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RBaldwin said...

LR: I did contact the landlord and my pleas for help fell on deaf ears, all he was concerned about was the rent $$. But that was covered in the David Cook article which I am beginning to believe you read, but did not comprehend. Thank you Brainerd for your articulate and insightful replies, nice to know that there are people out there with understanding and compassion and that are also willing to stand up for what is right and what is wrong in an attempt to make things better for all concerned. I sincerely hope things go well for you. And in closing a familiar saying somes to mind when thinking of Lr103's statements , "There are none so blind as those that will not see."

September 27, 2012 at 1:47 p.m.
RBaldwin said...

Lr103... The reason it was brought up is because for months I had been trying to contact someone at CHA in order to have them do something about the disruptive household. I called anyone and everyone I could think of because NO ONE would do ANYTHING to help, or even return my calls for that matter. Did you even get the point of the article? It's the failure of the system to do anything that could have possibly prevented the tragic shooting of a 13 yr old girl who is now so brain damaged that she needs 24 hour care. BTW, I DID try to approach the household at first, each neighbor did but do you know what I got in return, a death threat - when I walked over to their house at midnight on a school night to nicely ask them to pleae take the kids inside or at least quiet them down because the noise of them playing in the street was keeping me awake and I had to be up early the next morning. I was told to shut my f&%king mouth or they were going to shut it for me. How's that for neighborly and with minimum? And for the record, this was a nice, peacful neighborhood before they moved in and thankfully has returned to being so since they moved out. But Keoshia will never recover and Horisa didn't even have the decency to go check on that child when she was lying in the street after she'd just been shot. What mattered to her was getting her jailbird boyfriend into her car and driving him out of the neighborhood before the police arrived. What kind of a person does that???

September 26, 2012 at 2:42 p.m.
RBaldwin said...

Lr103... I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, however in this case you couldn't be more wrong. Perhaps in your neighborhood people single out, despise and harrass Section 8 renters, but here on Bennett Ave we have an equal mix of renter and owner/occupants. Our neighbors are hispanic, white and black. Mr. & Mrs. Talley are a mixed race couple who have been married for over 20 years. Class or bigotry never played into it. It was never a case of not wanting a Section 8 occupant, everyone has to live somewhere, but I have to give kudos to DJHBrainerd, beause that reply was right on the money. I don't like conflict by nature, but a person can only take so much and when you are loosing sleep due to the constant noise and chaos, can't step foot outside your house without being harassed or worry about leaving the house because of what may happen to it while you are gone, then something has to change. This woman and the 15+ people that lived with her lacked something we all should have, basic respect for one another. She only cared about herself and what she could get for herself. From trying to sell her food stamp benefits to the neighbors for cash to buy beer or drugs, to leaving the little kids home alone so she could go out and party with her friends, the woman lived for herself and no one else. The 8 kids were nothing but a welfare check to her and she bragged about how she wanted to have at least 2 more so she could get more money coming in. If you think she was harassed and intimidated into moving out and just needed help transitioning into the neighborhood, how about you go look her up and find her a place to live on your street. Her name is Horisa "Dee Dee" Trotter, she's always on the lookout for someone to take advantage of and I'm sure would welcome the help from someone as sympathetic to her cause as you seem to be.

September 26, 2012 at 1:52 p.m.

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