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GaussianInteger said...

Well, and Rhonda Thurman. I don't think April is a big fan.

August 1, 2014 at 8:25 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

April, your ilk is easy to identify. Republicans do no wrong and Democrats/Liberalism is the reason for the decline of this country. I hear it all of the time. Yet, TN, a state with a Republican Super Majority, is not prospering when compared to most "Liberal" states.

August 1, 2014 at 8:24 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

ConMan, since you first move was to attempt to "redefine" poor and now it's to post what Alprova said in the past, how about answering something that proves you are a damn liar and a Bible cherry picker?

"Matthew 16-24, one of my favorite reads in the Bible:

16 Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?”

17 “Why do you ask me about what is good?” Jesus replied. “There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, keep the commandments.”

*18 “Which ones?” he inquired. Jesus replied, “‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony,"

19 honor your father and mother, and "love your neighbor as yourself.”

20 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?”

21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.

23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.

24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

August 1, 2014 at 8:20 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

Just speaking the truth. I will never be a backer of a movement that continues to keep TN in the dark ages and many of it's citizens in poverty. While they keep the residents arguing about God, Gays, and Guns, the politicians are busy crippling the economic viability of the state and making corrupt, backroom deals. You bite into their rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.

August 1, 2014 at 3:35 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

"Chuckie is the Decosimo, Haslam, Corker side and little Wamp is his daddy's disappointed Coker, Wamp, Brock and Robin Smith side."

And watch what you say about Robin Smith. April gets easily offended. Robin once said a prayer for April during a time of crisis. Of course, that loyal April, is a big Chuck supporter.

August 1, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

"The democrats were the ruling party and put democrat judges in that position. Now the Republicans control the state. They should have their people in place."

Would it not be more beneficial for guys/gals like you and I (and April) for their to be a general election for these judges? Instead of allowing McCormick to hand pick who he wants to appoint? I mean, not all of us believe in taking TN back to the 1800's. Besides, what decisions have these judges made, that earns them that evil branding, "Liberal"? And if this passes, what's next? No "liberals" can work for the state? A law that makes being a "Democrat" illegal in TN? Where does it stop for you guys?

August 1, 2014 at 3:28 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

I love how the Congressional Republicans voted to sue Obama for "overusing Executive Orders" and then turn around, after the vote for an Immigration bill failed, said "Obama could just fix the immigration crisis with EXECUTIVE ORDER". I think the majority of these guys need a vacation to remove their head from their ass.

August 1, 2014 at 3:22 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

About as big of jokes as you and April, there Timbo.

And you're right April, Republicans have done an outstanding job here in TN. Low wages, Low education, and High unemployment; might as well let them get a hold of something else to improve. Keep drinking that red urine.

August 1, 2014 at 2:48 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

Who are you three, the Conservative Police? Two of you endorse an establishment Republican for Congress. There is nothing liberal about how these justices have ruled, unless you listen to the B.S. from AFP.

August 1, 2014 at 2:44 p.m.
GaussianInteger said...

"He wont' be revered, he's no hero, he's just an opportunist and a narcissist who hates this country."

So says Fister. But looking back, what president would you consider a "hero"?

August 1, 2014 at 2:35 p.m.

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