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Self Destruction In Ignorance

There seems to be a very simple reason for any human being to want to know where he came from. Where John came from also reveals his roots, his home and family.

Freedom, Truth and John knew that the historical record of Blacks in America, the advent of slavery and economics and race impacted upon the entire world.

Thus Western Civilization flourished, prospered and became rich due to the economic system produced by the enslavement of people from “The Land of the Blacks.”

Logically then an understanding of many of these factors allows one to grapple with comprehending the aftermath of the slave system. The fight for citizenship, the vote and basic freedoms as human beings all resulted,

From the economics of race. Thus we bear witness to the fact that the history of America with Blacks as the centerpiece has also rendered an on-going time of no education and mis-education.

But mis-education has reached another dreadful level whereby the victims become genocidal and reject information and knowledge that will set them free. Meanwhile some civil rights activists thrive within the Straw Boss realm of Black leadership.

The sordid, dirty and soiled essence of the Straw Boss cast its evil mark in the precedents established by Booker T. Washington. Organizations that do much for rights that are civil remain in control of all things social as economics that started this whole,

Thing are only of prominent concern for the White and Jewish liberals. Old folk tricked should know better but in the youth is where we have the greatest tragedy. Apathy has slipped in like vultures the scavengers that descend upon the dead carcasses of road/man kill.

Apathy thus breeds ignorance as the don’t give a damn attitude causes a master lock on stupid. But in the midst some of our youth really want to know. Some also confess that we know we have been told lie after lie.

So much so that Apathy tells them that it is useless as so-called Black intellectuals wander and roam confused with visions of being African Americans. But what kind of community Black would allow a historic Black University to denounce Black Studies?

Is Athletics or football more important? Is playing football in “The Hole” more important than educating all students at Tennessee State University regarding the Truth of the Black Experience? Evidently not because all of the Black elite the power brokers have just went with the flow.

What do you expect? The Truth of the Black Experience exposes those that attempt to destroy Black History but we remind you it is impossible to destroy or hide Truth. Just what will 2014 bring to the Table of Truth?

Peace and Sweet Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 30 December 2013 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

December 30, 2013 at 4:15 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. I wonder what Carter G. Woodson would say about the failure of any historic Black College or University excluding Black History as a discipline of study?

I am also amazed that Tennessee State University believes that the historical record of Black people is no longer important. Are these people Black? Well are they the alleged African Americans who have made sustained attempts to destroy Black History overtime and purge Independent Free Thinkers who are not apologists for many of the rogues and scoundrels in the Black community.

Is this normal behavior? However, I have not a bowed down head but if W.E.B. DuBois or Carter G. Woodson woke up from their sleep who would be ashamed to tell them of the dreadful state of Black intellectuals disdain for their own history. This reminds me of a discourse I penned many years ago on “Blacks and Abnormal Behavior.” But before I leave this point just what is cultural genocide? Black American culture is not the same as African or European culture.

I imagine that the infamous Tennessee State University also does not observe Black American History month in February? Negro History Week became Black History month and then those that distort and exclude the essence of the true record of Black American History claimed that February is now African American History month. Should we study Black American History in the United States throughout the year? Do most Black folk realize why Blacks moved from the invention of the Negro to Black?

I wonder if the people of Africa had a month in which they observed the history of Black folk in America would they call it African American History? If so would they mean the Blacks born in America that have enslaved ancestors or the Africans that have come to America and gained citizenship?

Cont. Part III

December 30, 2013 at 4:13 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Apathy & Ignorance The Attempted Destruction of Black History (16 December 2013)

Beloved we are for certain that Black intellectuals especially the Social Scientists have a great responsibility toward the refutation of Apathy and Ignorance in the Black community. One such challenge to Black America is the growing Apathy regarding the historical record of Blacks in America.

Independent and Free Thinkers note that the academic community especially those that are historians should create an atmosphere whereby Black students will gravitate toward Black American History. We also declare that all students as all that liveth will benefit from a basic understanding of the historical impact of the people taken from Africa (west and east) and enslaved during the Slave Trade.

No doubt the economic system produced and promoted by the slave trade impacted on the entire world. Therefore the historical record of Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora is very important toward understanding the historical record of all human beings on earth.

However, those that don’t realize this clear and succinct argument should think on these things. There is very little progress in the academic environment without the sustained move from rote memory to the essence of critical thinking.

Cont. Part II

December 30, 2013 at 4:11 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Part III

The Courts had been denounced by the African Americans just like America. With so-called African Americans overloading the Dockets so much the Probate Courts or the United States Government had decided to contract out these services to a private company. So Name Change Offices had been established throughout the United States of America. For support as they descended on the poor unsuspecting workers at the Name Change Office they enlisted several Cultural Nationalists. Ake Anderson, Menusa Sam and the big head of the Cultural Nationalists, theoretician M. K. Quranga. For extra added support they twisted the arms and legs of several members of the Black elite the Black bourgeoisie who represented various Civil Rights Organizations, Churches and other moneymaking endeavors. Thus Rev. Dr. Lonnie FeelGood, Bishop Hope InGold and Mr. Clyde Gilmo joined them. However, all of the elite African Americans all shouted in unison…. “We are coming to support you but we are not going to change our names. We also do not plan to dress like Africans or talk in any of those African dialects that we really are not able to speak. We may wear a kinte cloth scarf but that is as far we are going. For the record (but don’t’ tell White people) we are African Americans only to make the White folks mad. There is no way we will ever leave or even visit Africa.” Peace and Paradise,

Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press December 7, 2013 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Cont. Part II

December 8, 2013 at 12:16 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Part II

The African Americans refused to honor this stipulation as they often brought all of their children and anybody that they had convinced that America was not their home. Many confused students also fled the line at the Name Change Office when they gave some serious thought to being born in America.

Samuel the son of John noted that he was convinced that Black people of various ethnic groups in the United States of America that have enslaved ancestors are a distinct Black race.

Monkey Do at this point insisted on bringing more clarity to the confusion caused by the Name Change people. He said….”There are often reasons why the Courts will not allow a name change. The court must find that the requested name change is consistent with the public interest. A person is not allowed to change their name in order to avoid judgments or legal actions against him or her, or to avoid debts and obligations. A person cannot change their name to defraud any person. I wonder if confused students the young and the old that debate issues about being Black in America or African in American is in the public interest?” “What.” This was the response from Monkey See. He said ….”Are you kidding? What about fraud? I believe that many of the Name Change People have sought to confuse the historical record of Black American subjects especially in the United States of America. For example so many of these people have taken over many History Departments at various Colleges and Universities and claimed they are African Studies Departments instead of Black American Studies Departments. If that is not fraud what is? Do most people that have at least a basic understanding of how the word History is defined note a clear distinction between American History that includes the Black Experience and African History? There are also reasons why a person might not be allowed to change his or her name? For an order of name change to be granted, the court must find sufficient reasons for the change and also find it consistent with the public interest. A change of name upon marriage, dissolution, or divorce meets these requirements. Well what about the Name Change People that want to be African? Can you just reject your given legal name and change it because you have a psychological problem about your ethnic origins? Is this sufficient reason for a name change? Well what about the Name Change People seeing a psychologist instead of worrying and harassing American citizens at various United States Government offices? Meanwhile the process for obtaining a name change for an adult in the State of Tennessee begins with the filing of the Petition with the Circuit, Probate, or County Court in the county in which the petitioner resides. If the Court finds good cause for the name change and it is not in conflict with the public interest, the Court will grant the request and issue the Order of Name Change.” Cont. Part III

December 8, 2013 at 12:15 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

The ParaFable Of The Misnomer Of Alleged African Americans (22 November 2013)

There have been many strange and often illogical things that have occurred as we look at the Time Line of the Black American Experience.

The Name Game is thus extended to include the Name Change People. However, some although they claim Freedom, Justice and Equality only serve to move in jest and hate espousing notions of supremacy.

One man denounced the house he lived in and left. Another man denounced some of the things in his house and stayed on confusing self and others he frowned and smiled upon.


All through the Jungle that was still the Ghetto there was much talk once more than once about the shallow and loose mindset of the African Americans. The records show that a group of African Americans their partners in crime and certain Cultural Nationalists had set fire to every Immigration Office in the United States of America.

They now declared that there are no Immigration processing offices to send us back home because we refuse to go. Meanwhile we have devised a plan of action whereby Africa is in our mind and culture is interchangeable. You just have to be persistent in denouncing what you don’t like about America.

Therefore in the on-going quest to denounce everything (not everything) well only certain things about America the African Americans invaded the office where you make a legal claim to change your name. For the record Onajaye Charles, Sadat Adams and Jawbo Lewis were still upset about the problems they had experienced at the Immigration Office. Although claiming the entire continent of Africa as their homeland no one among them wanted to leave America.

But due to the confusion the African Americans caused and the scuffles and fighting among them and the Cultural boys they just snapped. They didn’t go Postal because none of the African Americans would work at the United States Postal Service however, they went misnomer and tried to destroy every Immigration Office by fire.

For the record the process for changing one’s name had been taken from the Circuit, Probate and County Court. Also the African Americans had demanded that they should not have to file the legal forms required. Mainly because there was always great confusion over their nationality. The Court had also noted that a person must have attained the age of 18 years thus one has to be an adult.

December 8, 2013 at 12:10 p.m.
FreedomJournal said...

The Ambush of Authentic Black History, Black Studies

The Afro-centricity of the Cultural Purists was/is rooted and grounded in African culture. Is this logical reasoning for the confusion among many young students that embark on the study of Black American history?

Down through 1900 and the time of Rights that are Civil an organized effort began for sought after liberty for the formerly over-worked labor force that had no record of wages. Education eventually became a part of the Freedom quest.

Black folk were not only mis-educated but under-educated as they were also unemployed and under-employed. Then came Negro History Week in 1926. By contemporary times we witnessed Black History Month throughout the month of February.

However, education for the wretched of the earth had limits. Carter G. Woodson cried out in 1933 about the Mis-Education of the Negro who was/is the Black American. Had Black History Week failed? Every day we love the Lord all days into yesterday become history.

Meanwhile the people Black with few letters still missed academic training that carried the truth of the Black American Experience. Some knew and some proved the longevity of ignorance.

By 1968 the sincere, honest and diligent Student Movement demanded the inclusion of the realities of the Black Experience as a part of College curriculums. Although courses in African History were often included the emphasis was on the Black American Experience.

The skirmish between the real radical and the upstart Cultural Nationalists resulted in a takeover of Black Studies. There was eventually a sharing of philosophies.

A common ground appeared among the Eurocentric scholars and the Cultural Purists who also share much in common with the Afrikan centered philosophies that approve of supremacy in all things Afrikan and not Black.

Meanwhile the independent thinkers were purged as no one among the imposters wanted the whole truth while trying to perform a miracle of developing, transforming African culture to Black America in a piecemeal fashion. Can Blacks also be racists? Can these same folk also sponsor an aspect of economic racism?

Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press Wednesday 6 November 2013 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

November 17, 2013 at 10:18 a.m.
FreedomJournal said...

The Siege of Black History Black Studies Passé (23 October 2013- 6 November 2013)

John said the truth about his heritage was no threat to anyone. However, the imposters shaded in a stark dark stygian hue begged to differ.

Meanwhile since John always remembered his right name, his ethnicity/race his application for employment and the American Dream could be a reality.

But those that had a great memory lapse regarding their given names, race/ethnicity and country claimed alien status on their application and were detained because Uncle Sam smiled on American citizens.

Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. The war of letters began soon after the first captured Black souls set foot in North America. His initial capture and departure from a distant shore also came with a muted mouth inflicted on these wretched souls by the kidnappers and those that paid a ransom for fresh Black bodies.

Due to an economic system that thrived on the ignorance of a bound in bondage work force, education the ability to read, write and count from 1-10 was not within the laws, customs or traditions that came to be prominent in support of forced and whip driven labor.

Education did come as an aftermath of a failed agrarian economic system which faltered at a quest to become independent. But few other human beings in the north or south wanted the once enslaved human subjects to really know how to count let alone read.

November 17, 2013 at 10:17 a.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Black Thieves In Disguise

They came once more than once as White shadows, silhouettes in the night with larceny and genocide on loose minds that hated the heart.

Some had forgotten that the intellectual community is different from the general community. But did the “Name Game” become corrupted with “African” by intellectuals or politicians, activists, ministers or someone drinking Wild Irish Rose to the excess?

Just how many investigated the claims made by the television that all Black people in America over night became African Americans or Afrikans. For the record the Afrikans had been around for some time trying to take everybody back to Africa without a boat.

John still at peace although with a bitter taste for all of this confusion said…”Civil Rights activists nor Civil Rights organizations have any authority to change the name for Black people.”

Then ‘South Georgia Pete’ and ‘Sam last name Bo’ from West Tennessee said…”Well what are you doing Freedom Journal? You seem to be doing the same thing changing our name to Black. What are you talking about all of my people are light skin. I really want to be a brown African.”

Meanwhile a child was born who could think and reason. The mother and father were both Black and had enslaved ancestors. The child looked at the skin color of his parents he looked at his skin he knew his address was College Hill Courts on the West side of Chattanooga Tennessee.

No one among hospital staff mentioned anything about Africa. Everything he saw around him made mention of the culture and environment he was born into. He knew who he was just as sure as if he was born in an Eagles nest.

Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press Thursday 31 October 2013 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

November 17, 2013 at 10:16 a.m.
FreedomJournal said...

Black Leadership: Weak, Strong, Compromised

At night and during the rise of the Sun at mid- day John dreamed as he saw the independent posture of the man Frederick Douglass. He fled from slavery in 1838.

Douglass was a Black Abolitionist as Africa knew not his name or his claim to fame. He spoke up until the time of Booker T. Washington but he stood tall while Washington fell down.

Meanwhile Booker T. joined in the leadership ranks with Douglass but had confused notions as the right way the former enslaved brethren should go. He was attracted to a compromised and sycophant view of his blackness.

Booker T. threw up and down his soiled and calloused hands at the Atlanta Exposition as he embraced Grady as the architect of the south. But soon by the time the century turned and 1900 W.E. B. DuBois emerged and soon would Marcus Garvey.

The liberal elements that took hold of Civil Rights Organizations had no desire for the economic well being of the Blacks. Thus these organizations became disturbed by liberalism that felt they had the right way for all causes Black or Negro.

More than a century ago 100 years in the making conservative and liberal agendas seemed to have well defined boundaries. Most saw liberals with a feeling of justice for the downtrodden and those experiencing the Black Holocaust or an on-going economic depression.

I remember Frederick Douglass in 1852 saying loud that the 4th of July was a holiday for White America. But now the dream that has become a reality is upon us in 2013.

The Black man, woman, boys and little girls are as much American as apple pie. Their ancestors have paid the price as they baked many pies in the big house called mansions and small houses on farms owned by someone else.

The fields that laid up great fortunes based on cotton were turned by African and then Black American hands. Blacks stood up and fell in strength in all the wars waged by America. The Black American no longer dreams of a piece of the pie. The dream is now a living reality. So is the distinct Black American personality and race.

Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 29 September 2013 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

November 17, 2013 at 10:10 a.m.

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