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chas9 said...

Go Mocs! But don't go to Pilgrim's Pride. Or UVA's fraternity row. Unless you're a Vols' football player.

Yes, Odell's nab was way cool. But so was the 107-yard return. Never saw an Eagle fly? Watch the former Duck's video. He weren't waddling.

Looks like Bret's wall is going up faster than Butch's or Mark's. Told you not to bet on The Vols.

And I been saying Baylor will slip into the final four. Hide and watch.

Yes, it was only Montana State, so not as jaw-dropping as the Jayhawks, but what if UK routinely holds foes to 19%? Their defense will be almost enough to make you forget about their torrent of skyscraper dunks. Two Bobcats got three baskets each and nobody else tallied more than one.

The Wildcats had 52 carroms and 19 assists. They shot 29 free throws to two for MSU.

Booker's strong game (he's not just a shooter) continues to muddy the picture of who the top five or seven go-to players are.

Speaking of Stray Cats, is it time to come up with a nickname for this season's UK squad?

The high flying Pelicans' AD went off for 43 and 14.

For jomo--Yes, they can mail it in.

November 24, 2014 at 11:24 a.m.
chas9 said...

Enjoyed hearing some actual Kentucky basketball talk on Press Row yesterday. Guess the KU beatdown has everybody talking. As for the odds quoted, I like Duke and Wisconsin more than Arizona.

Yes, Philly would beat the Cats. But if all the UK players came back for next year, that team would beat the Sixers.

I really like Josh, but Big Mo's D-line and backers come faster and harder than he's seen. Don't bet on The Vols.

I think I heard Jay say yesterday that TCU won't fall out of the top four. I say they will lose to Tejas and Baylor will take their slot. Which is fair since The Bears beat the Horn Frogs already. And If SMU is pronounced Smoo, how do you pronounce TCU?

Milli Vanilli is OK, but Cherry Garcia is yummier.

Did you hear that The Lady Vols are no longer ladies? Unless they play basketball.

November 20, 2014 at 11:49 a.m.
chas9 said...

Dickie V said beforehand that the great thing about the State Farm doubleheader was that it eliminated the cupcakes, meaning no Lenoir Rhyne. The Cats' magic turned Kansas into Lenoir Rhyne.

Even the scrubs (if any of them can be so called) got into the game at the end.

I said yesterday we'd know more about UK after the game. Yes.

I'm now going where no man should go: Perfect season talk. Jay's odds of 50-50 sounds right. Give me those odds, and I'll bet on the unthinkable happening. As I've said before, this team's way better than last year's.

Their crazy strong skills, size and depth aren't the best part. Their fight and teamwork are even better. And killer defense rarely fails you.

Not only were the Rock Chalk frauds held to 40 (lowest in a quarter century), they managed only 12 in the second half. Kentucky's two well-conditioned platoons will have everybody huffing and puffing late in the games.

The Cats had 11 blocks, same number as Kansas had field goals. A dish of intimidation, anyone?

As Self stepped to the podium afterward he grabbed a bottle of water and said he was hoping it was vodka.

I loved Towns' game, which Jay summarized. But I think Okafor looks stronger. And super-talented Dook has the best team after Cal's crew. In December, UK plays every other legendary program in the country but Coach K's. Whenever they meet, it'll be fun.

Tyler Summitt won his first game. How many more to tie mom's record?

The awesome Brittney Griner finally met her match in China. In fact, they cut her. No, they literally cut her.

Remember UT's trouble with VCU? They weren't at full strength. The Rams got back their best player and yesterday he had a monster box score: 18 points, 9 steals, 8 boards, 7 assists and no turnovers.

I understand that making book on who Florida will hire is funny stuff, but if we take it at all seriously, isn't Spurrier at 8-1 the most unlikely of the bunch?

Previously, both UK and KU had four players on the Wooden watch list. Think that'll change? And if the two platoons persist, will the end of season award voters double all the Big Blue players' stats on account of only playing half games?

November 19, 2014 at 10:49 a.m.
chas9 said...

Remember Gayle Sayers?

Extinct: Gladys, Gertrude, Wilma, Blanche. Hermione was dead until that boy wizard book hit big.

Timing is everything. As in when Stoops renegotiated his contract. And why did UT wait until after the UK game to suspend its thugs?

UConn women's monster streak is over. And UK's women scored a sweet upset over #8 Baylor. Should join The Lady Cocks and UT in the women's top 10.

After Donovan's dandies lost one they shouldn't have, do we think The Cats will be challenged at all in the SEC?

Auburn played at midnight. (Really?) The final score suggests Pearl has lots of room to work his magic. How could he get better recruits? Maybe a BBQ at his house.

Guess I'll have to TIVO the big game this evening since 9:30 is my bedtime. But the all-time wins leader (UK with 2142) goes up against #2 KU (with 2127). Cal's first national championship came on a win over Self's Jayhawks. And a win tonight would be honest John's 600th.

Billy's odds are different than what I saw. Some outlets have The Cats a TD favorite. I'd take KU +7 for sure, and probably at +4.5, but Kentucky straight up.

But in their last outing, The Wunderkind's flow and teamwork weren't as pretty as in the Bahamas this summer. So what to look for is to see how the chemistry works and just enjoy the skills of the individual parts. Particularly newcomers Ulis, Lyles and Towns. If natural-born PG Ulis sparks energy like last time out, we may start seeing him stealing more PT from Andrew.

We may also start to see if the team's better running or grinding out halfcourt. No team has ever had more bigs who can run the court like guards, but so far that strategy hasn't been as productive as the passes and lobs that dominate the paint.

Charlie Manson's getting married. The old guy still knows how to seduce the sweet young things.

Wanna read a great story about humanity's brighter side? See Gary Parrish's "More than a Game" ( about Dalton State's John Redman.

November 18, 2014 at 11:59 a.m.
chas9 said...

"What was that?" collectively scream the fans of LSU. And Auburn. And Notre Dame. And Kentucky.

I'm not a Vols fan, but I'm a Dobbs fan. The guy's amazing. And UT has other strong pieces. Yes, Butch's brick wall is farther along than Stoops'. But it was good to see the Signal Mountain grad get some PT.

What did Vegas know about Hogs-LSU that we didn't know?

Yes, jomo, The Badgers are very good, may be better than The Cats just now. We'll know more about Cal's cagers after tomorrow's UK-KU monster matchup. Wanna bet that they miss the final four?

If you missed it, in Kentucky's first two wins they averaged 16 assists per game. Their teamwork is as impressive as their size, skill and depth. One foe, Grand Canyon, features Royce Woolridge, brother of former Vol Reynaldo.

Reynaldo's hip-hop talents were more impressive than his roundball performance in Knoxville, but Vols' fans may want to know he's still ballin'. He's with something called the Grand Rapids Drive after a stint with the Metalac Koteks. Yep, the Koteks.

Looks to me like TCU loses Saturday and Baylor slides into the #4 spot.

November 17, 2014 at 11:20 a.m.
chas9 said...

The dummest sports quote in my book is the NFL player who said "I gave 110%, and that's all you can give."

From yesterday, I like MT's mention of the Astrodome Alcindor/Hayes face off and agree that the Internet helped the explosion. Yes, I was doing brackets before the internets, but I was doing them before the big Jimmy V game, too. Yes, I'm almost as old as fec and Billy.

Wish I could trash talk about the UK-UT game, but I'm not feeling it. And I wish wags would stop proclaiming Towles the best QB in the SEC. We are really, really glad to have him, and he'll get better, but those who are crowning him must have missed his last two games.

If you have a deluxe cable package, you might be able to watch Donnie's Darlings tip-off their season this evening. But unless you think you'd like to see VCU rip The Vols a new one (new ones?), you might want to skip it and catch UK's opener instead.

It'll be a serious mismatch, but you'll enjoy seeing spectacular freshman Karl-Anthony Towns. Two years ago I alerted 5@10 denizens (college basketball fans or not) that they'd want to see newcomer Anthony Davis just for the thrill of it. Towns is almost as fun to watch.

No, I'm not saying he is The Uniblocker's equal. Nobody is. K-AT is not as freakishly athletic, but he does have a more complete skill set. Everybody says Okafor will be the POY, but Towns is really fun to watch if, like me, you enjoy seeing players who see the court, pass well, know the game, and make the team better.

The Duke/Okafor team will give Kentucky a run for their money, so I'm not in the 40-0 camp. But, unlike last year, it's a reasonable conversation. UK is much better this year.

I like Jay's roundballer predictions, and I'll add one: Cal's two platoon system will end around New Year's Day.

November 14, 2014 at 11:07 a.m.
chas9 said...

Why not make your Fab Four a Fab Five? Bama's a sure thing.

The good folks from Red Stick might argue about the best three loss team.

I hope UK gets the big kid from Haiti. But he could bring Kentucky the same unwanted attention Donnie has brought to UT. His recruiting is smelly.

If he joins UK, it'll make a really bad two days for Josh Pastner.

The NC State win was dramatic, but what did it CHANGE? The historic Texas Western win is a better choice.

A year later (in 1967) the football Cats started the first black SEC player and the 1968 basketball Commodores started the league's first black roundballer.

November 13, 2014 at 11:28 a.m.
chas9 said...

From yesterday: More Greeson clan words of wisdom, please.

It's hard to pin down the team that squashed Jay's dreams Saturday, but I don't see A&M being 6 better than Mizzou. I'll take Big Mo.

And I think Vegas has it wrong on Gawga being 2.5 better than The Plainsmen and Arkansas 2.5 better than LS&U.

So yes, the latter line is wacky as the Vandy one. And how can Bama be #2 but LSU #6 in your poll after tying in regulation?

But I agree that Bama is 7 better than Stark U, and (hate to say it) The Vols are 7 better than The Cats.

Next week UL will also be about 7 better than UK, and both Kentucky games are on the road. So it's a long shot that the team which was a single blown call away from starting 6-0 will get to the Music City bowl.

But as we usually do about now, we start crowing about roundball. Sunday Cal's Cats trounced their second straight NAIA team by a million points, and the actual play was more impressive than the score.

Afterward the losing coach opined that UK would beat some NBA teams. He is wrong about that.

Bridge on the River Kwai, Patton, Full Metal Jacket, Black Hawk Down. And a nod to Catch-22.

November 11, 2014 at 10:57 a.m.
chas9 said...

JMC--Wasn't that captive audience Channel 1 a crock?

As for lame sports expressions, how about the way, way overused "game of the century/year"?

And can we stop referring to a long football TD pass as a baseball term "home run"?

November 7, 2014 at 12:22 p.m.
chas9 said...

Who knows how the top eventually sorts out, but for now Jay has the SEC exactly right, even the low spot for the Hogs.

As I said yesterday, I like Mizzou, but no way they win the SEC title tilt.

UPike fell to UT by 18 after falling to UK by 48. Yep, do the math. That's how much better The Cats are than The Vols this season.

November 4, 2014 at 11:16 a.m.

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