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GordonShumway said...

Just to follow up: Comparison between sound that's existed for almost 35 years and what Lucas did on the bluray:

September 18, 2011 at 12:42 a.m.
GordonShumway said...

"A galaxy far, far away is about to look and sound better than ever."

Abomination! This statement deserves many qualifiers. While technically superior in quality to DVD, laserdisc, and VHS releases of the past, in terms of narrative, the original trilogy has never been worse. While the clarity of the sound is no doubt impressive, the new sounds like Vader wailing "Noooooooo" or the new Krayt dragon sound (which sounds like Little Richard yelling into a toy microphone) are not the best quality in production. The digital effects that they added look obviously out of place and much of the CGI looks like the dated 90s models they are. It has been reported that the Phantom Menace suffers from DNR smoothing (presumably to remove film grain so that it kinda sorta matches the later digitally captured prequels).

And while technically better than ever, they still suffer from a great number of technical flaws in coloring and sound. The artwork provided in the set is also fairly atrocious.

As for Mr. Hickey: "If technology allows you to add more ships to a scene, or clean up degraded film, or fix production errors, I'm fine with that," he said. "It's unnecessary for my enjoyment of the films, but if that makes him [Lucas] happy, they're his movies to change."

Yes, of course, Lucas is entitled to put Jar Jar Binks into the original movies if he wants. Lucas is entitled to burn his negatives, never release another version of Star Wars, and prosecute all those who would try to preserve it (necessarily via copyright infringement). To what degree we're "fine" with what Lucas is entitled to do is always a matter of opinion.

Ultimately, they're not only Lucas's movies. The theatrical release made a huge impact on American cinema and that original version earned Oscar nominees for many involved in its making. That original version was beloved for 20 years and earned Lucas lots of money. Now that original version has been deemed obsolete by Lucas. He claims that it is destroyed, in fact.

Almost all fans could respect what Lucas is doing IF he were to release the original theatrical versions in the same high quality. It would make him more money. It would make all fans happy. If newer fans don't want to bore themselves by watching the movies as they actually existed, they won't be made to watch them. This debate is about far more than not liking Lucas's current ideas. I've actually liked a few of them myself.

The issue is the offense at his claiming to have destroyed the original movies and refusing to take any action to preserve and present his historical creation to those clamoring to buy it. But sure, if y'all have a big hi-def TV and a bluray player, don't pay much attention to coloration, smearing, and the occasional switched audio channel, don't care about Lucas's attitude about film preservation, didn't like the original movies that much anyhow, etc....go buy em today.

September 17, 2011 at 7:02 p.m.
GordonShumway said...


I see a Ruth Kerr of Greenlife used as a source and quoted. I see a Ed Jones of Nutrition World used as a source and quoted. So your dumb assertion about the article being "one sourced" is blatantly false. You didn't even read the article, did you?

As for being promotional for the guy who owns Chia Pets, there is no statement that either of these retailers carry his products. The Joseph Enterprises website lists local retailers for his products - none of which are Greenlife or Nutrition World.

Obviously the Chia pet company was part of the article because Chia pets are a fixture of popular culture. I don't know what issue you have with Mr. Pedott, but I suggest you take it up with him. Or maybe you don't realize how much of a popular icon Chia pets are, ranking up there with Bob Ross (who would make for an excellent Chia pet model, btw). That they were used for a jumping off point and a humorous observation not to eat them doesn't make it a promotional piece. It is mentioned that the company famous for leafy-headed terracotta is also selling edible seeds. Big deal. If people go shopping at Greenlife, they apparently won't find his products on the shelves. A little more reading comprehension on your part will help you resist making such inane posts in the future, as this was not "one sourced" and didn't even mention retailers of the product you claim this article was promoting.

August 18, 2011 at 12:26 p.m.
GordonShumway said...

I enjoyed the bantering format of this review. I'm not sure what review rosebud was reading but Miss Leber compared acting to dentistry and stated that the storyline and performances were not very dynamic. Mr. Courter seemed to enjoy the movie more than Miss Leber and it was good to have the competing viewpoints. They both found the movie aesthetically pleasing. Rosebud is upset because this review didn't blandly offer an exactly middling view in accordance with a voyage to rottentomatoes? I hope most readers of the TFP do expect more than that.

April 23, 2011 at 12:36 p.m.
GordonShumway said...

What an obnoxious comment from "ordinaryguy." If he had read the the blurb above, he would have seen the line: "John Wayne won an Oscar for portraying Cogburn in a 1969 adaptation." Perhaps ordinaryguy was too busy dusting his John Wayne memorabilia to read through the whole 5 lines of description.

December 9, 2010 at 5:17 p.m.
GordonShumway said...

As I read this, I cringed/winced.

And yes, to answer Gina Bever's rhetorical question, it was something she said.

This was, at best, an expose of the three biggest punchlines used in run-of-the-mill sitcoms (the canned laughter was palpable).

Of course one should call another person if they say they will! "Build Me Up Buttercup" was written by a man after all. But to think that women are so utterly insecure that failing to call is a major relationship issue is offensive to both genders. Honest advice: stop obsessing like a teenage girl every time a guy doesn't call. If there are real communication issues, a couple should work on them.

And if a girl asks if she looks fat - I can't believe any space is devoted to this topic. Seriously.

The last topic, concerning a woman's infallibility, furthers the notion that women are deeply insecure and that honest communication (beyond merely calling when one says one will) is hopeless.

Sometimes women are wrong, about things even more important than Mr.T. In comparison to the demand that men crumble in the face of female insecurity, this must be a really harsh truth. But women need to hear it just as much as men occasionally do. It is about communication. Hopefully a woman's respect for her man can outshine pride and insecurity.

In exchange for real communication and respect, I'd gladly sacrifice a thousand such jokes as were martyred here today. Men really do hate to ask for directions, but please do not make it a focus of any continuation of this column.

January 8, 2010 at 10:28 p.m.

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