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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Record state revenue no panacea

Published May. 27 2015

The Haslam administration has predicated its 2016 budget on the Tennessee economy growing at a rate of between 3 and...

Foremost, Iraqis should want to save their country

Published May. 27 2015

If Iraqis are not interested in fighting to save their country from forces of the Islamic State, what chance does...

Memorial Day -- Not For Men Only

Published May. 25 2015

Though Chattanooga National Cemetery personnel say they have no way of knowing how many women veterans are among the 44,000...

Lexia Unlikely To Be Magic Bullet

Published May. 24 2015

Many baby boomers improved their reading comprehension with in-class, color-coded Science Research Associates (SRA) cards.

Gates Right About Scouts But For Different Reasons

Published May. 23 2015

Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates warned Thursday that not allowing openly gay adults in Scout leadership roles "will...

A middle ground for school funding?

Published May. 22 2015

It's amazing the number of Hamilton County residents -- teachers, pipefitters and executives -- who wholeheartedly believe if a government...

Tweak short-term airport parking

Published May. 20 2015

Area residents should be proud of the turnaround at the Chattanooga Airport, going from a facility where a cricket chirp...

TVA, remember your mission

Published May. 20 2015

Throughout the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, signed into law 82 years ago this week, are passages written to require TVA...

GOP, be ready for 'gotcha'

Published May. 19 2015

Hindsight is a walk in the park compared to making real decisions in real time. ...

Our elected leaders

Published May. 13 2015

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R Local 900 Georgia Ave.

Eye on the left: Hillary's Biggest Thorn

Published May. 11 2015

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd hit the nail on the head last week when he suggested on MSNBC's "Morning...

Collaborate for success of boys

Published May. 10 2015

What's up with boys?

UAW Should Desire Transparency To Represent VW

Published May. 9 2015

The United Auto Workers has been saying for months it has signed up well over 50 percent of Volkswagen's hourly...

Level With U.S. About Threats

Published May. 8 2015

Instead of assuring the American people it is doing everything it can to eliminate the threat of the Islamic State...

Baltimore: Try something different

Published May. 6 2015

If only Republicans had followed his prescription for "massive investments in urban communities," President Barack Obama said last week, Baltimore...

GOP and the party of ideas

Published May. 5 2015

If there were any doubt the Republican Party is the party of ideas in the 2016 presidential race, the thought...

Eye on the left: Did Biden Swerve Into Truth?

Published May. 4 2015

If the vice president of the United States can be believed, President Obama hasn't been telling Americans the exact truth...

Don't Know Much About History

Published May. 3 2015

How will we know where we're going as a country if we don't know where we've come from? ...

Erlanger And Lessons Learned

Published May. 2 2015

Though it might have been more circumspect for Erlanger hospital authority board members to wait until the end of the...

Discretionary Funds Deserve Scrutiny

Published May. 2 2015

When all nine Hamilton County commissioners were running for election or re-election last year, most advocated either getting rid of...

Scrutinize all PILOT deals

Published May. 1 2015

Are there other Alstom Powers out there, businesses that entered special tax incentive agreements with the city but haven't lived...

Dr. Caldwell Shared His Gifts

Published May. 1 2015

If all there was to tell about the Rev. Dr. Virgil Caldwell was that he pastored New Monumental Baptist Church...

Take Polls With A Grain Of Salt

Published May. 1 2015

In weeks before Tuesday's United States Supreme Court oral arguments about same-sex marriage, you couldn't find a news outlet that...