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 The truth is; No one likes the government forcing us to do things without discussion or input.  Kind of reminds one of the founding battle cry of this country, no taxation without representation.  Special Interests, such as the environmental activists, manipulate the legislative process to enable the passage of laws favoring their view with little or no balance or input from opposing viewpoints.  Some of the initiatives are good, but it is not good to alienate entire segments of the population without discussion.  Not to mention the misrepresentation that always accompanies such efforts.  Dollar costs to society for many of the "environmental" initiatives range from balanced against the benefit, to those that could bankrupt the country.  Beginning in the 1950's with requiring companies to put in necessary sulpher scrubbers to reduce smokestack emissions, through more unnecessary things like changing the formulation for Air Conditioning from a cheaper more effecient freon that was represented as destroying the ozone layer, to a much higher priced formula that is really no safer to the environment, but benefits the company who was supplying both but unfortunately who's patent for the older formula was running out, to water effecient toilets introduced in the 1980's that unfortunately would not flush, costing the housing industry billions of dollars to replace, to the current CO2 emissions being blamed for "Global Warming" which is the new "Sky is Falling" mantra for the green movement.  If the currently proposed regulations are enforced fully they will cost trillions of dollars to implement, effectively bankrupting our economy.  I remember in the 1970's there was an environmentally driven scare that there was going to be a new ice age, caused by, the exact same things that are supposedly causing global warming.  Science cannot accurately predict the weather 5 days from now, so it does not logically follow that they can accurately predict global effects of anything over time.  This is all about power and control.  Any idea will do, as long as the group attempting to use it can manipulate government and people to achieve their goal.  "Follow the money" as a way to understand the reasons behind things,  could more accurately be stated; follow the money or power.  No one likes being lied to or manipulated, and much of the anger being shown by the average voter is related to this.   Light Bulbs.  Not just light bulbs.  It is about being forced to do something whether one wants to or not.
April 20, 2011 at 11:01 a.m.

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