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MattTheSharp said...

As usuall I disagree with everything in this article except that Mr. Cook probably was a very bad coach.

I would like to raise some questions. What is wrong with praying on the sidelines? Why should Christians gracefully accept defeat? What is wrong with Christianity? If Christians are allowed to pray on the field then so are Muslims, Jews, Wiccans or Buddhist. The fact of the matter is, if Muslims were praying on the field, or Wiccans for that matter it would be hailed as a great cultural achievement. Another glass ceiling broken. More freedom for us all. A new, brighter day.

But it's not. Its Christians and we just cant have that. But why? Why I ask? Why is it always Christians that must submit, that must compromise, that must sit down and shut up? What is so wrong with Christian values? Traditional American Christian values. What is so wrong with holding the door open for a lady? What is so wrong with abstinance before marriage? What is wrong with young men bowing together or alone, praying before the God he worhips? Anyone can do it. I am positive a Muslim would be welcome to kneel and make his prayers towards Mecca on the sidelines with everyone else. We wouldnt mind at all. Christianity is tolerance and love, despite what others may say. God said true religion is to visit the fatherless and the widows, to be kind, to love one another. Is that so bad that we must stamp it from our Culture?

Let us be honest with ourselves. Is our modern society such a utopia that we can afford to forget the old things,some of the things that made life in America so good for so long? Are words such as honesty and honor and morality so foriegn to us that we cannot remember what they mean and what they have done for us? Or do we think that these things can be attained without religion? We tolerate Islam and condemn Christianity.

Its remarkable. In Islam a women can be arranged into marriage with a man at 10 years old. A man can have sex with the body of his dead wife. It is illegal for women to attend College in most Muslim country's, also illegal for them to have drivers license or show their face in public. A man must travel to Mecca, fast during ramadan, shave his body hair, pray 5 times a day and when called upon be ready to kill or be killed for Allah. To martyr ones self while killing infidels, thats you and me by the way, is the highest honor attainable. Has anyone read the Quran and the Hadiths? You should and you will ask yourself as I do, Is Christianity really that bad? Is it really the culture to fear and despise and disrespect?

September 27, 2013 at 9:44 a.m.

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