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Chanclen said...

Doc I don't agree with a few of the things you've said or even how you interpreted some of my comments but that's neither here nor there.

As stated previously I'm not here to argue. I was speaking/asking Tracey in a general sense. I've since made peace with this situation and how whomever may feel is strictly their own. I have no ill-will towards anyone however somethings you will carry with you forever. I have and will continue to support him that doesn't make me agreeable with the circumstance.

We are all adults and can handle the situation as we choose to be appropriate.

February 2, 2010 at 5:59 p.m.
Chanclen said...

I say it is not murder because murder is predetermined, with intent to kill or done deliberately to harm. Not that it's any better, but this is a case of (vehicular) manslaughter, because it was unintentional. Intoxication is impairment and you're not thinking, you're endangering yourself as well as others. However I would never disrespect Alison for clarification of a correct legal term.

I do agree it was preventable nor will I call you names. You are grieving and in your own time, you will heal. I have unfortunately somewhat been on that side as well. Nothing will bring them back though. Even with jail time I don't feel that addresses the real problem.

However we're all different: we grieve different, we think different, we feel different. We all are our own and we all have to answer to whomever we consider the higher power in our lives.

My continued prayers and condolences are with both families, our lives have changed and will never be the same. I pray we all are uplifted in this new year.

January 26, 2010 at 1:10 a.m.
Chanclen said...

Tracey I mean no offense and I'm not here to argue with you or anyone for that matter.

I love Keenan, he is my family, I have known him all my life & we've always been close. I do not justify his actions nor condone to the behavior. I personally also have a good understanding of both sides of this situation. With a year passing I still pray for the Tallon family and friends and the healing of their hearts for their loss.

Unexpected death hits hard no matter the age or the cause. In situations that someone else is responsible for that death, I do agree they should should take responsibilty.

I am curious though, you say that his sentencing wasn't long enough, which is why I believe Doc implied that you still have hatred/ill will in your heart and prays for you, but I could be wrong.

At 26, which is fairly young, what do you believe can be gained from being in jail longer than 5 years from an alcohol/driving-related charge? I know off-hand my 1st thought would be so they'd never do again but I guess I just don't have the understanding of what jail time is suppose to achieve in such situations. However I would think the same thing for vehicular homicide even without alcohol. I honestly mean no offense. I agree the justice system is twisted but when you have someone who is intentionally seeking to murder people, with people who didn't, with people who are sex offenders, with people who are drug dealers/users, and those that are thiefs in the same place how is anything dealing with the persons problem ever solved?

I pray to God that neither family has to go through this situation again but besides self-convictions how is it really addressing the problem? We pay tax dollars to keep people (in general) in jail but what does jail really do? Is going to jail the closest to peace of mind that can be attained to justify convictions? (also general)

November 1, 2009 at 4:06 a.m.
Chanclen said...


Nobody said that Keenan was right or that he shouldn't serve his time. Nobody said that we haven't recently buried bodies ourself either. I only made the comment on his mother's drive because he spoke on how far a drive he had to make and yes that is a burden for his mother, what if it was your child in the situation? I never asked you to feel sorry for her as I'm sure paolo wasn't asking any one to feel sorry for him. By law until convicted he doesn't have to be in jail so yes 2 weeks is long. You're RIGHT to each their own and our own is with God and scripture. You can speak all the nastiness you want but God can fix ANY and EVERYthing-prayer changes lives! Your ill speaking and negativity won't change the situation either. Both families are suffering just because Keenan lived doesn't mean its easy for us to deal with knowing what he's done and what is yet to come!!It's contradictory for you to say we all come from families with problems so deal with it, life goes on, do right by yourself and others cause isn't this a problem that you are dealing with and are being very rude to others? My comment was directed to someone that expressed we didn't understand the situation when in reality you don't know that I never said it was a problem!

I'm praying that God blesses you and open's your eyes to see this is so much bigger than what you perceive!

November 3, 2008 at 7:34 p.m.
Chanclen said...

I quote the Bible ALL THE TIME cause that is the Word I live by and no disrespect to you or the quote but the Word of man NEVER supercedes that of God, ONLY He will have the last word and the final judgement. God knows his heart despite his actions. As I said I don't know the God you serve or if you do at all but the one we serve already knows the outcome and that this would happen long before we did. Although none of us understand His hand (why this happened) we must trust His will (that there is a bigger purpose).

November 3, 2008 at 6:11 p.m.
Chanclen said...

To paolo

My deepest sympathy is with you, Allison, and the rest of the Tallon family. I have never said different or condoned to the behavior or this incident.

Just as you drove to get Allsion safely home. Keenan's mother had to drive to get her only child out another state, out of jail (after almost 2 weeks) bring him back to the state he lives in and then drive back to home (25+ hrs) I can't even imagine how she's feeling or the doubt that maybe somewhere as a parent she failed when in actuality it has nothing to do with her.

However as a correction I am Keenan's FAMILY as I've stated multiple times no one knows exactly what our family has dealt with so to make assumptions otherwise I feel is inappropriate. I don't mean this in a disrespectful manner nor to you personally but alot of people have stated their direct relation to the persons, just because of your title (uncle, cousin, in-laws etc.) does not make you close in heart. A relationship is built amongst the people not where you fall on the family tree.

I can't speak for anyone else and although it is of no concern to this matter I understand this situation all to well which is why I comment and it saddeneds me GREATLY because myself and Keenan had just spoke about such situations because of things that are happening around us not long before this incident. Again only speaking for myself Keenan was out of state and regardless we live in seperate states which is why I did not stop him or go get him.

As far as the Georgia police they should have not informed you of anything that is a breach of confidentiality on an open case! Either way the legal drinking limit is .08. So did you mean he blew a .146? Also how would he know what Keenan ate and why would he be telling it to anyone that is not directly invloved in the case, another breach. As for as your theory as to how many drinks he had that is not true. Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is based on body weight, height, proof of alcohol, and then the food content in your stomach. BAC rate different for everyone! Also your BAC does not equal your tolerance. That one glass of wine or beer depending on your stature could put you over the limit yet you don't feel anything. I'm NOT justifying Keenan's actions I'm just giving the corrections on the "facts."

Also since information was breached if he was impaired as indicated do you really believe that he was "driving away" intentionally? Impaired as you said is just that so I believe that is a technicality!

November 3, 2008 at 6:10 p.m.
Chanclen said...

To tracey and pc8635!

What people don't understand is that although Keenan has bonded out and is alive "walking the streets" that doesn't make him alright! Living through the situation knowing that because of his actions he's caused the demise of a honorable person who is leaving a family behind and a wife who lived through it all is much more determential than death or jail but that's more than any of you would understand. IS SO EASY for people to judge and critize what they would and wouldn't do, say, or feel til they are in the situation themselves. If it was one of your family members (child, sibling, uncle, aunt, parents, etc.)who made bad judgement and were facing misdemeanor and felony charges especially at such a young age, would you then say the same??? Don't dare say it could never be cause anything is possible and the people you think aren't doing such are statistically proven the main ones who are. Keenan is an engineer for a prestigious company, has a great work ethnic and is a hard worker who did not fully evaluate a situation before he acted. It's so contradictory of you to say we can't understand cause YOU HAVE NO IDEA what our family has been through in the past or what we're going through now. You know nothing of our family only what this article has told you about. You say you're not perfect so in my opinion that should mean you know the 1st time you go through something or make a mistake doesn't mean it's impossible to happen again. YES you should learn from your mistakes but as I stated earlier sometimes with any "issue" a person is dealing with doesn't realize it's effecting them which is sad but true. That was as you said when he was younger, in your "college years" most people look back and regret many decisions.

I AM in greatest symapathy with the Tallon family and in my deepest sorrow wish this wasn't the situation. But being that is it, not forgiving Keenan will not take you pain away, hoping that he dies or suffers will not bring Mr. Tallon back, ill wishing things towards and about him will not make things better. Yes Keenan will/should have to take responsibility for his actions and face whatever charges, convictions, penalties, fines, etc. But as the God-fearing family that we are we know in order to be forgiven for your own sins, whatever that may be, you must first learn to forgive yourself and love your enemies(cause that is what most of you make him) as you love yourself. In that same measure will the Lord show to you! Even when you don't understand His plan God is greater than ANY circumstance and He is working it out!

November 2, 2008 at 3:42 p.m.
Chanclen said...

I by no means condone or justify Keenan's actions but I do unfortunately understand. Even though it may seem like "common sense" you don't always know when you've had too much to drink or may not even feel the effects of the alcohol in your system. Which is why if you'd have anything at all your keys/car shouldn't be an option. But as with many choices we make as young adults we don't fully think them through before acting them. Even though Keenan is alive there is still death in him that can't be seen by the eye. Yes he was given a 2nd chance and years later after college graduation, relocation out of state and an excellent job in engineering his past has come to haunt him again worse than before. No amount of "I'm sorry's" or remorse will bring Mr. Tallon back and I know Keenan accept's responsibilites for his actions but I pray that he stays uplifted and the next article published is not that we are burying him. One life can never be replaced by taking another whether by "the system" or the person themself. Nor will a life in jail at only 25 "make things right or better." it won't take the pain away... Whomever insuiated the comments on Keenan's father don't speak on what you don't fully know nor was it your place to even speak on it.

I'm searching my soul that this tragic situation is used to reach out to others and hopefully open the eyes of our young people of how serious a "night out" can turn and this prayerfully change lives. I personally know its not easy but it is possible. Without support of the community, no matter what side of the situation you're on, things will never change. Keenan is a God-fearing, family-oriented college graduate who became an engineer who may have needed help but when everyone is so quick to judge and critize you because of your lifetyle in a negative manner it makes it 10x harder even as adults to seek help/change.

My family as well as the Tallon's are in my prayers. I know God will see us through even when we don't understand or see how He already has it worked out.

October 31, 2008 at 5:44 a.m.
Chanclen said...

I know it would be in my best interest not to comment at all not only as a family member of Keenan which we are close, but for reasons that are not appropriate for everyone's viewing. After reading almost all the posts there are children who are reading as young as 11 and commenting. Whatever we say, from either family is what they are taking in and we are setting the example.

We grew up as God-fearing Christians however we all are still individuals and make personal decisions. One thing I have learned is you can never say never. You hope and pray that it's never you, your children, siblings, cousins, etc. on either side of the situation but realistically it's possible. Being that you don't know us or Keenan you don't know what our family has been through or that we haven't been on the other side or the other adversaties we are currently facing. The God we serve makes NO mistakes even when we don't understand His hand we must trust His will. NO SIN is greater than any other: fornicators, idolators, adulterers, greedy, homosexuals, drunkards, murderers, thieves, nor slanderers will not inherit the kingdom! He is a forgiving God that believes in chances that serves no number but WHATEVER is in His plan. Although by his family and friends Mr. Tallon will be more than missed God saw fit to bring him home.

I AM NOT trying to take away from the grief and uttermost despair Mr. Tallon's family and friends are feeling. We understand mourning as recently as a few weeks before this when we laid to rest 3 and 4 yr old brothers. My deepest and sincerest sympathy is with Mrs. Tallon although physically wounded and emotionally scarred God saw fit to keep her here. The comment was made several times that she vividly remembers the incident. Even though now she may not understand why, there IS a greater purpose. What that is I don't know but maybe her story can be an inspiration and testimony to someone else.

October 31, 2008 at 5:43 a.m.

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