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A LITTLE LESSON ABOUT AGENDA 21 George H. W. Bush signed an agreement with the UN in 1992 to implement Agenda 21 (with no approval from Congress). President Clinton created the Presidents Council for Sustainable Development (again using an EO with no approval by Congress) it is clearly stated by President Clinton the objective of the PCSD is to implement Agenda 21. President Obama (again creating an EO and bypassing Congress) on June 9, 2011 created The White House Rural Council to now take control of the food and water resources found on the rural landscape. The truth and the words are hidden from the public because as J Gary Lawrence stated in the Millenium Papers, Issue 2 they must hide what they are doing by calling it something else; like comprehensive planning or smart growth for fear of citizen backlash. Once people started to catch on they started changing the words and removing reference to Agenda 21. Late summer of 2011 ICLEI USA totally scrubbed their website of all reference to Local Agenda, UN HABITAT and Earth Charter. Why did ICLEI scrub their website?? Because cities and counties all over America have been canceling their membership as it is being disclosed to elected officials (by citizens) that ICLEI is the implementation arm of the UN Agenda 21. In the Biodiversity Assessment (the basis for A21) it clearly states the population of the world must be reduced from 7 billion to 1 billion in order to maintain our current lifestyle. It also clearly states what is unsustainable and must be abolished: property rights, single family homes, irrigation, air conditioning, refrigeration, fences, dams, fisheries, paddocks, large hoofed animals, paved and tarred roads, septic systems, fertilizers, pesticides, golf courses, ski slopes, consumerism, modern agricultural equipment, fossil fuels and the list goes on and on. Can you afford not to pay attention. Can you afford not to research Agenda 21, ICLEI, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, The Wildlands Project (the plan to take more than 50% of US land and rewild – think about how much of our land is already owned by the government – still think this is not happening) Start with watching You Tube Agenda 21 for Dummies (9 minutes that will change your mind). Go to: freedom21.org, americanpolicy.org, freedomadvocates.org for more information.

November 18, 2011 at 11:02 a.m.
karenb said...

What Mr. Pare failed to report was WHY Ms. Bracken was concerned with Chattanooga driving the bus for this project. Since the 90's Chattanooga has partnered with an NGO(Non Government Organization) sanctioned by the UN to implement Local Agenda 21.That organization is ICLEI. Entering into a contract with ICLEI is a violation of Art. 1 Sec. 10 of our Constitution and all 10 memberships with ICLEI in the state of TN MUST be ended. WE must DEMAND it (HOW ICLEI WAS CREATED by Joan Veon). Chattanooga was one of the first cities in the US to embrace the policies of Agenda 21. In 1996 Chattanooga was honored at the UN HABITAT II (Human Settlements) conference in Istanbul for its support of these policies. Our elected officials are either totally uninformed or complicit. Make no mistake there are many people that will gain great sums of money and power for this destruction of America. If we don't put a stop to this now we will experience the same thing that is happening in CA (farmers being denied water, roads in disrepair to force people out of their cars, dams being destroyed) or like 1500 farmers in FL that are being forced off their land (google THE FLORIDA STORY) or MD where the Governor is overriding the will of the people and the County Commissioners writing an EO which will deny road repair and city/county services to people living outside the SMART GROWTH boundary. HUD money is financing this and with HUD money comes their rules. No matter what these people promise or what lie they tell you THEY MUST abide by federal requirements that come along with this money. The consensus building sessions we will attend in the future are all rigged and the facilitators well trained in implementing the Delphi Technique of manipulation. They are trained in driving your feedback to their pre-determined outcome. I don't remember anyone asking the voters if they wanted to become regionalized or if we wanted to apply for HUD money (OUR MONEY). Regionalization WILL lead to redistribution of wealth (regional tax base) and it WILL usurp the authority of local government. We will lose our voice just as they have in CA where regions are ruled by non-elected bureaucrats. We do not need federal money, federal agencies or non-elected bureaucrats to tell us how to live. This is all about control. Get away from the TV and start attending School Board, City Council and County Commission meetings. Take 3 hours out of your monthly TV schedule to find out what is happening in your community. They have gotten away with all of this deception because WE ARE NOT INVOLVED. They are counting on us not being in attendance and voicing our opposition. Last night there were a ton of people from the companies, that will gain huge sums of money, in attendance but very few citizens. 16 counties and only a hand full of citizens in the audience. They are counting on your ignorance and your complacency and if you don't change you will cease to be free.

November 18, 2011 at 10:53 a.m.
karenb said...

Mr. Hood seemed to lack the details needed to convince the Commission. We were assured by the Commission that there was no danger to school children riding the bus that crosses the bridge. But I think Mr Hood needs to do a better job of presenting his case.

May 23, 2011 at 6:53 p.m.

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