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ibshame said...

Z fister or should you be addressed as " the blood of asterix" why don't you stick to that alternate universe of your VIDEO games and leave the REAL world alone. Every time you try to correct something President Obama has said you just make an even bigger fool of yourself so in the future unless the topic is about one of your video game characters of Gaul you should just stay out of it.

I knew there was something really juvenile and ignorant about your responses but didn't make the connection until a conversation was overheard in a restaurant between two teens. So I decided to google the name they were using and what should I find but the version of the name you appeared with on this forum. I always figured you were using your mama's computer but what I found confirmed it. LOL

Stick to your video games because that's as close as you will EVER come to reality with your attempts to criticize President Obama. No wonder you made that ignorant statement about Obamacare being worse than the Vietnam war. In your video world it probably is worse just like the rest of your Gallic characters!!!LOL. The blood of Asterix. Hahahahaha

September 3, 2014 at 2:20 a.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister every time you try to re-write history you expose yourself as one singularly dumba$$ POS. Most especially when you try to characterize me as some kind of racist because of my views of Sowell, Williams and Thomas. You don't have a clue about me or my experiences and you NEVER will.

As for me wishing to see rioting in Ferguson, as you say to relive the so-called glory days of the 60's, only shows your COMPLETE ignorance of history. There was nothing glorious about the rioting of the 60's. Anyone who lived during those days and understood WHY those riots were taking place would tell a dumba$$ like yourself to go f yourself if you thought they were only rioting so they could loot businesses. However, I don't expect a racist like yourself to EVER understand that. It's as far above your comprehension as most everything is other than the trash you pick up on Drudge.

As for what you call my connection to the Black Community, fortunately that connection began the day I was born and it is a " connection" I will have until the day I die and proud of it. The same cannot be said for people like Sowell, Williams, and Thomas despite the fake, phony outrage on your part.

August 30, 2014 at 1:08 a.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister, I am a Baby Boomer. I grew up during the 60's. There is NOTHING you can tell me about Johnson and the Vietnam War but Inquiringmind said it best about Johnson. I would also add when it came time to appoint a Justice to the USSC he chose an African American, Thurgood Marshall, other African Americans could be proud of for a lifetime of championing the cause of Civil Rights in particular the Brown vs The Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas which struck down the old Plessy vs Ferguson Separate-But-Equal Doctrine. The same could not be said when George H.W Bush appointed that uncle tom Clarence Thomas to replace the retiring Justice Marshall. Clarence Thomas is now and will forever be a disgrace to,the legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall no matter what someone likes you has to say about it.

August 28, 2014 at 11:37 p.m.
ibshame said...

The fact he says he's never lied is his biggest lie of all!!

August 28, 2014 at 9:49 p.m.
ibshame said...

Jack Dennis you are the coward. All you had to do WEEKS ago was write you had made a dumba$$ mistake by admitting to being a pedophile,but instead YOU chose the cowardly way out instead of just writing you had LIED. Truth be told it was far better for you to admit to making the stupid mistake of lying about such a heinous crime than it was for you to allow it to drag on for so long. You did that and now you stalk around calling someone else a liar when they post the links to the LIE you wrote. Now I ask again are you: A) a dumba$$ or B) just plain stupid ??????

August 28, 2014 at 9:24 p.m.
ibshame said...

Someone is trying to convince Mittens he can do what Nixon did in 1968. Nixon was beat by Kennedy in 1960, went back to California and lost the race for Governor. Along came the disaster that was Vietnam and who pops up with a so- called "secret. Plan" to end the war but ole tricky Dick. He ran against Hubert Humphrey Johson's VP and beat him. Most people think if Robert Kennedy had not been assassinated he would have won the Democratic nomination (he was anti-Vietnam) and eventually the Presidency.

It was well known had RFK won, he would have pulled the troops out of Vietnam. Instead Nixon beat Humphrey and the United States was placed on the path to one of the most scandalous episodes in American History. Mittens is no Nixon but like Nixon he doesn't have a plan to end the war in the Middle East any more than Nixon had a"secret plan" to end the Vietnam war. A war that cost the lives of over 50,000 US troops and should never have been fought in the first place. A war one dumba$$ on this forum compared Obamacare to by saying Obamacare was worse than the Vietnam war. Just goes to show what kind of Low information voters are out there.

BTW as it turns out Nixon's so called secret plan turned out to be an invasion of Cambodia, a bombing on an almost daily basis and no one in the US was made aware of it until the FOREIGN press exposed it. In other words instead of ending the war he put MORE boots on the ground to die over there and when it finally came to an end it was on top of the American Embassy in Saigon with helicopters racing to get as many out as they could before the North Vietnamese got there.

August 28, 2014 at 7:07 p.m.
ibshame said...

Jack Dennis unless someone is a real dumba$$, too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time, would EVER ( whether tongue in cheek or not) confess in a public forum on the INTERNET to being a pedophile under ANY circumstance. So which is it are you: A) just a dumba$$ or B) just plain stupid?????

August 28, 2014 at 6:52 p.m.
ibshame said...

Jack Dennis get a life. Maybe you should be searching for a FREE reason why someone would be so damn stupid as to admit to being a pedophile in a public forum on the INTERNET then stalk the person who reminds him of his own stupidity rather than just letting it go so no one else is reminded of just how stupid one person can be. Now go take your race baiting a$$ and find you some more cheer leading comments for the RWNJ's you do favor with your one liners when you aren't stalking someone else for your own stupid act.

BTW your race card "joke" proves EXACTLY what I said: people like you just can't get around the fact he beat TWO White candidates not once but TWICE and based on the race card you posted it could only be because of "White guilt" and you wanted to know when you 've posted anything racist? Take a look at the bullsh! t you posted with your " free card". You are the J OKE!!!!!

August 28, 2014 at 11:50 a.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister As far as what you think about what I 've said about uncle toms take your fake, phony a$$ outrage and express it to someone who gives a sh!t about what you think because evidently you have me confused with someone who does.

August 28, 2014 at 11:44 a.m.
ibshame said...

ConMan reminds me of a former head of the RNC, Ken Mehlman. In 2002 he and Karl Rove started this political campaign against gays. From gay marriage to banning gays in the military. All so paranoid Repub voters would rush to the polls to keep the bad boogey gays out of their communities. It worked in 2002 and in 2004. What people didn't know at the time was that Ken Mehlman was in the closet. He eventually came out of the closet and unless I'm mistaken has now married his gay partner. Anyone who protests as much as ConMan is always suspect. As the saying goes " me thinks he protests too much."

August 28, 2014 at 8:34 a.m.

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