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milkandhoney said...

Chet!! Now I'm a white man because I'm not backing Favors? Lol! I am from Alton Park and I know many people who give back and don't even agree with her or Donut...let me prove to you that I am from Alton Park...I went to calvin donaldson when Mr Greer was Principal and then came Betty williams..I went to alton Park Middle when Kirk Kelly was principal I went to Howard when william Fain was principal I get my hair cut at Bears Jackie use to cut my Hair till he passed then debbie till she moved to nashville...I know about the beefs at Howard between the administration and the community...I know that coach Bowles was forced out by edna varner...I remember Mr Jesse collecting all of the cans I remember when the boys club was at the Beth then moved to the complex at the Health center then moved to the rent office in the projects then to the old 45th street center...The South Side reunion doesn't draw 10000...stop lying and its nothing to sponsor! Vendors sell food at a park nthg is special about that even though I go every year and see Greg sell out of food...I've scored many touchdowns at Howard I've scored baskets as that black enough for I said I never saw favors until the cameras came on!!! And I will continue to say it because its the I black now? Do u need more infoe? I am saying thurman is wrong!!! But I also know that favors is in this for an alterior motive!!! Your sad man! And to think we actually accept I think differently about favors

July 12, 2011 at 3:44 p.m.
milkandhoney said...

Chet, u don't have a beef with me...I don't agree with thurman and you don't either...I am from the innercity, I graduated from Howard and I am very active in the school and the when you ask where I am that's where I have been everysince I graduated college...all I do is give back to my comminity...because I owe that to them! But u can't tell me favors is off limits...I will criticize her just like I will Thurman...and who crowned them the black leaders...not me...I have been in that area all my life and I have never had any contact with favors! Sorry that I lived in the innercity till I made it out and I never saw or met favors or seen her do anything in alton park or Howard...but you don't even know me to question what I do or have done but I can gurantee you that the youth and the parents see me and appreciate me more than they do favors

July 10, 2011 at 7:11 p.m.
milkandhoney said...

another thing funny that i noticed about the comments is how people are saying bluedagger is a great black man and how he should run for school please show me where he shows that he is qualified to run...and i wonder what the comments would have read if he said that thurman was wrong

July 9, 2011 at 11:25 p.m.
milkandhoney said...

I am also a black man... I dont have a problem with the stance that Bluedagger has taken because he is entittled to that. However i can gurantee you that he is probably not from the innercity or has had to face the problems that the people in the inner city face>>>How many years are we from legalized segregation? and how long did the oppression last...blacks now suffer from what i call psychological slavery... meaning the oppression that they endured for so long has been passed down from generation to generation and the only way to break that cycle is to do it one family at a time and I take it that bluedaggers family wont have these problems and that is good...unfortunately for bluedagger he can feel however he wants but the reality is that racism still does exist and he can have all the views he some people he will still be the N word....Our county needs prayer!!!! I am not a Favors supporter or a thruman supporter ...I feel both are wrong.. true SOME slaves learned to read...but those numbers arent on the high end! thurman was wrong for her statement and she was wrong for never giving scales a chance!!! and there is no way we can look at smiths credentials and say he is the man for the job.... they even changed rules for him to get the job!!!! Is this not a problem??? However i will support him because he is what we are stuck with and i want him to Win because if he Wins our kids for favors...she is just being a politician!!!! she saw the camera and she dove into the lights...what are the new innercity schools? last time i saw Tyner High and Tyner middle, Brainerd High>>lol

July 9, 2011 at 11:10 p.m.

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