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kburgess1013 said...

This was a great football weekend! I'm sure that it was the football gods' way of smiling down on the Five-at-Ten and sending you an early birthday present! As for a birthday present from kburg, I was still hoping to send you this:


But my saving a penny a day hasn't gotten me too far yet. There's always nest year I guess! Big Happy Birthday Five-at-Ten!!

October 3, 2011 at 10:56 a.m.
kburgess1013 said...

What a game last night! I had thought that Atlanta was almost guaranteed a loss. I don't mean anything against my favorite NFL team, but it just seems that the Eagles have always had the Falcons' number, regardless of who was on either team or coaching staff.
Every game I am more and more impressed with the talents of Julio Jones. I am very glad that Dimitroff made the moves that he did to get Mr. Jones on the team. I also think that Jacquizz Rogers is showing potential. I hope that Atlanta's offensive line will continue to gel, and that Matt Ryan will feel more trusting of all players.

I am continuously disgusted with the lack of talent displayed by Matt Bosher. That idgit needs to GO immediately. I think I've seen high school players with better kicking abilities than him. Ugh he's terrible! I'm also not happy with Dunta Robinson's head butt maneuver last night. Did his $55,000 fine in last year's Eagles blood bath not teach him anything?

September 19, 2011 at 11:47 a.m.
kburgess1013 said...

Jay I appreciate your faith in the Dawgs for Saturday. The Dawgs, and their fans need all the good juju possible.

And as for your movie question, please put me down for Twister. Any time Bill Paxton takes a role as a character named Bill, you know you've got something great. Add to that big black swirling funnels of wind, and by golly you've got me hooked.

September 14, 2011 at 12:39 p.m.
kburgess1013 said...

War Eagle! I just can't help myself.

Agreed, Georgia outplayed and outperformed USC, which must have been deflating to a highly charged UGA team Saturday. I hope they can recover from the mental aspects of the loss but, then again, the season is just beginning. Good luck UGA until you play Auburn where I'll take a total meltdown on your part without batting an eye.

Falcons looked about as out of sync as I can recall from any game last season, but the entire NFL opening weekend speaks directly to a lot of really good teams appearing, well, out of sync or slap terrible (hello Colts, even without Manning that was really bad).

Aside from all the NFL madness, Cam Newton played far better than I expected in the season opener. It just goes to show you can never gauge what Newton is capable of doing (hello Les Miles! Your jaw dropping sideline performance as the one Mr. Newton ran like the wind for the TD last year speaks to his ability to perform above and beyond expectations). Good for him.

Quick question: How do the beloved Auburn Tigers stack up regarding our upcoming game against Clemson?

So far we're yet to disappoint but luck seems to be our best player thus far. I have to chock the first W on the season to this, but I have to take a bit of credit away from lucks performance in game two, though it was definitely still working in our favor. We looked to have some skills in the bag during big time pressure moments when we absolutely needed it. I'll take it as long as the skills keep building. Luck always tends to run out at some point. A win is a win and even better against a conference rival, especially a ranked one.

Thank you, Auburn, for another near heart attack.

September 12, 2011 at 1:21 p.m.
kburgess1013 said...

This weekend was a real kick in the gut for Kburg. I could kind of deal with the Dawgs loss, knowing in my heart that it should have been a win. It doesn't say much for Spurrier's Gamecocks who are mostly 4th and 5th year, almost NFL ready players, when they can only beat a young team of mostly freshmen and sophomores with a couple of lucky breaks on turnover mistakes. I had to step away from TV all together to avoid a total melt down over the Falcons game. That was DISGUSTING! Although it is mildly comforting to know that the Falcons were in good company for great teams with week 1 losses to be absolutely ashamed of. And hey at least the NFC south is all tied up at 0-1. As for my players of the week: College: Isaiah Crowell NFL: I'd tend to agree with Aaron Rogers, but I'll put up another Packer- Randall Cobb, who did an awesome flip over a Saints player, stayed on his feet, and ran all the way in for a TD.

September 12, 2011 at 11:20 a.m.
kburgess1013 said...

How did you ever guess that K-Burg likes the Falcons?! Magic crystal ball perhaps? I was both excited and horrified that Peter King predicted the Falcons to meet the Chargers in Superbowl 2012. Naturally my first thought was hoping that his prediction did not place a hex on my favorite team. And then of course I thought it only logical that the Falcons would wait until possibly the last Super Bowl ever (if the Mayans have it right), to go in and win.

And yes I do love NFL more than college ball. I tremendously enjoy both, but my most vivid memories of childhood are NFL oriented. The Burg house was never livelier than on Sundays when momma Burg would be yelling and screaming at the old boob tube with either elation at a Falcons victory or with absolute disgust at a Falcons loss (which were plentiful in those days). I think Diet Coke cans even went projectile on one or two occasions (just kidding). My late grandmother rarely showed enthusiasm for anything, but when her Dallas Cowboys or the Falcons were playing she would hoot and holler so loudly that her special recliner chair nearly tipped over a few times. I never really got the full college football experience until I went to my first ever game last season when Auburn had their first match up with South Carolina.

September 8, 2011 at 8:54 p.m.
kburgess1013 said...

I have to shamefully admit that I fell asleep during the Georgia game. However, I saw all the notes I needed to know from the stream of irate text messages my mother sent me during the game. The majority of which were not in favor of Mark Richt's coaching abilities. I am in favor of ending the Mark Richt era at UGA if it means that they can finally give Auburn a run for their money again, or any Division 1-A team for that matter. Sigh. At least I have the Georgia State Panthers to pull for in Division 2-A.

September 7, 2011 at 8 p.m.
kburgess1013 said...

Definitely did not see the finish for the Derby coming. Congrats to Celtic Vol!
As for your question posed, I suppose that you could say that the World Cup is to soccer as the Derby is to horse racing (prerequisite for being drunk and all), only instead of one day year, it rears its nasty vuvuzela tooting, beer soaked head for a month every four years.
I've had a hard time keeping up with and caring about the NBA playoffs. Hope the Hawks do well, but the players squeaking around the court is like nails to a chalk board to my ears. No offense to the 5-at-10 and previous high school basketball career.

May 9, 2011 at 1:57 p.m.
kburgess1013 said...

Ok, so I'm torn. Dialed In has been very impressive this year and has a wonderful post position, but Twice The Appeal has 3 times the appeal of many of the other horses with the 3rd post position and Calvin "Bo-Rail" on board. That said, surely Calvin Borel's lucky streak at Churchill Downs must come to an end at somepoint so my new picks are Dialed In closing in late for the victory and Shackleford fading fast and walking across the finish line last (even slower than Derby Kitten).

May 6, 2011 at 2:04 p.m.

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