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Even if no human was ever injured by a pit bull, pit bull fighting abilities and instincts help no one. One problem with the pit bull breed was that it was intentionally bred to not give warning before attacking. One minute the dog might be fine, calm; the next the dog could be in 100% fight/bite/maiming mood. How can you safely temperament test a dog breed like that? You cannot. This is hard for those who love and live with pit bulls to comprehend. The woman who raised the chimp in Connecticut could not image her Travis biting the face from off her neighbor Charla Nash either, but it quickly, tragically happened one day. Pit bulls are the dog of choice for dog fighters for a reason. The surprise attack method helps win dog fights. Their instinct to not quit fighting, even when the other dog is down and submits is part of that too. Most normal dogs will stop fighting when one quits. Many dogs will stop fighting before significant injuries occur, especially when dogs of the same size are involved. Not pit bulls. Never let your pit bull off leash, ever, for your pit bull's sake. He cannot help himself, any more than a beagle can help himself when he smells a rabbit. His instinct is to bark and sniff. He is not vicious when his instinct kicks in. The pit bull is not angry or vicious when his instinct to bite, tug, chew, crush kicks in either. But he can maim and kill without being angry or vicious. These behaviors feel "good" and "right" to a pit bull, because it is instinct.

Every pit bull website states that, even with early socialization, unpredictable dog aggression may occur in pit bulls. That's why they recommend that pits never go to dog parks. Unless you plan to fight dogs and hope that dog fighting will against be legal someday, these fighting skills and instincts help no one. Free, mandatory spay/neuter/microchipping for all pit bulls and all dog aggressive dogs. Let the experts at maiming and dog killing become extinct.

August 5, 2011 at 10:58 a.m.
DebbieBell said...

What great news!

Everyone wins when more dogs are spayed/neutered. This reduces dogs' tendencies to roam, and of course there are no puppies to protect. Empirical evidence is that most attacks are the "work" of intact dogs.

Every pit website says that dog aggression is a common breed trait/instinct. Why would any person, who cares about dog welfare, want dog aggresion to continue being bred into our dogs?

July 18, 2011 at 11:41 p.m.

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