published Friday, March 14th, 2014

5-at-10: Friday mailbag

Gang, thanks for a great week and excellent banter here and on Press Row.

And we're on a clean slate — no 'outhouses' for anyone.

As for the conclusion of our initial Rushmore from Thursday, who knew there were that many excellent choices. We'll go Harry S Truman, Ulysses S. Grant, Fred G. Sanford and Jesus H. Christ.

From the "Talks too much" studios, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

From Jefe

Have the Vols done enough to dance, and why are you making a big deal about the Mocs getting in the CSI: Johnson City tournament?

Thanks for all you do. You da man.

Jefe —

We think the Vols are clear. The combination of the last two weeks, plus with Arkansas and Missouri imploding, we think The Conz and Co. are in.

As for UTC, the CIT is a big deal because of the extra chance to practice and the opportunity for this young bunch — just one senior — to get more tournament experience. It also gives UTC a chance at 20 wins, so there's that. And it gives Z Mason another shot, which is nice.

Plus, there was such a good vibe from this group this year that continuing that is a good thing.

If this is the best UTC can do in Year 3 of Wade, then may be it's not as big of a deal. (And we're expecting much bigger things in Year 2 of Wade and surely in Year 3 of Wade.)

But right now, in this year, with this team, it's cool.

From B.B.

Man, where do you come up with this stuff? Seriously?

My friends and I read your ramblings everyday and then try to catch all the random movie quotes and second how you do this everyday.

Not sure if you have a answer or not, but thought I would ask.

Have a good one.

Bob —

Thanks for the kind words and for reading along. It's you cats and the feedback that have made this as much fun as it is.

In truth, it's part of the daily routine now — get started some time around 6 and go. Not sure where the motivation comes from as far as the topics, and some days are more difficult than others. We started this little adventure on Oct. 26, 2010, and we've done it every weekday since, come blizzards, holidays, vacation or illness. That's 883 consecutive weekdays, which is kind of cool. (The 1,000-day mark would be Aug. 26. Yes, we counted ahead.)

When we first started, we had a 5-at-10, which was way, Way, WAY shorter than the monster we trot out now, and something called the 2:00 Drill, which was an afternoon update at 2 p.m. on the website. That faded away when the commentary started to take off and the give-and-take became such a big part of this little adventure.

It's actually hard to remember our days without starting on the 5-at-10.


From Terry

My buddy and I disagree on something and we want you to decide it.

If you had a bet on a game and lost, would you rather get a tattoo or a piercing?

Thanks and thanks for the 5-at-10.

Terry —

Well, here's saying that we likely would not make either of those wagers. But if pressed, we'd likely go piercing. It's the least permanent.

And if the wager was really extreme, say like punishment and placement, well, a 'privates' piercing or a public tattoo — something like a script Bama 'A' on your neck — is an interesting debate.

That said, we're going piercing.

But speaking of tattoos, did you guys see the UK fan calling his shot with a 2014 national title tattoo on his calf. It could either be the best prediction since Broadway Joe or move into the discussion of worst sports tattoos ever.

(Off the top of our head, worst sports tattoos ever include Tyson's face tat and Alabama linebacker Rueben Foster with the big AU on his forearm. Others?)

  • photo
    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga women's head basketball coach Jim Foster smiles during a presentation made to celebrate his 800th career win after UTC defeated Samford Saturday at McKenzie Arena.
    Photo by Erin O. Smith /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

From John Proctor

Master J:

Why was Coach Jim Foster passed over for Coach of the Year honors? He beat the winner's team twice, the team owns an incredible home winning streak and this is his fourth trip to the Big Dance with 4 different teams. So what more does he have to do to impress the voters? Walk on water? Leap tall buildings with a single bound?

John —

Excellent question and one we asked Coach Foster when he was on Press Row. He said he voted for Furman's Jackie Carson, who won the award. He said he likes to look at who did the most with what they had.

That said, we believe Foster deserved it, because if you want to gauge who did the most with what they had, Foster was perfect in the SoCon without perfect pieces. He had good pieces — better pieces than anyone else in the league — but not perfect pieces. And they crushed it.

Also, that walk on water trick would help. And if he does that, then maybe he can swim in land. Hey, Chuck Norris.


From Ted

I hear you and David Paschall on the radio the other day and I tried to call in but the phone was busy for like an hour.

Anyway, thought I would drop you an email and you can use this in your blog if you want.

You were talking — and the caller was yelling — about Scottie Pippen. I agree with you that he was a very good Robin (may be one of the best Robins ever) to Jordan's Batman but was not a legit 'A' player.

So I started looking around at other 'Robin' type guys and thought I ask you who is on your Rushmore of best 'Robins' of TV show characters?

Thanks and I listen to Press Row every chance I get.

Ted —

Thanks for the letter and for listening.

Wow, great question. And first we kind of have to set some boundaries. Our list is set using the true Batman-Robin dynamic. There are several shows, like M*ASH and Cheers that had the Seahawks model of talent everywhere, even if there was one lead guy (Hawkeye/Sam Malone) but a slew of very good role players.

And the ultimate definition of being Robin means the show would suffer greatly without you but if you tried to break off, Robin could not carry his own vehicle. That actually discounts George Costanza, since Costanza really is playing Larry David, who famously carries his own hit show playing a version of himself on "Curb Your Enthusiam."

Rushmore of TV Robins (excluding young Dick Grayson from the Batman series of course)

Barney Fife

Edith Bunker

Ed McMahon




From FanMan

Jay, I've wanted to write for a while but did not have a question.

Maybe you and Paschall could talk about this on the radio today, too.

What are the big questions in the spring for the Vols, Tide and Georgia? And the Mocs too.

Thanks and love you guys on the radio and your F-O-I-B column.

FanMan —

Great name, by the way.

We will ask Paschall the three SEC teams, but here's our answer for each: Quarterbacks. Period.

As for the Mocs, well, they start Monday and we're looking to have UTC coach Russ Huesman on the show today in the 5 p.m. hour to discuss that very thing.

Great week gang, and feel free to chime in on any of the above.

Spring football biggest voids to fill

about Jay Greeson...

Jay was named the Sports Editor of the Times Free Press in 2003 and started with the newspaper in May 2002 as the Deputy Sports Editor. He was born and raised in Smyrna, Ga., and graduated from Auburn University before starting his newspaper career in 1997 with the Newnan (Ga.) Times Herald. Stops in Clayton and Henry counties in Georgia and two years as the Sports Editor of the Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal preceded Jay’s ...

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chas9 said...

Mr. Bill--Love Joe B, but he's not on the Rushmore. And I'm amazed that you remember that I'm a fan of the "You can call me Ray or you can call me J" routine. You have a mind like a steel trap. I've underestimated you, distinguished gentleman. Wait, that sounds like a strip club.

GD and Stew--Double entendre is best employed when one of the meanings is bawdy. Shakespeare loved it that way, and James Bond is full of it (Pussy Galore; Miss Moneypenny says Bond is a cunning linguist). Mae West said she was "the kinda girl who works for Paramount by day, and Fox all night." That's what she said.

I predicted that The Vols would struggle with The Hogs. Check that. The Vols will pluck the 'Cocks bare. And that'll get UT into the prom, even though The Gators will shellac them.

In his solid coverage today, Downtown points out that Cuonzo's cagers have held their last three foes to an average of 46 ppg. That's good, but did you notice that Louisville held Rutgers to just 31? The Cards scored 58 in the first half and won by 61. Think they're ready for March madness?

More initial madness: Those of us who have achieved a certain age remember Hubert H. Humphrey, and we remember Jimmy Carter calling him Hubert Horatio Hornblower in his inaugural speech. Would that be called pulling a Travolta?

GD--Word: We also don't mention Roseanne in this forum. In case you missed the memo.

March 14, 2014 at 10:09 a.m.
chas9 said...

I predict Gawga beats Marshall Henderson's gang by 3.14159 points this evening.

Gator Chris Walker has three giant lips on one side of his neck and tons of other ink. A bit like Kenyon Martin's. Willie Cauley-Stein has an odd neck tat, kinda a cross between a tree and a mushroom. You can go to to see his whole corpus. Worst is his back, which proclaims in big block letters TEAM DIME, surrounded by the faces of three of his deceased relatives and a script "Rest in Peace."

Marshall Dillon's sidekick (either Chester or Festus); Mary Tyler Moore's Laura to Dick Van Dyke's Rob; Rhoda to Mary Tyler Moore; Fred G. Sanford's son; Tonto; Barney to Fred; Shirley to Laverne; Danno to Steve McGarrett.

March 14, 2014 at 10:40 a.m.
fechancellor said...

10 Ring, I thought it certain Stewwie was meat when he used gay and Lebron in the same sentence. In retrospect, I feared the worst for gallant Stewwie, who might have landed in your version of "The Deer Hunter's" POW scene.

Glad to see US Grant included in the Rushmore. I believe the General to be the only one in that august group who spent quality time in the Scenic City; with the exception of Jesus H. Christ, of course. Grant over Lee, you bet, and this coming from a brother of the Kappa Alpha Order.

Spoke with #1 on the occasion of his birthday last night. He's headed up to Vandy for the first time to meet the new regime. He says he's already hearing Coach Mason is more of a player's coach. Something to ponder by folks more saavy than me.

March 14, 2014 at 10:56 a.m.
Stewwie said...


Exactly (in regard to double entendre). That's why I thought it was odd that Bron Bron mentioned that phrase while talking about dropping his ball on someone.

And Happy Pi Day to you too.


If LeBron would stick to what he does and knows best, everything would be okay. And for the record, it's safe to say that he's not gay.

March 14, 2014 at 11:55 a.m.
GratefulDawg said...

9er, on a sliding scale of double entendre usage, I'm closer to Benny Hill than Shakespeare. I think Dorothy Parker nailed it though when she said: "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think." Parker also asked: What's the difference between an enzyme and a hormone? You can't hear an enzyme. Dorothy was the Jordan of double entendre.

Stew, is there any truth to the rumor that LeBron has inked a big deal with the Luzianne Tea Company to do commercials for them? I'm taking my tea bags to South Beach...

And as Dorothy Parker stated..."I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

March 14, 2014 at 2:49 p.m.
chas9 said...

Wow.A sports fan who quotes Dorothy Parker. Sign of the apocalypse. Well done.

March 14, 2014 at 3:24 p.m.
BIspy4 said...

Dorothy Parker also said, "Guys won't make passes at girls who wear glasses."

Nice 90, Daly.

March 14, 2014 at 8:46 p.m.
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