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Once again more facts come out about our so great gov (Haslam) thanks to Mr. Cook! We can set here and beat a dead horse in the mouth over and over cause we all no what gov Haslam really is or do we? Mr. Halsam was a volunteer leader for Young Life, a Christian ministry that reaches out to Adolescents. Well how qickely we forget where we come from HUH!! I am glad I brought that up, Mr. Haslam has been a member of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Knoxville for 35 years and for 22 of those years Bill has served as an Elder. What is an elder of a church? Glad I asked. An elder must have a good reputation (no). If a man has a dishonest reputation or is known for sin or questionable practices, this person should not be considered for this position until his lifestyle and love for God is evident to the church (nope) . Back biting and false rumors against a man is not how we measure someone’s reputation. Jesus warned His disciples that people would speak all manner of evil falsely against them for His name sake, so we know backbiting is not what the Bible is warning the church against. A man should be judged on his own actions ( Let The Games Begin). If his actions or beliefs have been questionable the Bible disqualifies him (Out Of There). People mature and change, but there must be time to build a godly reputation before someone is qualified to lead the church. I don't think gov Haslam meets these requirements he batting 0 for 4 his church needs to do what the State Of Tennessee needs to do with him put him out to pasture. I am no Bible expert but if I was what he says he is, then I would do what is right from being the elder of a church and what is right is plain as day is to keep Taft Youth Center Open!! As they Bible says The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Kinds Of Evil! Gov Haslam didn't attend the school's or live in the part of town where these youth's did that come to Taft nor did his children. He and his children had a silver spoon in there mouth and didn't have to want for anything. They all went to private prep schools no doubt, Huh where have I heard that word Private before HUM.You know the two things they say is what comes around goes around and hell will be really hot for some but hotter for others.(EPC) in Knoxville you really need to look at your elder because this isn't False Rumors he could care less about the Youth, but guess what it all about the MONEY!!! at the expense of a child, YOU GO BIG ELDER!!!

March 3, 2012 at 1:50 a.m.
justsaying94 said...

Yea he is really smart guy NOT!!! Look at the top headlines for today let face the gang problem. He himself stated that they start in their early teen becoming gang members. With that said let's close Taft Youth Center that handles these type of teens and they do a really good job with them. Yea give the elder (Haslam) a pat on the back can anyone say Loser.

February 5, 2012 at 9:40 a.m.
justsaying94 said...

I hear you Big Tafter that is why I don't see myself going there because that's what they want me to. Last time I checked I am old enough to choose were I want to go and Ms.Russell or O'Day want help me go nowhere. You know what they say the grass isn't always greener on the other side

February 2, 2012 at 11:52 p.m.
justsaying94 said...

This thing about the graduation not being held due to the short notice is all a bunch cya. For many years we have had them like clock work because we have students that have earned their GED's and deserve to walk thru graduation.The sad thing about this sitution is that two of the students have went home and want get to walk in graduation because of the people in central office! Now who is there for the children sure not O'Day and her staff. Those two students will never w get the chance again to walk thru a graduation and who knows that might have been a life changing moment.The education staff at Taft encourged those students to get their education and they would walk in the graduation and Nashville let them down imagine that. Many students have been their for alot of months in the past because they didn't do their program at first, but woke up one day and decided to grow up and start do their program and get their education and return home.Even some students that had a chance to leave up to two months early, stay two months longer than they had to just to get their Ged or get all their gateways done so when they got out they could get their GED on the outside of the YDC.Sounds like to me O'Day needs to quit making up lies and get in the field and learn how the YDC's operate, because she doesn't have a clue. In the meeting in Nashville Feb. 1st she stated that the younger students would be seperated from the older kids and that Taft had two different type of kids and that they were in two different groups. She was for once partly right, Taft does have different type of students but she was wrong when she stated they are seperated, because they are not and alot of both type students live on the same dorm. If O'Day closes Taft you the tax payers are going to pay dearly because when you mix 18 to 13 to 14 year olds living in the same unit some young student will get hurt and maybe even a staff member.I hope I am wrong but the past leans toward that it will. Strange thing about this sitution O'Day or Haslam don't have children in the sitution that some parents are going to be in if they close Taft and don't seem to care. It's all about the money, what children oh those children. All I can say is come on down we have a blue shirt that will fit them and will have to get the yellow on the back put on. For someone who is so set on closing Taft O'Day toured the campus and went thru like a tornado and never slowed down to really look because she allready had her mind made up about Taft, and Haslam has never even been there and once was just approximately 30 minutes away and was on his way home but didn't have time. That shows how much of a class act he is, not!!! Also for O'Day's cronnie Ms.Russell if I wanted to work for TDOC I think I would already been working there don't you think. I wish they would quit using the new prison as a pawn and why cut 169 jobs to try to fill 400 and instead have 569. Oh that's right there not to good in math my bad!

February 2, 2012 at 11:26 p.m.
justsaying94 said...

Mr. Cook that is what people at Taft have been saying along and needing to see someone tell like it is. Since Nashville is where all the people( O'Day,Haslam,Dawson)and where central office is located and the newspaper located in Nashville are not reporting hardly anything on this story HUH!!!.What happen to freedom of speach for the press are they bought or are they afraid to print the truth, correct me if I am wrong but the press is suppose to report the facts! Come on Tennesseean get in the game if your a real newspaper or you limited to what you can print. If anyone that missed the meeting in Nashville you missed quiet a show. Ms O'Day started out by saying that she brought all her people so this time she would't waste the panels time. Quess what she did just that waste everyone time again. It wasn't a total waste of time but she once again showed that she is over paid for her job, because none of her staff know or her could answer the questions again!If she didn't know the answers all she had to do was turn around and ask someone from Taft and I would bet that they would know the answer.The one person that should have been there was Mr. Dawson and then she would have had all her so called people with her to answer the questions.Funny thing about that if I am not mistaken Dawson was in the building prior to the meeting? If you are Mr. Dawson's boss and that was a work day and he wasn't on some type of leave I think I would know where my employee's are, but she can't answer any of the question, so what makes us think she can keep up with her employee's! If my information is correct not sure where and exactly which detention centers that they are,but they are over a hundred boys in each one and that they need to be in a YDC and DCS are not taking any in right now, wander WHY. Also O'Day talked about putting the girls that are in New Vision (24 of them right now) in a private place and it's kind of odd that Woodlinhills is setting there right now with you quessed it 24 beds open.Haslam and O'Day can set there and say they are doing everthing for the children when if you ask me they are looking to get rich and leave the state of Tennessee in alot of lawsuits once they move on. Haslam hopefully at the end of his term and not relected and take his DCS commissioners that don't know anything about the DCS department and move on!

February 2, 2012 at 9:55 p.m.
justsaying94 said...
February 2, 2012 at 9:50 p.m.
justsaying94 said...

We can sit here and talk numbers all day and night, but we all know that money isn't the reason to close Taft no matter how you look at it. There are alot of things that shows how smart O'Day is, like her plan to save 4.4 millon is the closing Taft Youth Center. If you don't close Taft then what is your back up plan or plan B? Oh there's a need for a plan B, really if anyone has worked in State government the State always has a contingencey plan to almost everything. You think that Dawson with all his years of service that he was superintendent at taft for a while and you would think he would know alittle about that! Maybe the governor will wake up and smell the coffee or he can continue to keep his head in the sand, no matter what happens O'Day started this mess and thought she would walk right thru without a hitch, but quess what, we will stand up and take a stand for the students and the employee's of Taft that wish to carry on what Taft has done for years! It is a shame that the future of the students comes down to money and why don't O'Day and Dawson give their pay increase that they got if money is such an issue!!!!

January 29, 2012 at 9:38 p.m.
justsaying94 said...

I am not going to say which person at the meeting said it best, but when he said that the proposal that O'Day gave to Haslam was how he said it with all due respect that the numbers were abit elevated over what the facts are. He said that if you read the proposal and done the math with the facts that it was a no brainer and I have to agree. If Haslam doesn't remove the proposal to close Taft then that could mean one or all of three things,that he can't add or subtract, know how to read,or he just turns a blind eye to the whole thing and say the proposal is very persausive. Since the proposal Haslam was in Dunlap, TN (just 20 miles south of Pikeville) for an opening of a manufactoring plant and was asked to come to Taft and see for himself,which by the way would have been on his way back to Nashville and he stated that he did't have time. Seems to me he could have made time but I guess that shows how much he cares to see for himself what Taft needs or doesn't need, which refers back to one of the points I made earlier. The bottom line is that he doesn't care and doesn't want the truth. The bad thing about the whole sitution is that even a blind man could see what Haslam and O'Day are doing and I hope the lawmakers all across the state see it to,and keep Taft open for the youths that choose the wrong path in life and that Taft is still there to help them get back on the right path!

January 6, 2012 at 1:51 a.m.
justsaying94 said...

To answer to your question Annie53 is yes the local news reported that the shooting was (GANG RELATED) between to gangs.Just alittle over a year ago that the police dept. in Chattanooga reported on tv that they didn't have a gang problem. My how quickely things change and for years Taft has gotten gang members from Chattanooga, Nashville,Knoxville, and memphis even from surrounding counties. But folks don't be alarmed Gov. Haslam and comm. O'Day and Dep. comm. Dawson have a plan.If you have ever kept up with the way state goverment works is if it makes sense then go yhe oyher way that don't make sense. Like I said before in Nashville 2+2=37 and you would think that haslam who owns the pliots truck stop's he could do the math, but 4.4 millon maybe to small amount for him it don't have double digits,has a little dot in between the two numbers.

December 25, 2011 at 11:16 p.m.
justsaying94 said...

From what I just read it seems to me that infact Haslam and O'Day both need to tour Taft and leave the weak link Dawson in Nashville and before they leave Nashville go by records and do their homework. Then they need to come to Taft and bring pen and paper and take notes but it want do any good because they don't seem to be able to read cause the figures are right in front of them already.They choose to ingnore the facts so it looks like the have a personal reason why they want to close Taft HuH!

December 25, 2011 at 10:52 a.m.

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