published Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

5-at-10: College football's three-year cycle, college hoops big night and Michael J. Fox

How'd we get to this day so quickly. You know what day it is. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Remember Friday's mailbag — we have a strong start but we're always looking for more — and fire away in the comments.

We're taking a little bit of a different spin today, so here we go.

From the "Talks too much" studios, who's the better Watson — Sherlock's sidekick, Bob Watson, Tom Watson or the man you know better as Joe the Policeman from the 'What's Going Down' episode of "That's My Mama" Mr. Randy Watson?

Three-year twitch

There is a crossroad in college football coaching. It's year three. Year three is the dividing line that can let a coach get comfortable enrolling his kids in private school or force him to polish the resume and look at NFL assistant jobs. Hi Derek. 

  • photo
    Alabama's head coach Nick Saban walks the sideline.
    Photo by Dan Henry /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Very rarely is season one something special. Heck, Coaching Grand Potentate Nick Saban had a very blah 7-6 run in first first season at Alabama and lost to La. Monroe for crying out loud. (Of course Gus Malzahn appears to be doing something extraordinary and the situation he inherited at Auburn was extra special in that it was supremely talented yet supremely dysfunctional. He cleaned the place up and restored some confidence and added some throw pillows and a nice running rug to jazz-up things a bit. There is no one-season fix for a lack of talent or speed.)

But season one can set the stage for special and fun things in year two. Year two has enthusiasm and rosters that are starting to take shape with at least one full recruiting class and often times most of a second class. So take hope UT fans about the second story of the Brick-by-Brick complex that Butch is trying to assemble. Big things can happen in year two. Bad things can happen in year two, too.

Season three, however, is a make-a-break year in today's college coaching world. Year three needs to be filled with at least notable positive strides and tangible success for the fan base and for the stability of the program and for the continued appearance of ascent in the eyes of recruits and the competition.

The three-year arc is treacherous to be sure, but some of the best and most promising coaches in college football — how does USC not make Stanford's David Shaw, in his third year with The Cardinal, say no — are riding the upslope in year three, which is almost always the year of the extension or the year of the intensified hot-seat talk.

Let's look at two interesting swings on three-year guys in the same conference who appear to be going in opposite directions:

Will Muschamp, Florida vs. James Franklin, Vandy

In addition to stomping on Muschamp's Gators last week in a 3/4-full Swamp, Franklin's historic run with Vandy is supremely underrated. He is in his third year and will almost certainly lead the 'Dores to their third consecutive bowl game at a time when the SEC is on a historic roll. Read that again. Muschamp, however, is in year three and these Gators likely will miss the postseason and could finish with a losing record — the last time a Florida team (1979) failed to post a winning record, the Bee Gees were the bees' knees. Several of the Sunshine state's star recruits that were considered to be leaning toward Florida are looking elsewhere, and to make matters worse FSU and Miami (and heck, even Central Florida) are rising and appear to be the preferred choice for in-state talent.

Michigan's Brady Hoke vs. Minnesota's Jerry Kill

The Gophers are 8-2 for crying out loud and while Kill's health problems have raised the respect and notoriety of his staff, the third-year Minnesota boss has assembled enough talent that the Gophers likely are headed to Florida for a bowl game. Michigan, however, has crumbled in the second half of Hoke's third season, peaking (or nadiring maybe?) with last week's home loss to Nebraska and a 29-6 beatdown two weeks ago against Michigan State in which the Wolverines ran for minus-29 yards. The loss to Sparty was so bad one Michigan man who was arrested on DUI charges blamed the Wolverines offense and offensive coordinator Al Borges for causing him to drink so much. Now, at 6-3, Michigan is an underdog at Northwestern this week before going to Iowa and the season-ending visit from THE Ohio State.


College hoops

College basketball had its grand opening Tuesday night as the cream of the 2013 recruiting class showed its stuff and served notice that bigger is better.

Bigger players. Bigger stars. Bigger stage. Bigger match-ups.

Bigger rules. (Well, the rule changes stunk, but being bigger does rule.)

Michigan State dashed UK's unbeaten dreams before the college basketball season even started to put us to sleep. Duke had no answer for Kansas and super frosh Andrew Wiggins, who looked the part of the super treat he was billed to be. Wiggins is supremely athletic and efficient (he made 9-of-15 shots and only had one turnover), a scary combination that means Duke will surely not be his last victim. Wiggins was just the headlining star of this dream-team class on Tuesday, as Duke's Jabari Parker and Kentucky's Julius Randle each showed skills and talents far beyond any trio of 13th graders in recent memory. Parker and Randle each scored 27 and on better than 50-percent shooting. Is there work to be done — Parker fouled out; Randle had eight turnovers — for each? Sure, but it looks to be a ride that could be filled with thrills.

And after watching a slew of college hoops on Tuesday, it dawned on us that the gap between the elite teams in college hoops and merely the good teams is widening. 

Take any number of the teams ranked outside the top 10 that played Tuesday and try to pair them with any of the mega-powers that took center stage. Total and complete mismatch.

Kansas shot 56 percent against Duke's defensive assignments. Michigan State and Kentucky each shot better than 45 percent against swarming defensive efforts. (And as chas9 will assuredly elaborate on, the lingering problem with Coach Cal's drive-and-dish offense in the college game is you can become quite stagnant if the 3-point shot is not falling, a 4-for-20 fact that sealed UK's fate Tuesday. It also did not help that UK made a touch more than half its 36 free-throw attempts.)

Still the gap is cavernous watching a team like Kentucky, which was picked to win the SEC, and Tennessee, which was picked third in the SEC. The Vols opened last night with a 67-63 loss and the first half was dreadful offensively. In fact, we took to the Twitter @jgreesontfp and asked, "Who knew Brick-by-Brick could be UT's rallying cry for football and basketball?"

UT closed the gap with three 3s in the final minute in Tuesday's loss to Xavier. It's a long season of course — a really long season — and this was one of more than 30 games on UT's schedule. But the limitations offensively other than Jordan McRae will be a constant theme for the Vols in a crucial third year for Cuonzo "The Conz" Martin.

For the most part it was fun basketball, especially the Duke-Kansas game, despite the rule changes to call more fouls and clean up hand-checking that made the whistles commonplace. The whistle frequency combined with TV timeouts slowed the game drastically.

That — like UT's offense — is not a good thing.


Managers of the year

It's hard to quibble the bits of baseball's selection of Cleveland's Terry Francona and Pittsburgh's Clint Hurdle as the managers of the year. Each did a fine job and exceeded all expectations.

We believe a tip of the cap is due to Fredi Gonzalez, the manager of the soon-to-be-Atlanta Braves of Smyrna, who grew measurably in his third year and guided the Braves to the postseason despite a litany of injuries and world-class and season-long slumps from two everyday players that could have easily overwhelmed the club. (Man, the year three theme is everywhere no?)

In case you missed it, the rookies of the year were announced Monday, when Tampa's Wil Myers and Miami starting pitcher Jose Fernandez.

The Cy Youngs will be handed out later today and the MVPs will be announced on Thursday.

We believe L.A. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw should get the NL Cy Young and Detroit ace Max Scherzer will get the AL award.

As for MVP we'll go Andrew McCutchen in the NL and Miguel Cabrera in the AL.


  • photo
    The Braves christened Turner Field for the start of the 1997 season.
    Photo by AJC

This and that

— The city of Atlanta has announced that when the Braves leave town for Smyrna, they are destroying Turner Field. Wow, makes us think of that line in Better Off Dead when John Cusack was in the dumpster and the fellows looked in and said, "Man, somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy." Twenty years is the ceiling on a major league ball park now? We seriously have shirts that 20-plus-year old.

— From UTC football ace Johnny Frierson here, sad news that linebacker Gunner Miller is likely done for the season, according to UTC coach Russ Huesman. Miller is a ball-player and has been one since his days at East Ridge High School. One of the secret keys to the Mocs' turnaround has been their ability to find guys that may not physically test well or may have had up and down high school careers or even may have fallen through the cracks because they are 'tweeners.' That's a huge tip of the visor to the whole staff, especially recruiting coordinator Will Healy.

— Mike Tyson's new book reveals that he was high on drugs before several fights and was addicted to drugs to the point that one of his entourage was in charge of his whizzenator — a fake penis filled with someone else's clean urine — at all times in case he got drug tested. What exactly would you put on your business card if you were the member of the posse that was in charge of Tyson's fake member? And how big is your holster? We're reading this book for sure.

— OK, the PED culture has reached a new high point. Or low point. Whatever. Apparently a banned substance was used on NBC's the Biggest Loser, the 'reality' show where the heavy folks try to lose a ton of weight. Heck, why are we even surprised — everyone cheats on their diet right? What's the warning label on diet PED? If your hunger pains last more than four hours seek a chinese buffet immediately?

— OK, part II, how strange is the perception of what is important and what is buzzworthy? Take the following names of guys who were recently in the NFL and now are on hiatus: Sam Hurd and Richie Incognito. We all know Mr. Incognito is anything but a mister or incognito because of the hazing incidents in the Miami locker room. As for Sam Hurd, he's a former Dallas wide receiver who is facing life in prison for being a drug kingpin. Crazy, huh? We know exactly who the lockr room punk is and have no idea who is the arch-criminal. Still, we feel pretty sure even though Hurd hasn't played for Dallas for a few years, the incident can somehow be blamed current Dallas WR coach Derek Dooley.


Today's questions

We have a few talking points today, no? And we are excited to read 9er's and Stuck's UK hoops assessments.

As always, feel free to chime in on any of the above. Still, here are a couple of non-sports topics dujour (hmmm, that sounds good, think we'll have that):

The Utah Jazz ball boy who helped Michael Jordan during the infamous 'Flu' game in the 1997 NBA Finals is auctioning off the sneakers MJ gave him after Game 5 as a thank you. What piece of sports memorabilia would you like to have the most? What piece of sports memorabilia would you pay the most for, if different than the first answer?

Michael J. Fox's new show is still chugging along. Haven't seen it, but does the fact that Fox has now headlined three sitcoms get him on the Rushmore of leading dudes in TV sitcomistory (yes Spy we made that word up)?


about Jay Greeson...

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jomo11 said...

That Vol B-Ball loss last night could hurt in the long run. Sure it is a 30 game season. However, last year should teach them a lesson that even though the Vols won 8 of their last 10 and finished with 20 wins, the early season losses against unranked teams ultimately cost the Vols an NCAA bid.. . . .not a good way to start for a team that clearly is inferior to Ky and Fla,

November 13, 2013 at 10:18 a.m.
chas9 said...

Again, the oddsmakers show how good they are. UT and UK were both three point dogs and lost by four and two, respectively. The brick by brick tweet is top ten stuff.

Yes, Kentucky will really roll when they can run the break. Rumor is Young and the twins can shoot from long, but we'll see.

We agreed going in that the teams weren't teams yet, so it was no surprise that it looked a lot like a high school all-star game at times, especially on the Big Blue side.

But for a real basketball fan it was the first glimpse of fun things to come. And plenty of athleticism displayed.

Today we can say a 10 things with assurance. Or at least strong belief.

1) Experience matters. The Sparties were way more cohesive than the Cats.

2) Kentucky's five star frosh froze for the first ten minutes upon seeing what big time college basketball looks like.

3) After spotting Izzo's men of Sparta 10 points the Cats outplayed MSU, even though they haven't learned to play together much.

4) UK learned a lot in the first half and outclassed the green team in the second half. Without a doubt Kentucky WILL cut down on the turnovers.

5) Athletes who learn fast become champions. The Cats grew during the game and will grow more in practices this week. By the time UK meets Robert Morris in their grudge match Sunday, The Wildcats will be the best team in the country.

6) Even without being a real team yet, Calipari's Cats would've won easily if they'd hit a normal percentage of free throws. They shot 55.6% from the stripe.

7) Kentucky's going to visit the charity line a lot this year, thanks to their strong, athletic bigs. Even 55.6% of 36 tries means UK hit more FT's than MSU attempted. Normally I warn that teams that can't hit foul shots won't win it all because it'll bite them in The Big Dance. But I think this team is going to be so good it won't matter.

8) Poythress is playing a lot smarter and more consistently. He could be this team's Darius Miller, a steady, reliable sixth man.

9) Julius Randle is a beast, a raging bull who will be the team's spark plug. Even double teamed by very good defenders, there's no denying him. Looks like he and Wiggins and Parker are all athletic, highly skilled big men, but I think Randle has the baddest hard drive. It'll be fun to see him go up against the other two sometime in late March.

10) Parker and Wiggins had good stats, but only Randle had a double double last evening (27/13). That's his third in three games. Guess it'll be news the first game he doesn't double double.

November 13, 2013 at 10:32 a.m.
JonathanMCook said...

Morning Ten-Ring,

Losing Gunner is not exactly a major loss considering the number of freshmen who have literally stepped up in strides going into their first year. However, I have nothing but great praise for the Ultimate Warrior in the land of tattoo parlors, pawn shops, tank tops, (the now defunct) Uncle Buds, and cops. He may not finish out the season or get to go to the post season but that ring (if they win on Saturday) was five years in the making.

I'm not upset that the Ted will be leveled after they make the move to South Cobb. I mean Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was sitting empty for a number of years after the Colts left although the Oreoles used it briefly until their new facility was built. The thing I find shocking was when the mayor or Atlanta said this:

"We're going to have a master developer that is going to demolish the Ted and we're going to have one of the largest developments for middle-class people that the city has ever had,"

Unless he's planning on building apartment complexes with an average rent of $400-$500 that are really nice and not slum joints I'm not buying the whole "development for middle-class people" nonsense. This is truly not open for discussion.

MJF is up there with Shatner and Cosby in the multi-show catagory. (Leo and Me [Canada TV only], Family Ties, Spin City, MJF show). I watched the hour long pilot and liked it but after how stupid episode three was I'm surprised it's still on-air. Basically it's adults with "adolesent" issues if that makes sense.

November 13, 2013 at 10:50 a.m.
BIspy4 said...

5, but if you look at UCF's current list of commits, it's full of more two stars than the Pentagon cafeteria. Florida's recruiting will be fine because, well, they're Florida. FSU also has done very well outside of the state - they have mined south Georgia and the Atlanta area for years, and Jameis Winston ain't from Florida, either. Maybe Saban should be asked how he let him get away.

I didn't get much, or really any, of last night's double dip from the United Center, but is there another sport that can pull that kind of event off? Four of the best teams playing on the same venue on the same night? And how lucky is college basketball that all four teams played very well and put on a good show.

November 13, 2013 at 10:56 a.m.
chas9 said...

JMC/BMX/LBJ--You make good points about the Ted apartments.

"Middle class" in our country is such a squishy term it can mean anything. If you ask Americans what they are, 90-95% will say they're middle class, which is a statistical impossibility. Depending on their purposes, politicians could be referring to a family annual income of $250,000 or $15,000.

As for affordable downtown apartments, don't know anybody who has delivered that, without subsidies.

November 13, 2013 at 11:23 a.m.
JonathanMCook said...


Thank you for considering the seriousness of my comments. I'm not saying the world owes me or anyone else a living as much simple economics.

Since rent control has gone the way of the betamax, people (myself included) are at the mercy of the landowners (some who don't even live in the actual area). When I moved into my current place in 2008, My rent was a healthy $525 a month on a 12 month lease in Valley Ranch where there was a healthy mix of nice, affordable apartments mixed with some McMansions across the creek in neighboring Coppell (where the $250,000 and up income people live). Right now I am at $598 on my current lease and supposedly my one nice but little one bedroom is at a street value of $700 and something. Since then I've had to take on a car payment plus trying to rebuild my savings. Basically, I'm going to have to move in another 1-2 years. Because we have lots of people (mostly Indian) with money moving into the area, the out of state landowners all think everyone has that kind of scratch and can charge rent for the same amount as a house payment. Yes, I consider myself middle class on the account I'm not living in anything resembling section 8 or signed up for any type of government assistance. That said, when I only get paid twice a month and the second paycheck covering rent is 60% of the amount on that check in order for the priviliage to live in a nice area close to where I work, well, I'm just not buying it.

November 13, 2013 at 11:52 a.m.
chas9 said...

What kind of Bozo vandalizes his own school? Maybe he and Incognito could run a seminar on toughening up football players.

More on Jay's point that UK's offense sputters without some sharpshooting.

As I observed, I'm hopeful about Young and the twins' shooting, but I'll only believe it when I see it. About now Cal is coaching 'em up on using screens to get their shots. That'll develop in time.

You won't see another game in which the opponent dominates steals and assist to turnover ratio.

Cal's preferred mode is full court aggressive offense and defense, and he appears to have the talent and depth to be great at that. If it gels, they'll approach 100 many games. The new touch foul calls will help that.

But Cal has shown that he'll play other styles if his personnel dictates that. If it turns out they can't hit many threes, press and run, it looks to me like this could be an outstanding half-court team.

If the twins are better than they looked last night (and I expect they are), there won't be the stand around stagnation that's so deadly. Get the ball to the bigs and they'll be unstoppable.

This team looks a lot like the 2012 championship team, only deeper. But without the once in a decade AD, they won't get quite as many blocks to ignite the run-out.

Yesterday SEC teams went 2-5 against outside competition, some of it mediocre. And of the two victories, Vandy's six-point win over Georgia State is not encouraging.

November 13, 2013 at 12:51 p.m.
Stewwie said...


The development on the Ted site will probably be more for the upper tier of the middle class (whatever that is) than for the lower tier. Something new in the heart of the ATL ain't gonna be cheap. I would guess that the rents for those apartments would be closer to $2,000/mo than $1,000/mo. Keep in mind that this is the ATL we're talking about and the cost of living is much higher there than, say, Chattanooga.

Cobb County has supposedly agreed to contribute $450 mil of the the proposed $672 mil cost of the new stadium. Wow. Simply wow. That's roughly 2/3 of the cost.

I checked some NBA highlights last night and came across Jeff Green's buzzer beater against the Heat a few days ago. I didn't realize how difficult of a shot it was until I saw it. Only 0.6 seconds on the clock and down 2, the Celtics threw the ball in to the opposite sideline and Green caught it in the corner and shot a fadeaway 3 over LBJ of all people. Nothin' but the bottom of the net.

November 13, 2013 at 1:54 p.m.
JonathanMCook said...

My point exactly JG, $2,000 a month for any housing, regardless of location, is NOT repeat NOT middle class. That's a McMansion house payment.

November 13, 2013 at 2:24 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Jomo —

No doubt games like this stick out at tournament time. And what happens if Xavier goes in the tank and goes 14-18? Then a painful loss becomes a really painful loss.

Spy —

College baseball can too, but to qualify that would mean some one would need to pay attention to college baseball.

Each shares the baseline that the regular season is little more than a means to an ending tournament.


Concur 100 percent. Especially in the ATL.

9er —

UK will get there. And we like watching the best play.

That said Coach Cal's act is growing tired. The "We're not a good team" mumbo jumbo is junk. Be Coach Cal. We already have a Nick Saban.

And yes, we remember so survey in which a huge portion of today's society believes they are middle class regardless of which end of the curve they fall.

Spy knows he's high class, though.

Stewwie —

That was a world class tough shot for sure.

November 13, 2013 at 2:46 p.m.
chas9 said...

"We're not a good team" means we're not playing as a team yet, which is true. It does not mean they couldn't beat most anybody, even with the ragged play.

Speaking of great shots, did you see the video of the Real Madrid captain saving a ball at the buzzer into the basket? Looked like James Young's play except that it was into the correct goal.

November 13, 2013 at 3 p.m.
GratefulDawg said...

I've been trying to get all fired up about posting in the 5-at-10 this afternoon. So the only logical thing to do was drive home and vandalize my own house, but I did it in a manner that makes it look like Jay did it. "The Draft Rulz!" "War Eagle!" "GD Sukks!" This plan is bulletproof.

All this talk out of Hotlanta about the old site and the new stadium has the politicos and land developers producing mass quantities of Grade A bullstuff. On the Southside, the talk is of knocking down the old stadium and developing a cosmopolitan utopia that will have the yuppies leaving Buckhead en masse for Georgia Avenue. That area hasn't been developed in fifteen years, but we're on it. In Cobb County, taxpayers are being promised that they will get a huge return on their investment. This isn't just going to be a new ballpark, this is going to be like Wrigleyville. I love the smell of snake oil in the morning.

I too will be reading Mike Tyson's book. Tyson is one of the more interesting characters in the history of sports. On the surface he seems like another palooka that is no smarter than a bag of hammers. However, there's quite a bit going on in that head of his. Tyson is a man who simultaneously exhibits great pride along with self loathing. One moment Mike is calm and introspective. The next, volatile and raging. Say what you will about Tyson, but he makes for an interesting case study.

On the issue of sports memorabilia...How is it that Herschel Walker only played at Georgia for three-years yet there are thousands of his "game worn" jerseys on the market from his days between the hedges?

November 13, 2013 at 3:16 p.m.
jgreeson said...

GD —

Everyone knows the accepted vandal spelling is "SUX" — saves time and paint. Plus, the hip kids like the 'z' or 'x' instead of the 's' whenever possible.

The Tyson drug story explains Douglas and the ear biting and the "I want to eat your babies" stuff more clearly. The face tat though proves he's out there in a radical tubular kind of way.

Herschel changed jerseys between every other possession. His sweat was registered as a lethal weapon in 12 states. Now we have anthrax and the like. Back then, the defense department had to squeeze the sweat from Herschel's game worn jersey for their chemical weapons.

9er —

No doubt Coach Cal is talking about chemistry, but to have the most talented team in the country and act like you picked last at Signal Upward Basketball draft is beyond coach speak. It comes across as whiny to the nth degree. (We love the draft. You know this.)

November 13, 2013 at 3:31 p.m.
jgreeson said...

From friend of the show StuckinKent —

UK was dreadful in the first half. As in, I'm not sure I've seen them play that poorly under Coach Cal in a game that mattered. They turned the ball over constantly, and were quite simply not hustling to get back on defense. Awful. James Young single-handedly kept UK in the game in the first half. Randle looked lost.

The second half showed why UK is going to be good....VERY good. Cal said after the game that the offense was literally throw the ball to Randle and let everyone else crash the boards. And it worked. Imagine what would happen if they had some real offense in place? There was more hustle on defense. Once Kentucky tied up the game though, it was like they relaxed again, and Michigan State scored five quick points that was really the difference in the game.

The Cats looked young and a little scared. They were overwhelmed by the moment (you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be just whelmed?) and it showed in the first half, and every time the game got close. They couldn't close the deal. Today, November 13, this is not a major deal at all. They showed enough to make anyone think they should be a legitimate national title contender. However, the lack of ability to close out close games could become habitual. The fact that they seem to get overwhelmed by the moment could linger all year. That's the thing I'd be most worried about as a UK fan this morning. If that happens, this is still a team that wins a lot of games on talent alone and probably even wins the SEC (Florida and Tennessee both looked bad- I don't think either team looks the part of SEC contender right now, and they are probably still the next two in line in the SEC). They can probably get no worse than #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament on talent alone and get to the Sweet Sixteen. But in that big moment against a Duke or Ohio State in the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight, do they have what it takes? That's the only paws for concern at this point. (See what I did there?)

November 13, 2013 at 3:55 p.m.
GratefulDawg said...

Herschel Walker's sweat still qualifies as a lethal weapon. Old Number 34 is what they call it on the black market. You take a vile-full of toss sweep sweat mixed with a Duncan Hines packet and you've got yourself a batch of yellow cake kickassium. According to the State Department, Iran has been trying to get their hands on this stuff for years.

November 13, 2013 at 4:19 p.m.
jgreeson said...

GD —

If the Iranians can put together a batch of the kickassium powder, well, we all better learn Arabic. Or start appreciating Currie Brownies.

And we all know for Old Number 34, 60 percent of the time, it works every time.

November 13, 2013 at 4:49 p.m.
chas9 said...

Stuckey--I'm positively whelmed by your treatise. Agree with all but one point. Not worried about closing out. All freshman teams take a little while to learn that. Paws and think back over the last five years. And it doesn't look to me like many of their games will be real close.

When the young Cats play UNC and UL in December, they'll be real deadly, snarling Wildcats.

November 13, 2013 at 4:54 p.m.
BIspy4 said...

5, Iranians speak Farsi, not Arabic.

November 13, 2013 at 6:06 p.m.
jimmydurant said...

I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that,this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I'll definitely be back.

July 22, 2014 at 8:12 a.m.
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