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On 12/24/10, Mayor Ron announced his order disallowing take home cars for CPD. Their choice was to either park in a designated lot in the city or pay/mile to take their cars home. How many of us pay attention to gov’t. issues on Christmas Eve? Yet Sly Ron chose that particular time to make his decision "public". 1.Take home cars mean far better safety for the rest of us,apparently not a mayoral concern. When cop cars are on the road, whether the cop is officially on duty or commuting to/from work, they are a visual deterrent to crime. While commuting, cops intervene in crimes & help others in need, even for other city workers who also commute from the cty. In effect, our short-sighted mayor has taken away “free” cop time. Take home cars are a bargain Ron! 2.Cop cars have snow tires, cops personal cars don't. Like us, many cops will not be able to get to work when we get another snow storm further decreasing our safety. 3.The parked cop cars are tactically great for the bad guys because all that ammo and equipment is there for the taking in one spot! Is it realistic to assume that some barbed wire & a security guard’s going to keep motivated drug dealers & seasoned thieves out? I don’t envy the security guard that job! 4. Why is it that the city is never able to fill its work force of cops? Imagine being the head of a company. You hire employees to do the work so your company can run properly. Then, you turn your back & walk out the door never sitting down with your employees to discuss job issues or to say thanks for the good work. Instead you announce that from now on there will be no OT pay, even though OT is necessary for the job. Then on Christmas Eve, at the height of the season of giving and goodwill, you announce that you’re reducing the time they can use their tools to do the job, (take home cars) & of course the contents of the cars during those times. Then you pay them about $9,000 less than the state average for cops. On top of that, you pay new recruits only slightly below what the average experienced cop earns in a divisive move which can further erode the last shred of morale. How much more of a beating would your morale and wallet take before you looked for a job elsewhere? Lack of police retention costs the city big bucks having to continually run academies and still not being able to fill the ranks. We are losing our skilled officers because our mayor insists on treating them like pond scum. Let's find the money to treat our CPD with more respect for the job they do from other parts of the budget. Our PD is working against incredible odds in terms of a mayor who is more their enemy than the thugs on the street. A city can exist without museums & fancy statues but it cannot exist without a good police force. The mayor’s got his priorities ‘bass-ackwards’. It is just a matter of time before this ship sinks & it will be the mayor’s doing.

January 24, 2011 at 9:38 p.m.
coverbooks said...

Mayor's angst? After reading this article and the posted letters to/from Ron & Mr. West, it seems apparent to me that the Mayor is losing his grip on reality...quite honestly, it seems like he is emotionally disturbed. I want him recalled...I think he absolutely needs to be recalled, but at the same time I hope he gets the psychological help he seems to desperately need.

September 1, 2010 at 7:35 p.m.

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