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Every faith has their own set of religious indoctrination. I was baptized and raised as a Catholic. 12 years of Catholic School back in the days when the students were taught primarily by nuns and priests. There was Mass everyday as well as time set aside for catechism during the day. In grade school, I received my First Communion and was Confirmed by the Bishop of the local diocese.. I went to Confession at least twice a month and received Communion regularly. I have never forgotten the day I began to question the Church's teachings.

There was this kid in school that came from a VERY DEVOUT Catholic family. There were seven kids and they were all like stair steps in age. If their parents had ever practiced any kind of birth control one couldn't tell by looking at the size of their family. Unlike the Kennedys of Massachusetts they were not wealthy. In fact, it was a good thing we wore uniforms because it saved on trying to buy clothes to keep up with the Jones's. One day there was an announcement made to keep the family in our prayers. None of the kids were at school that day. Their mother (who was no longer as young as she had been) had gotten pregnant with baby number eight. During delivery some kind of complication set in (in today's modern medicine it probably wouldn't be anything critical)and it was either save the mother or the baby but both couldn't be saved. Being DEVOUT the decision was made in favor of the baby. So now you've got SEVEN plus a newborn who are now motherless because the Church taught in a situation like that the Baby's life was more important.

I couldn't just blindly accept that. Does that mean I don't believe in God or the Catholic church for that matter? No, I think people have a right to choose what they want to believe. What may be good for one person may not be for someone else. If a person chooses not to believe or have faith then it's their choice and no matter how many Bible verses are quoted in the final analysis it's still that person's choice.

The type of tactics used by ConMan and his cohorts are despicable. They sit in judgement of those who don't share their beliefs. I didn't like the choice that was made by that family but it was not for me to condemn them for a choice I would not have made. I like to watch Bill Maher who was also raised as a Catholic but who no longer believes in God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. That's his choice. I don't know if he's going to heaven or hell and neither does anyone else. There are fanatical Christians who have committed atrocities just as there are fanatical Jews and Muslims. No one has a monopoly on being right.

July 23, 2014 at 9:25 p.m.
ibshame said...

In Frank Capra's movie "It's A Wonderful Life" George's little daughter exclaims every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Every time ConMan and the rest of those worthless fanatics try to use Biblical Scripture to say who's going to hell and who's not, they lose another chance to bring people TO God rather than away from him. Their cheap, uninformed rhetoric is nothing more than hypocrisy because what they say excludes more than it includes.

July 22, 2014 at 6:44 p.m.
ibshame said...

Jack Dennis says pity partly. You just don't know when to STHU do you? None of what was written was addressed to you, but you just couldn't resist making a worthless comment. Mr. Bennett's cartoon could not be more appropriate for someone like you the next time you try to cry foul.

July 22, 2014 at 11:11 a.m.
ibshame said...

Alprovagator, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi it's been almost two years and you still have zilch. If you did it would have come out by now. BTW using a version of someone else's name means either you are too cheap to get a subscription to the TFP and you are here on a thirty day freebie using a version of someone else's name as if this is your first time here or you've been banned under your other name so you are trolling. It's funny how so many of the RWNJ's try using so many different names. LOL

July 21, 2014 at 10:57 p.m.
ibshame said...

Hillary is a fearless competitor. The Repubs can throw everything they got at her but when it comes to winning this time she will be RUTHLESS. She will make the nut jobs long for the days of President Obama's attempts to get along with them. The Clinton Machine will CRUSH the RWNJ's and not give them the chance to do to her what they did to her husband and tried to do to President Obama.

July 21, 2014 at 10:15 p.m.
ibshame said...

Let's just clear this up about Hillary's "dead broke" comment. From the day she and her husband entered the White House Repubs went after them for everything from her time at the Rose Law firm to a land deal called Whitewater. They had to hire attorneys, investigators, and a whole slew of people to represent them They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that's just the money they had to spend out of their pocket. So, yes they were deeply in debt when they left the White House. Maybe instead of saying they were dead broke she should have said they were deeply in debt thanks to the Repubs attempt to remove President Clinton from office by any means necessary.

Fortunately, there are enough people out there that remember the chaos Repubs created. Today's Repubs have attempted to do the same thing with President Obama and they think if they get control of both Houses of Congress they can remove him before his term is up. It remains to be seen if they can capture both Houses but one thing is CERTAIN if that happens (and they try to impeach President Obama the way they did President Clinton) Hillary will be a shoo in and they will lose in a big way any chance to take the White House for many, many years to come.

July 21, 2014 at 8:54 p.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister get over it! You don't have a clue and you NEVER WILL. You still haven't explained why the teabagger, McDaniel in Mississippi said Blacks cheated when they went to the polls and chose Thad Cochran over him. It was an open primary just like the ones here in Tennessee so why did he accuse African American voters in Mississippi of cheating? They knew no matter how they voted Mississippi was going to be represented by a Repub so they chose Thad Cochran over the teabagger McDaniel. However, McDaniel has not been willing to accept DEFEAT. Instead he's saying those African Americans should not have been allowed to vote in an OPEN primary. What gives him the right to try and invalidate their REPUBLICAN choice?

As for what I would say to those people you mentioned, if I was involved in a conversation with any one of them and they expressed the same kind of bullsh!t Sowell, Williams, and some others express, I would have no problem telling them what I thought. Let the chips fall where they may. You seem to forget this is still a free speech country, which is really unusual for teabaggers like yourself who are always spouting off about your rights.

July 21, 2014 at 8:28 p.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister you want to see a real racist then go look in the mirror. Not only have the majority of your comments about President Obama been irrational, but you fail time and time again to base them on FACTS and not some made up bullsh!t. 99.99% of the time you just spew rhetoric that you 've picked up from some right wing talk/radio show. You have practically no historical reference for the stuff you write and when challenged on it, your responses are like that of a 10 year old. You don't have a clue about the Black Community because if you did then you would know why Sowell, Williams and Thomas are not respected in the Black community. You are ill-equipped to speak about race other than your hatred of President Obama. So stick to that because when it comes to labeling anyone a racist, look in the mirror first.

July 21, 2014 at 5:09 p.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister so you finally got a chance to write the n-word in one of your dumba$$ posts. As for Thomas Sowell, make no mistake he is an "uncle Tom" much like Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams and some others out there. As stated before not all Black Republicans are "uncle toms" but most "uncle toms" are Black Republicans who hate their own race like the ones mentioned above and everything they write and say proves it.

Now to get to your comment about Blacks leaving the plantation when they vote for Republicans maybe you can explain why down in Mississippi earlier this month when African Americans got up and went to the polls to vote against that teabagger McDaniel they were accused of cheating? It was an open primary, so why wouldn't McDaniel just accept the fact he lost. See your kind want to have your cake and eat it too. You want to claim African Americans stay on the plantation by voting Democratic all the time but when they do vote in an open primary for the Republican candidate they think is best to represent them, then your kind accuses them of cheating. It's the same thing with Timbo in our recent local election. He claims Fred Skillern lost because Dems voted against him so he thinks if Thurman has a write-in campaign the voters in her district will see the error of their ways and put her on the County Commission by no less than 1000 votes. It will be interesting to read his take on the outcome should Thurman lose to Fairbanks.

July 21, 2014 at 4:48 p.m.
ibshame said...

Z fister & Timbo it's pretty obvious the two of you think the Repubs have a lock on both Houses of Congress following the Nov. elections but since both of you evidently don't know very much History based on the make it up as you go comments you post. There is a phrase in History that was coined during Richard Nixon's 1968 Presidential campaign, it was known as the "silent majority." You see while many were of the belief Nixon didn't represent their beliefs and ideology, Nixon believed there was a "Silent Majority" that agreed with him. And guess what he was right - he got elected! Teabaggers scream and holler about how you speak for the "little people" but there is a "silent majority" out there that says otherwise and come November before you start claiming both houses of Congress are going to be controlled by Repubs you should remember while President Obama 's approval rating is low the majority of the country rate Repubs even lower and teabaggers even lower than Repubs. LOL

July 21, 2014 at 4:21 p.m.

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