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valleyreader said...

Rolando, THINK about what you stated: "tryin' to make a buck off a poor, possibly deranged, woman who is fleeing to a new life somewhere." It seems that it is okay for you to have an opinion about what may or may not have happened yourself.

Do you KNOW that she may be deranged? Thought not. And if you did, shame on you for making that disparaging remark and not getting her help, would be the decent thing to do for another human being. Supposing that IS what occurred, she may be in need of medical attention and not seeking it...guess in your mind, let her go, let her live on the streets, in her car and become just another nameless face in a shelter. If she chose to leave, why not take DL and money for gas, lodging, medical and food?

Consider the concerns and communications she had with family and close friends immediately before she disappeared, she was reaching out for help AND receiving it. If she chose to walk away, a simple phone call to her sister or anyone else letting them know of that decision would go a long way. Difficult for the family, but better for them than not knowing.

She deserves the same benefit of the doubt that you seem be defending Matt with. I don't see anyone accusing Matt, I see a whole lot of people who are baffled how a woman and her vehicle can mysteriously vanish after pulling out of her driveway. Add to this, the fact that she was taking steps and methodically preparing for an end to a several year (obviously tenuous) marriage at the time she disappeared....yes, this does cause speculation for many that understand it is routine to investigate and clear the spouse in similar circumstances.

Neither she nor her vehicle have been located. She disappeared with none of the resources which where available to her individually or through marital property. She and her family deserve the respect of a full investigation into ALL possibilities (accident, foul play, abduction or voluntarily leaving), until her disappearance is resolved.

As to the money angle...I haven't seen any indication from any source that this being pursued. I do see that certain people may have developed a level of uncertainty or lack of complete trust with folks in this area since she disappeared. One person in particular, has acted on Gail's specific request, and is loyally following those instructions. I can only speculate from what I have read or heard in interviews that perhaps the release to police and media simultaneously is an indication that she wants to honor a promise, and media presence while doing so is an assurance that this material will be handled properly and according to Gail's original intent.

A money angle, nope. This theory only serves to throw people off of the focus of locating somone's mother and sister. I believe no amount of money worth what her family, children and friends have been, are, and will continue to go through until she is located.

July 3, 2011 at 8:24 p.m.
valleyreader said...

Rolando, Regardless of how or why Gail has not yet been located, the point many are trying to make is not that the investigation should have begun by accusing the husband. But, that as part of HER being missing, HER home, documents, notes, records, should have been made readily available in order for the investigators to objectively determine which direction to proceed. Interviews with family members, friends, reviewing items or information they could make available can also be very detrimental to a missing persons case.

Initially yes, the length of time before a report was made is disturbing. Why is she not home now? Why is she not tucking in her children? Why is she not here to pursue the divorce she was so adamantly preparing for before she disappeared? Why has she never attempted to retrieve personal, family items left with friends for safe-keeping as part of her attempt to exit the relationship? Why has she never attempted to access any funds, marital funds or her own personal retirement funds which could be readily accessed if she where inclined to anywhere via wire transfer on PC, except to change her personal access code prior which limited the access of these funds to her and her alone? She had no cash or DL when she disappeared.

She had sufficient assets and resources IN PLACE with which to start-over if she so chose, none of them have been utilized. Does it look like she has disappeared of her own accord? Why has she or her vehicle not been located? Time will tell.

Just think about what she would have retained in terms of property, family, friends and financially if she had not disappeared, what she does not have now? Everyone is quick to make assumptions and opinions. It is up to the HCSO to sort out the facts surrounding her disappearance and take appropriate action as they feel necessary.

Also, a clarification for those who may not have been following this disappearance from the beginning, she would not have left because she was tire of him not working and being home all day. He was not terminated until after she disappeared, as reported by several media outlets within the first week of June.

Hats-off to her siblings for undertaking this challenging responsibility, for stepping up for each other, that is after all, what families should do.

Who knows, once this is all resolved, perhaps her husband will look back on all of this with a different perspective, a clear head, and be thankful that the there was always family ready to help and protect the children when he maybe was not in the position to deal with all of the complications. Maybe he should be grateful that her siblings can be counted on while he is himself, no doubt making several adjustments of his own.

Any information regarding Gails disappearance, or that of her Jeep Rubicon should be directed to the HCSO at 423.622.0022 or

June 28, 2011 at 3:29 p.m.
valleyreader said...

thinkaboutitt, spot on 100%! In fact, there is something seriously wrong with someone who would not move heaven and earth to find a loved one.

Oh, and you can see who has been participating in the reward fund at the donation page.

No, I am unable to see contribution from the husband.

June 28, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.
valleyreader said...

inquiringmind, I see no assertions of foul play stated for these actions by family members. What I do see is a family taking steps to provide for the childrens over-all well-being, financially and on a family level. Counseling? By all means! Due to the recent events it would be irresponsible to NOT provide these children with proffesional, ongoing counseling to deal with the recent events which have occured with this family. I see a concerned family stepping up to preserve the best interests, family ties and assets (shared or individual), of a woman who is MISSING, has not yet been located, and who is unavailable or unable to represent herself. It is a no-brainer that these things should already have occured. However, access to the children has been denied to family and counseling should have been provided from the onset...these are two young children who have had their life dramatically impacted. How would you expect them to cope? These circumstances will FOREVER change the way this little persons approach life, a life that was turned upside-down on 4/30/2011. As for controlling Mr. Palmgren's life and assets (and the individual assets of Gail Palmgren), that's life. It would, of course be easier for him to go forward with HIS life if there were answers or resolution to his wife's dissapearance. Until that time, and considering the time frame of "only" two months since she went missing, I think a lot of people would agree that liquidating assets in a manner similar to liquidating assets in an estate could be considered inappropriate and uncouth. The circumstances are terribly unfortunate for all involved. Locating this woman will be the first step to regaining a normal life for her children, family and husband. Perhaps the situation would be different now had Mr. Palmgren been more expedient when his wife went missing, welcomed the assistance of family and loving friends instead of retreating beind locked doors, or had taken a more active, involved and thorough interest in locating his wife, the mother of his children from the onset. Despite any marital discord, they ARE still married, she IS still his wife and deserves the RESPECT as such. It should not take a court order for him to do/not do what is requested by the family, any decent human-being would have already provided what is being asked for by the family until Gail Palmgren is located. ...sorry so long.

June 28, 2011 at 10:06 a.m.

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