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Big business is big in Texas. Its interests are served throughout all branches of that state's governments. Mr. Dubyah Bush tried to turn the USA into Texas when he was president. Conservatives are on board with that. They so easily accept the business metaphor to encapsulate our federal government. That must be an underlying reason why many cons are willing to vote for a man they despised during the primaries. That and they are desperate.
Another loss probably signals serious ruptures within their party. It may well be a long time before a Republican wins the presidency again unless they become more diverse. I don't see the Glum Aryan Party doing that in the South although their Northern brethren might. Imagine two political parties in the USA filled with citizens who look like Americans and not just CONfederates.

November 3, 2012 at 8:25 a.m.
kinch7 said...

If there were no guns there would be no gun crimes. If there was no ammunition, gun crimes would drop to the percentage that measures the times guns are used to bludgeon people. Both of those statements are absolutist, and as such somewhat unrealistic; just as it is realistic for gun owners to equate gun control with gun prohibition. Few people want to prohibit guns. The 18th Amendment is a historical example of how badly prohibition works. Maybe the wallet is the starting place where gun control should be implemented. Chris Rock said we should charge a grand a bullet so that people willing to murder would think about the cost first. It's a funny suggestion. Is it wise?

January 16, 2012 at 9:32 a.m.
kinch7 said...

About Mr. Harrington's letter: any difference of opinion can be seen as an infringement by someone. So when a religious person writes an opinion grounded in religious presuppositions, he or she can expect disagreement not only from secular people, but also from religious people of other persuasions. I know because I'm a Baptist and we disagree with everybody including Baptists. That being said, some of his observations about secular governments are not historically sound. The first secular government ever conceived in history was ours. Jefferson et al forged a government that allowed religion, but did not ground our government in religion. We have a public religion that grounds inalienable rights in a Creator, but the government itself is secular. Would Mr. Harrington make the claim that our Civil War was a secular war and not, as Lincoln claimed, a punishment by God for slavery? I found the statement, "Secular governments have waged almost all the wars in history," to be an extraordinary claim especially since I have recently taught the books of Joshua and Judges. Would it be an exaggeration on my part when I say you can count on one hand the number of wars that were prompted by secular governments without religion? Many do not agree on whether Hitler's Final Solution was racist, religious, or both. Hitler was a Catholic. Many Germans were Catholics and Protestants. They had "Christ Killer" on their minds as they murdered Jewish people. Does that make World War II a religious or secular war? How about Japan with their Shintoism undergirding their nationalism? Was Japan a secular government? Has there ever been a war devoid of religion? Well, Mr. Harrington, has there?

January 15, 2012 at 11:14 a.m.
kinch7 said...
 Gas prices have been coming down recently.  I wonder if Mr. Bergen has given Mr. Obama credit for that.  I suspect when the Berlin wall fell, Mr. Bergen happily attributed that great day solely to Mr. Reagan and not a piff or piddle to Mr. Carter.  I doubt seriously that he attributes the so-called Arab Spring to Mr. Obama's influence.  He would never be outfoxed that way.  So now he would already blame our president for something that has not happened yet?  What if our government finds a way to forestall that dire prediction?  Who will Mr. Bergen give the credit to for that?  I predict it will not be Mr. Obama.
January 14, 2012 at 11:09 a.m.
kinch7 said...
  Most unkind rhetoric, librul, but I too have felt your rage. It is fun to stack up a pile of vitriol, but reason and debate suffer once those rocks are thrown. Who has the better argument?  Who provides the best reasons for their propositions?  Who envisions the best ideas that can be implemented to make our Republic a just and enlightened society?  Surely, not the person stoning others with vituperations. Liberals seek the fair deal for all. Truth is on everyone's side except the ones who cannot explain it and live it. (Please don't ask me what truth is. I have no idea. It's like obscenity. I know it when I see it far less often than when I see what I do not know. So much of truth is waiting and see.)

 So Mr. Ledford would have us go to war...again...against another, different nation...murder its mommies and daddies and babies and fetuses and cousins and uncles and aunts. I'm wondering which of the Big Three in the Trinity could feel sorrow over that and think, "Alas."  I also wonder, and highly suspect, that Mr. Ledford votes straight Tea Party. He would bring another costly war on his country. Alas and alas. There are many fundamentalists who believe we can trash our planet since a new earth will be created anyway, but they falter when it comes to applying that sort of reasoning to Israel. According to that theology, God is going to make a new earth and God is going to save Israel no matter what people do. So the world does not need environmentalists and Israel does not need the United States. Keep your faith consistent, Mr. Ledford.
January 14, 2012 at 10:46 a.m.
kinch7 said...
 I reread Mr. Whitely's good letter.  Now, Mr. Whitely, haven't you seen me on my bicycle huffing and puffing up that hill across that intersection yet? The purpose of that intersection insofar as a traffic light is concerned is to prevent wrecks as you well know.  It's my understanding that after 3 wrecks the authorities put up a red light.  As a federal program, the funds given to the locals were used there--I think.  I don't know who is responsible for sensors and light synchronicity, but you are absolutely right that it is annoying to sit there at that seemingly eternal light with nothing coming from any direction.  You and I might want to learn how the fed-state-county relationship works and who is responsible for what.  I've seen the county put their road equipment on a badly broken road and think, "They're finally going to fix it," but then the equipment is removed and nothing was fixed.  At least the feds put up a road sign and something eventually gets done.  I suspect when that happens, the locals take all the credit and think of some way the feds messed it up even in cases where the feds did what is within their authority.
January 9, 2012 at 6:21 a.m.
kinch7 said...
 Great letters from Mr. Eary and Mrs. Heard!  I like Mrs. Heard's letter especially.  It's refreshing to know a candle of science in a demon haunted city such as the words of Carl Sagan...can burn ever so brightly.  I fear it will be another hundred years before we begin to leave behind the greater absurdities that come with being enchanted by fundamentalist religion.  I did it.  The way I did it was to read the Bible, theology, history, and science.  Reading the Bible with modern study methods is huge. I suggest Muslims read their sacred book the same way. If after a hundred years the once and future king does not return to reestablish a monarchy over everyone, I suspect folks will have stopped caring decades before that.  Water, I think, will be on everyone's mind in a hundred years.
 About Mr. Wamp's son--those letters seem a bit unfair.  Just because a person may have never dug a ditch does not mean he cannot comprehend what it is like to be a ditch digger.  Mr. Wamp the father may not have had the snap crackle pop we need in the neurons of our elected officials, but that does not mean that his son is a soggy corn pone flake.  I hope he's not.  We need good thinkers and solid visionaries in the Republican Party.  They are so few, and since they keep getting elected, we must always hope for the least acknowledgement that intelligence is worthwhile.  Simple minded might work for ditch diggers, unless you are Jude the Obscure, but that does not work well for governance.  About Bob Corker, lest we forget, he wanted the American automobile industry to fail.  He still does.  It didn't.
January 8, 2012 at 7:59 p.m.
kinch7 said...

Actually, the idea that a news organization is perfect is itself a lie. Anyone can google "Fox lies" or go to YouTube and find that awesome show where Jon Stewart showed one lie told on Fox after another. I've seen a few and I've heard deceit in their language. There was the time Santorum declared on Fox that WMD had been found after some rods turned up in Iraq. There was the 4 million dollars our president's overseas trip taken some time ago supposedly cost. That was refuted yet reported as true on Fox for a week until they gradually retracted it and then dropped it altogether. That was an outright lie. Here's another one: continuing to report that our government's help to save the American automobile industry was socialism even after the companies began paying baleout money back. There are even more lies of omission and propaganda lies. During the runup to the Iraqi War Fox News and some Bushies on Fox news began saying publically that Osama Bin Laden's capture was not an important priority. That is well documented. After Mr. Obama ordered the Navy Seals to take Bin Laden out, I heard Fox newscasters say that it was not that big a deal. Our own newspaper never gave our president credit for being the decider on that one. What makes the latter a lie of omission is that Osam Bin Laden's capture under Bush's term would have been hailed as the greatest single victory of one leader over evil since Hezekiah prayed the Assyrians away. A letter like this one is silly. For one thing, it is proposed by a mindset that disregards evidence. That is well documented too. Just look at those birthers, holocaust deniers, and 911 (un)truth tellers.

January 8, 2012 at 7:37 p.m.
kinch7 said...

How dare our president make appointments after months of inertia. It's his job to make sure our government does nothing, knows nothing, and if possible think nothing. The nerve! What we need in this country is for all congresses and presidents heretofor to run on a platform that pledges they will work earnestly to prevent the government from doing anything except pay salaries to the ones who best keep the goverment inert. I've seen biscuits soaking in gravy that set a better example for us all. Three cheers for inertia! No. Let's just do nothing and say we did.

January 8, 2012 at 7:18 p.m.
kinch7 said...

Ha! Ha! Those poor Democrats! They have reason and justice on their side, but most of them take the high road when it comes to working with Republicans which takes them nowhere. They passedm Healthcare Reform and rather than seizing the day, they cowered. Failure could not happen to a bunch of nicer people. They deserve to lose and it hurts to write that. It's always better to be a freethinker than a dogmatic thinker especially if your mind swings towards progressive thoughts.

January 8, 2012 at 7:11 p.m.

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