back in 2010. Mr. Chilton, a fifth generation rancher read from his drafted memo, that his home had been burglarized twice, that his neighbors lived in fear as the areas where overrun by druggers, as he called them.

He stated that he carried two guns when he left his ranch, a rifle and a handgun as the mules (backpacking illegal aliens) carried AK 47 Russian made fully automatic weapon. His major concern that certainly identified the serious of the issue, that the US agents could in many location not actually patrol the border fence, owing to the wilderness laws governed by land managers. The rancher said his land is the border and that the only way you know it exists, is a line of leaning posts, with 5 strands of old wire. Border patrol agents were unable to cross into sensitive wilderness areas, build and maintain roads, construct fences and patrol the areas with vehicles without fear of breaking environmental laws.

April 16, 2011 at 5:21 p.m.
Casca said...


Having State legislators in Arizona, Georgia, Florida and other caring States, actually worry about Americans without jobs? Yet businesses still cold-shoulder immigration laws and keep hiring aliens. The paramount issue is still the porous border and some cases, still open ranges. While the indifferent federal governments have completely failed the citizens and residents for thirty years, the illegal immigration population has reached over 20 million plus and with no ending. Our school system is a mess, the health care emergency rooms overrun and billions of dollars being drained from the State and Federal treasuries, to pacify the open border overwrought activists like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat. It’ s astounding to me and millions of Tea Party activist that what is what chance do we have of dealing with the interior enforcement, when uncountable numbers keep pouring through our unrestricted border. We continuously fight amongst ourselves with the Liberal extremists amongst us, want world government and a completely wide open national border? There expectancy is legal entrance of every poverty-stricken person, the sick and the old, the criminals can arrive here to live of the taxpaying public until our population growth is irreversible?

Illegal Immigration has become a tightening garrote on American society and although the politicians try as they might to hide its severe financial impact, it’s not going away. Yesterday was an eye opener on this nemesis called the Southwest border, which remains uncompleted, underfunded, and does not in any way stop the influx of dangerous drug cartels or people smugglers. The program on C-Span 1 was relating to a broadcast about the US Border Patrol operations on Federal land.

April 16, 2011 at 5:20 p.m.
Casca said...

Eric Holder inquisitor to President Obama has filed a federal lawsuit, to immobilize Arizona laws that would have promoted in cleaning out drug dealers, skin slavers and illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands. Americans must stop the rampage and carnage in this border state, that has suddenly been illuminated by the Arizona policing law SB 1070. Governor Brewer has the majority of Americans on her side, whereas the Liberal progressives are trying to turn Arizona into a cesspool just like the Sanctuary State of California. So the resonating question is, if Arizona's law is unconstitutional, then how come they have not sent ICE and federal Marshals with a writ to crush the policies implemented in San Francisco and California as Sanctuary Cities? If this is not a brazen violation of Federal immigration law, then what is? Doesn't it say that aiding and abetting illegal aliens imposes heavy fines and imprisonment? Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

These cities are not the only violators of this "Rule of Law" So how come the federal government is not putting in handcuffs, Mayor Gavin Newson and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other Mayors and Governors across the country? I guess when you have a big pile of Liberal extremist running the show, this law is quite computable with their ideology to run the US into the ground. It should be remembered that the administrations opened up this can of worms, that they should have left well alone? In November and any upcoming election the Tea Party and a giant slice of moderate conservatives, independents and even a few Democrats-Republicans, will be actively engaged in throwing out pro-amnesty politicians. Remember that those politicians in Washington and state level, along with Governors, Mayors and officials must be driven out of office, beginning with pro-amnesty Sen.Reid in the November primary election. Many other states are contemplating another policing law like Arizona's, which will put a huge burden on pro-amnesty, anti-American, Anti-sovereignty open border entities who have sold their political votes to business consortium's and special interest lobbyists.

July 12, 2010 at 7:58 p.m.
Casca said...


A KEY CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE WILL HAVE HEARING WEDNESDAY ON THE 'ETHICAL IMPERATIVE' TO PASS AN AMNESTY. 25 million Americans who want a full-time job cannot find one. But the leaders of the House immigration subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee is bringing in some big name preachers Wednesday to talk about the ethical need to give permanent work permits to 7-8 million illegal alien workers while refusing to open up the jobs for millions of unemployed Americans. These congressional leaders' misuse of religion to justify their greedy desire for cheap new labor and cheap new voters cries out for an immediate response. , START CALLING AGAIN FIRST THING ON TUESDAY MORNING.

It is so important that these callous Members of Congress know how repulsive their anti-U.S.-worker actions are to the electorate.

Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand their support of the state of Arizona or see the door in coming elections. Get all the answers not lies at NumbersUSA.

July 12, 2010 at 7:57 p.m.
Casca said...

It is Time to clean house in November and any primaries elections forthcoming? The illegal immigration ultimatum began when Scott Brown crushed Democrat, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. This is warning to Liberal-Communist Democratic-Republican thinkers, who believe we should let the rest of the world into America, without penalty. The Grand Canyon state has been under incredulous hardship as being the first step by illegal aliens and criminals, before they branch out into every corner of the United States. California cities as many--Sanctuary Cities--throughout America are equally to blame for subsidizing illegal alien families. Arizona's lawmakers under the direction of State Sen. Russell Pierce finally had no choice, but to try and impose immigration policies, because the federal government has been reined back by powerful influences given campaign dollars, favors from corporate bankers. Then outside the business community, is the dark side of large radical groups, led by the La Raza entity. The ACLU has background of being pro-Communist and will sue any small poor community as a backlash of any laws that severs local government in stopping the occupation of illegal foreigners into our sovereign nation.

July 7, 2010 at 6:10 p.m.
Casca said...

No state has remained untouched in supporting monetarily illegal aliens and families. According to FAIR, (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Illegal Immigration expenditures have reached $113 Billion annually as a Drain on U.S. Taxpayers. With a very large plus of $60 billion dollars earned by illegal aliens in the U.S. each year. This being Mexico's largest revenue streams (after exports and oil sales) consists of money sent home by legal immigrants and illegal aliens working in America.

With Americas rising jobless rate and Americas13 trillion dollar deficit, it is our duty to look after our poor citizens-residents first. We should not be welcoming another million a year into the workforce, unless they have credentials of the highest caliber. The Agrarian business owner must be held accountable, for every guest worker in his pay. He must be put on notice that he is responsible for health care and other services—NOT TAXPAYERS! A labor permit allows the foreign national to be employed with rigid instructions, that there is no path to citizenship or--AMNESTY. If they desert their position picking crops, they must be deported. AMERICAN TAXPAYERS HAVE BECOME THE PAYEE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS.

The Tea party, moderate conservatives, independents and even more empathetic Democrats have seen their rights given to them by their forefathers being eroded by the portentous shadow of Liberal progressives. The governing majority with Sen. Reid (D-NV) demanding Amnesty for the 20 to 30 million aliens in our country must join a long list of other corrupt legislators. The tide has finally turned and the border must be sealed, against overpopulation. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) will be ejected first, as he has carried out his power to weaken E-Verify, federal local detainment law 287(g. On a state level many Democratic Senators and representatives will be joining Reid in the American workers jobless line. City governors such as mayors should join the party as well.

Closely scrutinize any new lawmaker relating to their ticket on illegal immigration. The power of our vote can deny them access to Washington or State government. Demand they follow the "Rule of Law" People who comment should stand up to the plate and bombard their federal lawmakers at 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA has an immigration grading system showing who should not be reelected in primaries or November. Facts, figures and other statistics at Immigration Counters.

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July 7, 2010 at 6:10 p.m.
Casca said...


1)Why is it so difficult to follow the original fence plan, that was drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) who co-authored the 2006 Secure Fence Act, ? Under his leadership, nearly sixty miles of fencing along the border in San Diego County has been constructed. As Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Duncan Hunter had proposed building two parallel steel and wire fences running from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast. Hunter called for building a reinforced, two-layer 15' fence, separated by a 100-yard gap, (NO-MANS-LAND) along the entire length of the US border with Mexico, which patrols could easily navigate to apprehend narcotics smugglers and illegal aliens. It was to include additional physical barriers, powerful lighting and sensors to detect illegal border crossers. But what happened the initial fence plan was undermined for a single layer fence, with concrete buttresses to stop vehicles with many virtual methods that malfunctioned.

The Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill would specifically eliminate the mandate of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, even though Hunters fence was extremely successful. Up to 2009 a--TRILLION DOLLARS is been appropriated to fight the Iraq and Afghanistan war, but as always American taxpayers have been--SHORT CHANGED--when it comes to the fence between the US and Mexico. MILITARIZE THE BORDER NOW WITH WELL ARMED TROOPS? Congress appropriated billions for Israels border fence, but the American people who paid for its construction--get nothing but a fence that incredulously built poorly, underfunded and is far from finished.

2) Prior Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said a barrier running the length of a border would "COST" too much. A 2,000 mile state-of-the-art border fence has been estimated to cost between four and eight billion dollars. The expenditures for a single fence that would run the full length of the border would be as low as $851 million for a standard 10-foot prison chain link fence topped with razor wire. For another $362 million, the fence could carry electrified nodes, but was never implemented. Initially it was estimated that Representative Hunters San Diego fence would cost $14 million -- about $1 million a mile. The first 11 miles of the fence would eventually cost $42 million -- $3.8 million per mile. Since the inception of the national border fence across the USA, millions of dollars have been wasted on the Boeing manufacturers malfunctioning equipment.

May 3, 2010 at 12:18 a.m.
Casca said...


By one estimate each year between 400,000 and 1 million illegal immigrants try to slip across the rivers and deserts on the 2,000-mile (3,200-km) US-Mexico border. In 2005 over 1.2 million foreign nationals were apprehended by the Border Patrol. By one estimate the Border Patrol catches 1 out of every 10 illegal border crossers, but the officials prefer to remain silent on the subject in discussing the problem. Tuscon unofficial Border Patrol statistics are that only 1 in 10 illegal aliens are apprehended and arrested. By another estimate over 155,000 non-Mexican individuals were apprehended trying to enter the United States along the Southwest border in fiscal year 2005. The figure of illegal aliens is now between 20 and 30 million. Learn more about illegal immigration and the massive costs to you if AMNESTY passes. There should be no restraints on funding any of these measures when it comes to the American people's protection, for jobs, taxes, infrastructure, ecosystem, population growth and more. To learn more go to NumbersUSA website

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May 3, 2010 at 12:16 a.m.

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