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It's been one big lie after another since Commissioner O'Day put Taft into the budget to close if there were to be a 20% cut and said that it was only an excercize. Then there have been numerous monitary lies regarding how much renovation Taft is in need of (zero) and how much it will cost to keep it open and how much they will save. No one has been to Taft to evaluate these lies. So my opinion is that these lies are covering up the BIG lie that hasn't come out yet. It's no secret that the Governor likes to privatize things and take the cheap way out. I'm sure the BIG LIE that they don't want anyone to know about is that this is the first step in closing all the Youth Development Centers. Something that is being kept very hush-hush is the renovation of Shelby Training Center. As soon as Commissioner O'Day can get that up and running - Goodby Wilder Youth Development Center... and probably Mtn. View as well. And they aren't hiding the lie that they are lining their own pockets with the money they are planing on saving. I can't recall the amount exactly but Gov. Haslam gave Commissioner O'Day a tremendous raise just after she took office. And I'm sure Governor Haslam isn't profiting at all (NOT) on the new contract with a certain rental car agency that has just been put on contract for the state, nor is he profiting from the state vehicles being gassed up at Pilot gas stations. Lies and deceipt! Need I say more.

April 5, 2012 at 8:04 a.m.
vanburen said...

I hope they take the tampon dispenser off the bathroom wall at New Visions. It would make a wonderful weapon. Back in 2004 or so when the riot happened at Woodland Hills, those kids made weapons out of everything. People have fought very hard in the past trying to keep New Visions open for the girls. They just seem to be sitting back saying that it's OK to put the girls elsewhere as long as Taft is going to close. Wonder if those people are the same people who have always wanted Taft closed due to the "mountain mentality" and Taft's "culture" Now it's ok for the girls to go elsewhere and it's OK that Taft kids come in and tear the place to pieces or even burn it to the ground. They are never going to be able to keep those boys in that place. Way too many options for them to find themselves a way for um... early release..... I've also heard horror stories over the years of how these kids have retaliated against people. Imagine being their field worker and coming home only to find the heads of your puppies on fence rails. Or to find little Mr. violent/aggressive teen sitting on your couch with a gun....

"Voice", you mentioned the monitary gain that Haslam and O'Day are getting out of this. What about the monitary gain that Haslam is getting from Pilot. The Fuelman cards that the state vehicles use can be used at Pilot. Also, the state is now utilizing rental cars which coincidentally Haslam is vested in. Sounds like he is double dipping. "Shoe_Chucker", I for one did not vote for the LITTLE DICTATOR and would gladly push and shove my way to the front of the line to have him removed from office. I'm afraid he is still in the beginning stages of destroying the state. And I don't care what wonders he did for Knoxville. Let him go right back there. Yes he is creating a few PRIVATE jobs here and there, but he is doing more damage than good imo.

March 29, 2012 at 7:52 a.m.
vanburen said...

Mr. Cook - what an article!!!! I've done some research on the Rader Center. I was shocked to continually come across article after artical detailing the violence and damage caused by their former youths after they were closed. And if I'm not mistaken, similar events have taken place elsewhere in the U.S. 265 Students sent to Taft over that time span!?!?!?! That is astonishing to say the least. That alone should be a neon arrow pointing to the clear fact that the other YDC's cannot handle the type of youth housed at Taft. If I were a parent at one of the other YDC's I would never rest a moment for fear my child would be woken in the middle of the night being beaten by a former Taft student. And what measures have been taken to prevent that from happening. I've read previously that Commissioner O'Day plans to put the worst of the worst from Taft at New Visions - the girls facility. Has a fence been put up to keep those kids in? I've not even seen that the girls have been moved yet. My heart breaks at the thought of all the good people at Taft losing their jobs. My heart also breaks at the thought of all the parents of the students at the other YDC's.

March 28, 2012 at 7:38 a.m.

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