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canaryfakedhersongagain: Look in the mirror, if you dare-no one gossiped here but you and Clara. I posted words above right out of the beast's mouth, no need to explain how many lie and deceive here. Seems as if you'll fit in just fine, you've learned to wallow in the mud well. So quickly too, what a fine student you are...and another sychophant of alp's. So su-per-i-or, you all are, so in-tell-i-gent, eh? Seems your true colors are starting to appear. Funny, how veneer is a thin coating and doesn't last as long or look as good as real wood. I suspect that describes your life as well-phoney to the core. You worry about that dear-you have plenty to worry about, I'm sure.

February 25, 2011 at 1:10 p.m.

canaryfakedhersong: "HELP!"

"I can no longer see what I am writing while I am writing it. Everything is screwy! My iPad is my only computer at home. I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back!"

The above- pretty well describes you and your alter-ego, the fake canuck or schmuck as some of us fondly call him, in a nutshell. Just about every word you've written is a carbon copy of the ex-pat's. Daddy schmuck maybe? How original!

Say hi to everyone of your numerous Tennessee friends and family inhabiting several streets in a cushy neighborhood on Vancouver Island-for me. If that's you, that is-the one with the home business-btw, are you the one posting ads for Canadian pharma drugs on this site too? Just wondering. Blimey, what a nasty nor'easter we just had here, hey, hey?

February 25, 2011 at 12:41 p.m.

But that does not mean that some evangelical idiot will not devote an entire website to the subject of Islam and how evil they are and cite all kinds of crap to support their idiotic opinions of Muslims. (what diabolical form of pseudo-religion does this man practice? does it involve pentagons and midnight circles in the woods?)

Opinions are not factual evidence. Now if someone can point to any group of Americans, who happen to be Muslims, and who cheered 9/11, then let's have it. But I'm not about to sort through a bunch of blogs offered as evidence. 8-20 (newsflash: many were cheering in the comfort of their mosques and in the CAIR HQ-all built on US soil)

God is a generic and an English translation in reference to a supreme being. It is not reflective of any one religion, and thus rather innocuous, in my opinion. (my, my, how "christian" of you)

(BW)"As you have pointed out in previous posts the Bible has been changed many times to subjugate its people. I have no problem with People needing a belief system if thats what they choose. There are places of worship all over Chattanooga and beyond to suit any individual's needs. Thats where it needs to stay."

(alp)On that we agree totally. 8-9

More from Animal Farm's Sty: I don't call people "names." I am quite guilty of pointing out character flaws, however.

No offense, but given the level of interaction that you have engaged in on some of these pages, I'm not quite sure that I should be accepting any advice from you, especially when it involves charges of slander. You've written more that a few lies about our President that were easily refuted.

(Indian) "Alprova if some one says some thing and you don't agree,you start calling them a "Jerk,Bozo,Hypocrite and what ever else you can think to call them."

"I can see why you brother in-law killed himself!To be around you for a period of time,you would cause anyone to commit suicide."

(alp)Permit me to point out that your diatribe has exposed the fact that you are quite the jerk yourself, and also a Bozo who fails to understand why you have just exposed yourself to be a hypocrite as well. 7-5 (an exchange with Indian whom he reminds constantly how ignorant and deluded he is-interesting here because if Indian is as stupid as alpie seems to think he is, why has Indian just managed to expose him in all his glorious arrogance, hypocrisy and lies-all in one fell swoop?

Alp, the Great Wazoo: Pointing out to someone that they are ignorant or morbidly stupid is not calling someone a name. In the case of this person who refers to his or her self as "Indian," it is a factual assessment.7-20

February 25, 2011 at 12:24 p.m.

One thing for sure, the man is anti-Christ, anti-Christians, anti-Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans or any combo of the above. That makes him pro-Statist, Pro-Progressive, Pro-Marx/Hegel/Stalin/Chavez et al...or any combo thereof. That's not only very stupid, that is very dangerous------

from the creature's mouth:

Communism and Socialism works very well in many countries across the Earth. 1-19 I don't post anything that I can't back up. 1-25 Pride is a word that I never use to describe any accomplishment I have ever achieved. 10-14

You see, the difference between you and I is that I don't need to spend my time assassinating characters by digging up and quoting the opinions of others, who have nothing better to do than to spread rumors, myths, misinformation, and outright lies. 9-23

You may agree with him, and you're not alone, but that kind of crap will not fly with most Americans, and it certainly will not be supported by any majority of Kentuckians. (on Rand Paul) 10-17 The Democrats will be the winners, unless they make the same mistake, which some of them already have, in bowing to this imaginary pressure the Tea-Parties think they wield. (on the mid term election, so much for this false prophet)10-17

Well good for you. They're dead and we're alive. We, as in those of us alive, make the rules now. Not everyone is going to agree with what rules are made, just as I am sure was the case back then too. (re: the founders and the constitution) 9-7

more great logic: Liberals would rather assist all, even if it is a fact that people abuse such assistance, rather than to chance that those in true need are ignored. 8-22

dss wrote: "Alprova, you disqualify from the discussion any “Christian based religious blogs as evidence,” wanting “credible sources of evidence.” One of the last times I was on here, I believe you were giving credence to Sarah Palin’s “faked pregnancy” and cited her IQ score from a source on buzzfeed." "I hardly think you’re the best referee for determining credible sources. (I realize criticizing you often results in 500-750 words, perhaps more judging from your activity today.)"

alp: You should be aware that I offered that particular post in jest. It was never to be taken seriously. I even stated so a few posts later.

The reason I did not want opinions posted on the subject from any Christian related point of view is solely due to the fact that any offered testimonial on the issue would never be objective.

I've yet to meet a hard line Christian that had any tolerance for any other religion that is not based in the belief in the existence of Christ. Therefore they cannot be trusted to be unbiased, fair, or truthful in any representation of applicable facts as they may be.

Okay. No problem. Either what the man wrote was factual or it was not. I know it is not factual. (yes dear, of course you do. of course)

February 25, 2011 at 12:23 p.m.

Just a few of alpie's twisted, convoluted, hypocritical and reworked comments (there are hundreds over the last 2 years). First he's claiming to be a 'christian', than he's slamming the Bible, Jesus, Jesus's words, His follower's words, ad nauseum. No Follower of Jesus would slam the Bible or other Believers the way this twisted soul does..and stand up for Islam, its followers, deny its atrocities worldwide, then call himself a communist believer, than deny it...other stories include his relative's suicide. He first heard of the tragedy when the police called him, a couple of months later he relates the story and he first heard it from a policeman who shows up at his door. He loves to post his sad stories (made up?) to gather sympathy and attention. That is, when he's getting no attention on a slow day. First he's writing "six figure" checks to the IRS and making money hand over fist, then he's a regular working man. Then he's the darling of the cayman island rich and they're knocking down his door to hear "his wisdom and advice" investing money. Today, he's reworked himself again-he's no such thing. Last year, he bragged about his wife being from a "local, very well-off family" and working for 'the Company', today-no such thing. This is the Creature calling for 'facts' while denigrating facts and evidence from conservative/libertarian/repubs and Christians. If we had more time, we could post hundreds of posts he's written composed of nothing but opinion or nothing but links to dubious sites and characters, hey he even visits reddit to 'counsel' young gay men..oh, then he denies the 'alprova' on THAT site is even himself-must be more than one arrogant, narcissistic alprova---------------

February 25, 2011 at 12:16 p.m.

What halted her was a program put together by one of our readers who had programming experience. It was called "Spewifier", which consisted of 50 pages of many of her rants and specifics which were directed back to her, in her own words. Canary disappeared from this blog.(Clara)------------------

Continue to feel free to imagine you know the truth. You forgot to mention all my words (par usual) were taken out of context. The immature website of a person who was filled with so much rage and hatred of myself, she would go to such trouble, I found amusing and typical of the juvenile, boring minds so prevalent on this forum.

I will answer two more issues: one is there is a great big world out there, full of hurt and needy folks. I prefer to spend my time serving them and serving Jesus. You all prefer to wallow in your own filth day after day, be my guest. The ones above who are right, mature and have integrity are a very few and are in my opinion, wasting their precious time with fakers, liars, word and truth twisters. I don't care how old or how young you are, you are wrong (and deceived). Unless, of course, you are one of the many Deceivers..and that brings me to the second issue...

February 25, 2011 at 11:25 a.m.

The above is what al-provehimaliar and his company of slatherers/wealthy elitists do for a living. Aid and abet the wealthier ones, lie in bed with the Gov't-taking nice, no-bounce checks from them for their 'work'-and preach to the rest of us on how to live and die in their la-la land of compassion for the poor, while they brag about their prowess in making riches off of the rich-see his own words in recent and past posts. Think former brags about his wealthy wife's connected family-think large, wealthy Tennessee/Georgia family and accounting empire. Think, who protects and cares about their own gilded tushies? They care for the filthy peasants on the mean streets of life? Think not...Think massive Hypocrisy and selfishness, whilst blaming the elephants and conservatives all day long. Think reams of un-alproven nonevidence, followed by self-proclaimed communist fueled rants.

PS: for further research, there are umpteen victims and immigrant Biographies, auto-bios, documented accounts from the scene of the crimes-to google, bing or bong yourself over the heads with. In addition, visit the millions of nursing homes, vet hospitals-or one or two, including the homes of your own elderly ones who have probably been neglected- and hear their accounts of life and history.

Many here in North America have raised their young to despise the wisdom and experience of our elders and the recorded history of original documents. The internet and abovementioned propaganda outlets seem to reign supreme nowadays, many of them washed of important truths.

Speaking of washed-most, or all of the above accounts of Soros's views comes from his own mouth-like the 60 Minutes interviews from 1998-deleted from their website; various interviews he has given over the years and from his own friends and family's accounts, biographies: 'Masquerade: Soros: Dancing around Death in Nazi Occupied Hungary', ' Soros on Soros-Staying ahead of the Curve', and many more. There are numerous video/audio accounts of him spouting his sickness, much of it captured and displayed on conservative sites-watch before it's forcefully taken off the 'net'-he has THAT much influence on our own government. The Koch Bros empire looks like Rebecca's Sunnybrook Farm in comparison.

Enjoy Boors, Fence-sitters and paid Prog-Bots. Wallow in innit, looks good on ya...

February 24, 2011 at 12:58 p.m.

More dupes and dupers include "Arthur Miller, the anti-McCarthy drama, Benjamin Spock, Upton Sinclair, George Bernard Shaw, Lillian Hellman (a hateful Stalinist playwright), Howard Zinn (Communist Party member and 'historian' whose distortions are used in schools all across America), Walter Cronkite (most trusted man in America), and Helen Thomas (disgraced 'dean' of the White House press corps)". This short list sheds light on just how in the dark Americans have been all these decades, while they were busy building families, businesses, homes and a country. Much was kept from their eyes and ears.

Kengor says that the "extreme Left (and Islamic terrorists in this country) can never succeed in America, even incrementally, without non-extremists helping to spread and implement its far-Left goals. Hear that little Prog-Bots? Do y'all volunteer your services or does Mammy Master cut some of you a check at the end of the month?

FDR realized, too late, that Stalin had used him at Yalta and Tehran.."but Stalin could not have succeeded if FDR had not trusted people around him who were communists..Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins...defined by Soviet officials as agents of major significance.. and the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the US." This truth still stands today.

and the beat goes on..the voluminous examples and evidence in the above book should have been exposed over the years "if Congress had done its job of investigating internal subversion...Americans might urge (this) Congress to revive the House Committee on Internal Security"..or is that too McCarthy-istic for some in this country? Maybe it's better then to go back to sleep, lullaby and good night all.

***an un-paid community service, brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood @>

February 24, 2011 at 12:08 p.m.

Dupes: How America's Adversaries have Manipulated Progressives for a Century (by Paul Kengor, political science Professor, Grove City College)

Kengor provides "mountains of research" and evidence of all the damage caused by enemies of our country-for decades.

Examples of Dupes being played by Dictators:

Sen. Edward Kennedy "approached the Soviet Union leadership to undermine not one, but two American presidents (Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan) as revealed in a KGB memo.

My, how the dissipation and immoral choices of a life gone wicked show on one's face before one dies-and follows one to the grave..and beyond. Kengor notes that "American journalists flatly refused to cover the story in the two decades since the London Times first mentioned the document in 1992...and when "that same file subsequently was published in full by the same author" his 2006 work 'The Crusader' (on Reagan).

Frank Marshall Davis, (young Obama's mentor, mentioned as such in his Bio)"was a long time member of the Communist Party"; evidence reveals his CP card number and a signed statement by Davis. He was "a hard-core communist who did the Kremlin's bidding at every turn.."

other Dupe examples include:

Jimmy Carter's "fatal miscalculations in dealing with communism and Islamism"; Radicals from the 1960's re-emerging as Progressives for Obama" (gee, who would've thunk?); FDR being "duped by Uncle Joe Stalin following WW11..(think that 'New Deal' could've been the same ole, same ole?); Soviet Union's "disinformation role in Sen. John Kerry's war crimes accusations against American soldiers; various Hollywood stars and their handlers...

"As the Soviets aimed for world dominion, they targeted American Liberals, especially academics and the religious Left. Liberals still defend the Communists who trashed Roosevelt, Harry Truman, JFK and the anti-communists who tried to alert them".

February 24, 2011 at 12:06 p.m.


At the London School of Economics, Soros discovered the work of philosopher Karl Popper, whose ideas on open society had a profound influence on his thinking. Later, working as a trader and analyst, he adapted Popper to develop his own “theory of reflexivity,” a set of ideas that seeks to explain the relationship between thought and reality, which he used to predict, among other things, the emergence of financial bubbles. Soros began to apply his theory to investing and concluded that he had more talent for trading than for philosophy. In 1967 he helped establish an offshore investment fund; and in 1973 he set up a private investment firm that eventually evolved into the Quantum Fund, one of the first hedge funds.

QUOTES FROM “The Open Society and Its Enemies: Hegel and Marx,” by Karl Popper (Vol. 2), by Karl Popper (or in today's doublespeak: How to Rework and Convolute various Marxist Terms and Labels into a Progressive's Dream of Utopia, thereby Duping the Dupes)

* The development of capitalism has led to the elimination of all classes but two, a small bourgeiose and a huge proletariat: and the increase of misery has forced the latter to revolt against its exploiters.  The conclusions are, first, that the workers must win the struggle, secondly that, by eliminating bourgeiose, they must establish a classless society, since only one class remains. (pg 151-152)
  • Admittedly, increasing misery must produce resistance, and it is even likely to produce rebellious outbreaks. But the assumption of our argument is that the misery cannot be alleviated until victory has been won in the social revolution. (pg 163)

    • I am not in all cases and under all circumstance against a violent revolution. (pg 166)

    • …the working of democracy rests largely upon the understanding that a government which attempts to misuse its powers and to establish itself as a tyranny (or which tolerates the establishment of a tyranny by anybody else) outlaws itself, and that the citizens have not only a right, but also a duty to consider the action of such government a crime, and its members as a dangerous gang of criminals. (pg 167)

February 24, 2011 at 7:39 a.m.

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