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annisisbell said...

Name one Indian whose name is on the Constitution.

Go back and read the comments and see how Christians are being ridiculed. See the cartoon above where Christians are having to go to court in order to be able to pray.

You know something, you people are stupid.

My condolences to Clay Bennett and everyone else employed by this online paper.

MTJohn you say its evil to attack other people then you proceed to attack other people.

Have any of you ever taken an IQ test? Take one somewhere online and see what your IQs are. Combine them and the number may be in the triple digits.

You are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I am so outta here. You are truly morons and I say that with no malice intended. You are the biggest bunch of imbeciles I have ever, and I mean EVER encountered online or any place else for that matter. You are brain dead morons. You are beyond stupid to the point that English has no word to describe the total inability of your brains to function anywhere near what is considered normal.

You are pathetic retards. No. You give retards a good name. You are brainless feeble minded dimwits.

Goodbye, enjoy your lives and I'm sure you will because you are too unaware to ever suffer the problems that the rest of us must think about and deal with.

You have mush where God usually put brains. My granddaddy had hounds with more breeding and intelligence than you have.

So long and good bye.

July 25, 2012 at 2:20 p.m.
annisisbell said...

I guess Mr David Cook you just wanted to catch a break today. Congratulations, it worked.

Do you ever think about 30 years from now when Hispanics, Muslims and Asians will be a majority in Red Bank schools?

How do you feel about the world your helping to give to future generations of White people who built Red Bank and its schools and whose accomplishments are the main reasons for schools?

When they graduate what will they take with them for the rest of their lives?

July 25, 2012 at 2 p.m.
annisisbell said...

Mr Bennett, how do you go on?

July 25, 2012 at 1:57 p.m.
annisisbell said...

Ok, I give up. I will try to learn from you and figure out how I'm wrong.

Please answer my questions as simply and slowly as possible.

Question: Why is it acceptable to attack Christians, ridicule their beliefs and take away their rights but its evil to attack jews?

thank you.

July 25, 2012 at 1:56 p.m.
annisisbell said...

jdavid - why do jews have a right to a state of their own but I'm evil? Why were Germans evil because they wanted to keep Germany for Germans? jews had gotten them defeated in WW1 so they could get Palestine from the Brits so why in the name of reason would Germans see jews as anything but a threat to Germany? Please explain.

Yes I'm race aware. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus are race aware. Are they evil? the members of AIPAC are race aware. Are they evil? The members of La Raza are race aware. Are they evil? The muslims are race aware. Are they evil.

Why is it you think that only White people have no right to seek our own interests? Please, please explain. why do we have no legitimate right to seek our own interests in our own country.

Every White nation on Earth is being made diverse AGAINST OUR CONSENT. Greece, Great Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Russia and every other White country has a Nationalist party for the native people. We are trying to fight against the taking of the West by other races. Please explain to me why other races have a right to our countries but for some strange reason we have no right to fight to keep them? I can't wait to hear just how clever you are. enlighten me.

Breivik of Norway was in the news for killing the children of liberals who are turning Norway into an Islamic nation. How was he or the rest of the people of the West supposed to stop the hordes of immigrants being deliberately brought into Norway and our other White nations?

Its being done to us and unless we rise up to stop it we will become extinct. You think it bothers me that you label me evil and racist? When I think of what I am fighting for I cannot bear your stupidity. that is what I cannot bear, or the cavalier self righteous condescending mindlessness that you represent.

Another know nothing atop your tower looking down your nose and thinking "you're a racist but I'm not". People like you are a dime a dozen. You know what that says about your worth? To your country and to your race?

July 25, 2012 at 1:05 p.m.
annisisbell said...

How empires fall. Imagine a social pyramid. At the top are the intellectuals who create and sustain civilization, such as our forefathers.

At the bottom are the low IQ people. When the people below the intellectuals begin to multiply but the intellectuals at the top do not, eventually a critical point is reached where the people are too dumb to sustain their empire or civilization and it crumbles into history.

Consider that 100 million Anglo Saxon, Nordic, Aryan and Christian people died in the world wars. Our best and brightest. Consider the hordes of low IQ third world people flowing into the West.

How long before our civilization crumbles into the dustbin of history?

They are trying to destroy us. so they can create their One World Order. Its not about me hating non Whites. I don't hate them. That doesn't mean therefore I have to give my country to them.

Attacking Christianity, continually forcing it to defend itself from the fields of academia to the courts to pedophile priests is part of the destruction of Western civilization.

July 25, 2012 at 12:52 p.m.
annisisbell said...

jdavid - If jews are a race than perhaps Jesus was a jew, but even that is being challenged. If jews are a religion then Jesus is a Christian, the Christ, a Christian.

How is wanting the United States to remain an Anglo Saxon Protestant nation somehow wrong? Other races have their homelands and I see nothing wrong with expecting a Mexican to live in Mexico. Is there something evil about that?

What is your thinking, that White people must give over our nations to other races and we have no right to oppose multi multiculturalism? We must give our nations away or we're racist? That's a false choice isn't it? I believe I have a right to say whether my nation is made diverse. Whites have something at stake in this do we not? Are we expected to just sit on the sidelines and let others decide our fate and the fate of our nations? I don't think so.

Why in the heck do you people not stick to the statements I make and if you disagree refute them?????? You can't prove a negative. When you call me names I can't prove a negative. But I can defend my opinions and it would be nice if you defended yours rather than attacking me.

July 25, 2012 at 12:47 p.m.
annisisbell said...

I'm chagrined that so many of you take the Constitution so lightly when it is the most priceless document we have. Its upsetting that you can so easily accept attacks upon Christianity when it has played such a major role in our heritage and served as a vital foundation for our form of government and our societies.

Christianity has served us much better than Islam has served Muslims or judaism has served jews. We were a beacon for the world. Nobody is breaking down the doors to live in israel or any other part of the middle east. We created modern civilization. We are the greatest people who ever lived.

Its not about whether in the age of knowledge and scientific inquiry, you believe in God. Its about our civilization and way of life. Its about tearing down our heritage and the very foundations of the White man's entire history and way of life.

Everything we have and everything we are was built brick by brick over hundreds of years. Christianity is part of that foundation and they are trying to destroy it so they can destroy us.

Why can't you see these issues as part of a whole rather than viewing them as individual issues? County commissions all around the nation are under the same attacks. Not from entire communities but from one or two people who use the courts to attack us. Like cancer cells in an otherwise healthy body.

Where is the evidence that Christian prayer ever hurt or hindered us, deterred our progress, hurt other nations or people? It has always provided for us a higher purpose and lines beyond which we would not go, it provided our values and standards and made us civilized and kept us on the straight path and provided guidelines.

Now anything goes and everything is relative and the people are without a light to guide us. Look how America is in decline and we no longer even know who we are but have become Asian, African, jewish, Muslim and gay. Our children are being raised in single family households which makes them vulnerable to propaganda and they fight wars for foreign nations. We have lost our way. We have lost our God. What will happen to us?

July 25, 2012 at 12:40 p.m.
annisisbell said...

If you open sessions with a moment of silence then you have defeated Christians and taken everything that always belonged to us.

Why don't jews just have moments of silence instead of claiming they have a right to a state of their own? If jews know the importance of having a state of their own why are they at the forefront of trying to take our state from us?

In a time when every other race has an unquestioned "right" to come here whether we want them or not WHY IS IT ONLY CHRISTIANS AND THE FOUNDING STOCK who are always having to fight for our rights and what already belongs to US?

July 25, 2012 at 12:24 p.m.
annisisbell said...

OK - please tell me if we are not supposed to say Christian prayer, why is it acceptable for jews to pursue their interests and israel's interest? Why are jews never told that their actions violate separation of church and state?

July 25, 2012 at 12:10 p.m.

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