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TirnaNOG said...

Ike, that's just Markert's sly way of attempting to bring back racially segregation in schools. The shocking parts are the people who are actually buying into this lie.

November 20, 2013 at 10:26 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

The true worst of the worst are rarely if ever caught, and even when or if they are they're rarely held to the same standards or punished, for that matter. They're too high up the food chain and are too well connected. They have powerful friends and family in the system who will always have their backs.

All those private drug treatment centers certainly weren't built to treat some poor smidget from any inner-city hood. As one white recovering drug addict once stated: "I never met a black drug dealer. All my drug dealers were white." But America's prisons and jails continue to burst at the seams with primarily young black males. America has the highest incarceration rate of its citizens in the world, outside of only one of its staunch allies. And the citizens that country highly incarcerate are usually African migrants fleeing war torn countries in Africa. Wars supported and controlled by powerful nations. Don't be shy about it. Racism drives America's prison system. Not that some black leaders haven't played a role in it all. Especially when they beg for laws against such non-sense as saggy pants, dreadlocks. They've invited the negative scrutiny when they down their own young. Invite others with their own agenda in to solve issues they should come together and solve themselves. They often ignored and sometimes even attacked those who tried to sound the warning bells.

Stop waiting for superman. He's a fictional character. Roll up your sleeves and stop snubbing that poor black person living in public housing. Pray about it, but don't stay on your knees forever waiting for manna to fall from the sky. Lay that book down for a few seconds and get to work. Create jobs...pool your resources and put some of these young men into their own business. Then buy buy buy from them. Building new homes doesn't sustain a community or its people. Having businesses and patronizing those businesses will uplift and help a community thrive. There's far too much black wealth in America for there to be so much poverty. Create delegations to go into other countries if need be, and get foreign investors to invest in businesses in your communities. Open up shop and hire the people no one else will hire because they use the excuse the person has a criminal record. There are those who want you out of the city. They've been working on it since the 1980s. Gentrification/Gangs showed up around the same time. But no one would listen to those of us who saw recognized what was taking place. Suggesting electing the right politician doesn't fly. There is no right politician. If you mean black, then some fellow blacks have done more harm to their own as anyone. Get with it, and get serious! This is taking place all across America. And it's been taking place for the last 20 or 30+ years!

November 20, 2013 at 10:18 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

Cooley, Emmer and others like them are nothing more than thugs who cower behind their badge to commit crimes that should disgrace any noble and honorable police department. These type cops would be out getting their rocks off torturing helpless animals and committing other heinous crimes if they hadn't become cops. For anyone to believe otherwise, they couldn't possibly have any scruples or any sense of decency themselves. These are not isolated incidence. In fact, they became quite the norm under the last two prior police chiefs, who actually encouraged these types on the force.

Cops are not above the law. In fact, they are to be held to even higher standards, given the power over others they have. Police in America have become so powerful that even some judges and the courts are intimidate by them, while others can be found in cahoots with them. It was not suppose to happen that way, and America will regret allowing them so much control and power. There will come a day, and not too soon, America will have to take much of that power and control away.

November 10, 2013 at 8:38 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

OH, and why is it that in certain neighborhoods the establishments (mainly minority) where people go to unwind, have a beer or two, and Chattanooga tries to shut down. Then in an adjacent neighborhood (predominately white) people can sit out in the open and drink all the beer they want? Openly walk around guzzling their beer from their beer cans? Have all the RAVE parties they want, and police will just drive right by. But a minority will get arrested on an open container charge?

Sycamore Row

November 9, 2013 at 11:51 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

Gang violence increases. Cops crack down. Community leaders hold anti-police brutality rallies.

That's because cops don't bother to make a distinction between innocent citizens in the community and criminals.

Cops lessen presence. Crime spirals out of control. Death toll rises.

Is it possible that some rogue cops may have a hand in the above?Spreading false rumors in the community? Even committing a few of the crimes (drivebys) themselves and blaming it on the opposite side?

Same community leaders organize Stop the Violence rallies, calling for more concern about their community from city officials. Repeat cycle.

I see nothing positive law enforcement has done in these communities. The way they respond and interact in them have only served to make the communities more volatile and explosive. Keeping the people basically in their place. The citizens in these communities are held basically in bondage by law enforcement. They will never rise above their situation and progress until police change their tactics. As long as there are criminals on the force going into these communities carrying on as they please, the communities will continue to deteriorate. As long as police interactions and actions in these communities are all about them (the police) getting promotions, bonuses and raises and not about serving and protecting the people within, there will always be mistrust.

As for as drugs and drug dealing, I dont' condone it, but I can understand an individual with a criminal record of selling drugs, getting back into the business when he can't find a job in to help pay for some of the most basic necessities needed to survive and take care of his family. Hell! You have cops who've gotten caught in the drug dealing and other illegal activities trying to maintain a certain lifestyles, and they have a job at least. So imagine having a criminal record and no one will hire you, but you have a family to feed! Hell! I sent a young man to apply for a job at Amazon through a temp. service, and the temp service was very impressed with his resume, education etc., but because he had a criminal record within the last five years, even the temp service wouldn't hire him. They told him he'd have to be crime free for FIVE YEARS!! Hell/BELLS! By then you're basically forced back into the lifestyle that got you in the mess to begin with just to survive. And OH YES!! The cycle continues. Around and Around and AROUND!!

November 9, 2013 at 11:47 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

sagoyewatha, those two cops would be carr criminals too if they hadn't managed to slither their way onto the police force. At least one, Cooley, I believe, was in the news prior, and not long before he was caught on tape, accused of the same thing. The only difference in this incident was Salvation had its own cameras. Otherwise, police cameras, would have mysteriously malfunctioned.

Reminders of just how much America hasn't changed from those bygone days John Grisham recently wrote about in his book Sycamore Row. The only difference today is they no longer bring a rope, a torches to burn down the homestead and run minorities off their land. But they still acquire the powers of the local law, change ordinances, local laws, and give power to local neighborhood associations who use the law to do the dirty work of running minorities out of their homes.

Cooley and Emmer just got caught in the act. There are and have been many more. Far too many. You can't have criminal upholding the law and expect no one to notice. Now, the Cooleys and Emmers have become embolden and are venturing into areas never before intended. White America. Like the two Texas cops who publicly stripped searched and sexually assaulted two white females on the side of the road. Now such excessive powers allotted are venturing into areas not intended, people are starting to take notice. They don't want their white teen-daughters/sons and spouses stripped searched and digitally sexually assaulted during routine traffic stops. Surely, you wouldn't either.

People like Cooley and Emmer should have been brought down a few notches a long time ago. In fact, it's those types who should never have been hired in the first place.

November 9, 2013 at 11:28 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

There are no winners or losers here. This is not a game where someone lose or someone wins. Just a great sadness and disappointment in how prior chiefs ran their regiment. One that promoted cracking heads, polarizing and encouraged creating volatile situations, promoting fear and intimidation, and sending their posse out to silence anyone who attempted to complain, rather reaching out to the people and public and at least attempting to promote peace.

For reasons I won't go into on this board, I don't think I can ever fully trust police again. However, I do believe Chief Dodd is one of the good guys. Someone who can return policing under his charge back to being peace officers, serving and protecting ALL citizens. The dept. lost some potentially good cops because they didn't want to work with or around the bullies and hot-heads, as one once told me.

I've never met the chief personally, and likely never will. But you don't have to be in physical presence or close proximity to a person to know they have good character, values and compassion. It's the way they carry themselves and the look in their eyes. The eyes really are the window into ones soul.

GIVE HIM A CHANCE To turn things around for the better.

Likely, my last post here.

March 26, 2013 at 7:14 p.m.
TirnaNOG said...

So, degage, you can't disprove it either.

Why don't you let rick1 out to speak for himself?

Going to work. Will catch up with you later.

March 25, 2013 at 9:31 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

Facts, stop your rambling. Take your meds. Chill.

Addressing the oftetimes multiple and complex realities to such problems isn't supporting crime or criminal activity. Denying there are multiple causes and sources to the problem is the true and greatest threat. One that only guarantees the problems with not only continue but escalate.

Reality is not hate.....it's just REALITY! To ignore the various causes and effects is the greatest form of hate.

March 25, 2013 at 9:21 a.m.
TirnaNOG said...

Former gang members face the same risks as witnesses in violent crimes that testify-

And the same risks good cops face who attempt to expose bad cops.

March 25, 2013 at 9:08 a.m.

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