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jjmez said...

Um just surprise the coffin didn't burst into flames...I mean literally burst into flames.

March 22, 2014 at 5:40 p.m.
jjmez said...

Both left and right, why is America's media downplaying the fact America may have fueled the rise of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine?

Also see 2004 pic of John McCain standing in what appears to be solidarity with Neo Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok.

see oped & huff post: "U.S. Fueled Rise Of Neo Nazi In Ukraine."

March 15, 2014 at 4:41 p.m.
jjmez said...

Many today's Libertarians are nothing more than far right wingnut extremist GOP tea partiers dressed up in Libetarian garb who've frigtened away even traditional libertarians. After they've royally screwed up the GOP they slithered away and hid under the name Libertarian.

Read, EDWIN LYNGAR: Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal


There are a lot of libertarians in the Tea Party, but there are also a lot of repugnant, religious nuts and intolerant racists. “Birthers” found a comfy home among 9-11 conspiracy people and other crackpots. After only a few months, I had absolutely no desire to ever be linked to this group of people.

As evidence, I offer the most repugnant example of many complaints. I’ve heard the n-word used in casual conversation from people I would never expect. Some people might not believe it or think I’m playing the race card, but I’m not. I’ve heard the word more than I care to admit and more often in the run-up to the 2012 election. Perhaps because I’m a big, fat and bald white guy with a mean goatee, racists think I’m on board with them. I am not, and I’m ashamed to admit that my cowardice at confronting this ugliness makes me complicit.


March 14, 2014 at 2:23 p.m.
jjmez said...

That's not the issue. Most all can find some level to relate to someone of a different race, ethnicity, gender, religion. Even Strom Thurmond discovered his tolerance level of relating. Get my drift?

It's not about people we get to know, then can feel a level of comfort and tolerance being around. It's about that stranger who looks different we encounter then feel compelled to cross over to the other side of the street. There are people of different races and ethnic backgrounds who attend church together, dine out occasionally, work together. Yet those same people will call the police to report a suspicious person in the community who's lived in the community longer than they have. And the police have been known to respond accordingly; harass, jackup et. You have people relating to people of a different race in a controlled environment yet they don't even speak to their next door black neighbor they lived beside for decades. Spread false rumors about that neighbor with help of authority.

The same restaurant or bar that would come together and do a charity benefit for a person of color may also have a policy where they allow only a certain number of people of that same race inside their restuarant or bar on any given day. example: The black corporate manager of a well known restaurant/bar sent down from St. Louis to upgrade training etc. was turned away from another well know local bar when workers invited him out before heading back to St. Louis. Oh, the rebuff wasn't meant to be obvious, racial bias. They had a lame excuse, but everyone, even the white workers who invited him caught on. Seems this establishment has an unwritten code where they only allow a certain number of blacks in on any given night. That really left an impression of the real behind the scenes Chattanooga on that manager from St. Louis.

*Even producer, writer, actor Spike Lee's father, a musician, isn't immune. He was recently a victim of gentrification in his New York home he'd lived in since the 1960s when new neighbors to the community called police on him. So how do we remedy perception? Stereotyping? Racial profiling when everyone's outside their comfort mode?

March 14, 2014 at 9:45 a.m.
jjmez said...

Why? Given similar circumstances and social environments, why did one Wes Moore flourish and the other self-destruct?

Why does no one every question the why when kids from seemingly stabled middle-classed and wealthy families go beserk and kill the hold family while one from a similar or same background goes on to become a Rhode's Scholar? Why do we as a society stll pigeon hole and catergorize individuals and groups silenty based on race, but then swear up and down it's not racial? Do we inadvertently set up some groups for failure and the prison pipeline by lumping them all into square, round, oblong holes?

March 13, 2014 at 8:48 a.m.
jjmez said...

Programs such as this crime reduction initiative aren't what they're touted to be. The black community would do itself a great good if it would pull together, creating its own delegation they could send into these cities or make contact with others in these cities where these type programs have been established. Where the crime initiative may work in NC although there's no real proof they too aren't having problems, it's not working well in say, Pennsylvania where a similar program was established, and young teen developed a blood clot in one of his testicles after a brutal patdown by a cop that led to him requiring immediate emerency surgery.

March 13, 2014 at 8:29 a.m.
jjmez said...

That may explain why protesters in the Ukraine were seen flying Confederate flags and using Swastika symbols, along with other Nazi propganda. The return of Nazism?

In 1930s or 1940s Russia a Koch's family member held massive oil rights in the country that Russia took away. The U.S. prosecuted Ilse Koch and sent her to prison for life, where she later committed suicide. Her husband was executed by German authority. Her oldest son also committed suicide after learning of his mother's involvement in atrocities committed at Buchenwald. The other son, born in prison, is the only known immediate family member that survived. Bringing Russia and the U.S. into immediate conflict with one another would be the ultimate and final revenge? Remember, it was a Koch who established the John Birch Society. The equivalent of today's tea party.

March 13, 2014 at 8:23 a.m.
jjmez said...

Is there any connections between today's Koch brothers and Isle Kochs of Nazi Germany? ASA Frau Koch of Buchenwald.

March 12, 2014 at 8:58 a.m.
jjmez said...

fairmon said... Bryan is an independent college that people can attend or not attend

Yeah! Like all those independent colleges DEEEEpenDENT upon federal public tax dollars?

March 12, 2014 at 8:55 a.m.
jjmez said...

zableedofisterix said... Why this and not something on the Ukraine toon man? focus on the laughing stock of the world, B. Horses Ass Obozo? What Cartoonist of any worth ignores what's going on the Ukraine now? How about a cartoon with Obozo with his finger up his nose and Chuck Hagel picking fleas out of Obozos scalp while Putin laughs?

We don't wish you to bruise or harm that lil pea inside your head or cause anymore damage that's already been done, but try reading something of substance and value sometimes. Free yourself from right wingNUT exaggerations and lies then regurgitating them as if they're fact.

But this crisis (in the Ukraine) is Putin’s Waterloo (NOT Obama's), not ours/U.S.. Missing from this “analysis” about how Obama should respond is why Obama should respond. After all, the US has few strategic interests in the former Soviet Union and little ability to affect Russian decision-making. Our interests lie in a stable Europe,

Which brings us to perhaps the most bizarre element of watching the Crimean situation unfold through a US-centric lens: the iron-clad certainty of the pundit class that Putin is winning and Obama is losing. The exact opposite is true.

Putin has initiated a conflict that will, quite obviously, result in greater diplomatic and political isolation as well as the potential for economic sanction. He’s compounded his loss of a key ally in Kiev by further enflaming Ukrainian nationalism, and his provocations could have a cascading effect in Europe by pushing countries that rely on Russia’s natural gas exports to look elsewhere for their energy needs. Putin is the leader of a country with a weak military, an under-performing economy and a host of social, environmental and health-related challenges. Seizing the Crimea will only make the problems facing Russia that much greater.

For Obama and the US, sure, there might be less Russian help on Syria going forward – not that there was much to begin with – and it could perhaps affect negotiations on Iran. But those issues are manageable. Meanwhile, Twitter and the opinion pages and the Sunday shows and too many blog posts that could be informative have been filled with an over-the-top notion: that failure to respond to Russia’s action will weaken America’s credibility with its key allies. To which I would ask: where are they gonna go? If anything, America’s key European allies are likely to fold the quickest, because, you know, gas. And why would any US ally in the Far East want Obama wasting his time on the Crimea anyway?


March 4, 2014 at 9:50 a.m.

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